March 28, 2009

Save Energy, Save Earth!

I was so overwhelmed that almost all of the Filipinos were observing the symbolic 60 EARTH HOUR event. By just switching your lights off, you have save the energy and at the same time you save our mother earth. Although it is just for an hour but it helps a lot! Here in our place almost all of the household were participating for the said event. Thanks to all of you...

Dressing a Window

Don't you know that curtains are one of the most luxurious ways to dress a window?

Yummy Sunday # 9

My week's entry is a cake from Red Ribbon.
We attended a children's birthday party last March 25, 2009
- a daughter of my office mate before.
I guess everyone knows how delicious their cakes are...

Fulfilling One's Dream!

Every person has its own sports interests in life. Some may like to play basketball, volleyball, rugby, soccer, football and etc. To be in a college varsity team is one way or the start of fulfilling their dreams in life.

Speaking of sports, there is a new eBook that teaches high school football players and their families everything they need to know to get recruited to play college football and fulfill their dreams. This book will help the young players on how to increase the chances of getting seen and recruited by college coaches.

You better save your frustrations now, so buy it and fulfill your dreams!


To all graduates from elementary to graduates schools of batch 2009,
I salute you!

It is a one step closer to all your dreams....

God Bless and Congratulations!

What's the Catch?

I guess everyone of us always look for a catch in a discount sale. Just yesterday I received an e-mail from one of the greatest mall here in our city, informing me that they will have a mall wide sale on April 3- 5, 2009. What really caught my attention was not only they will be giving up to 50% discount off but they also have a certain hour in the first day sale to take another 10% off from the discounted price. Is it not great? Besides, they are offering a free parking space to all member cardholders.

Just like the Sears, they are offering a big catch starting today until the 18th of April. Imagine a 75-80% OFF ORIGINAL PRICES ON FALL and WINTER APPAREL! Guess what? They are recognizing the hard work of all moms worldwide who are left busted with the economic downfall. Anyone can win a $2,500 prize package from Sears if you become a fan of Sears Busted Moms on Facebook and at the same time to follow @bustedmoms at Twitter. Well, I have done it all and I wish and pray that I will win in this contest! Thanks to Sears in advance.

To all moms out there, this is a chance of a lifetime that we have to grab! Go! Go! Go!



I remember last night when we arrived home, the moment I opened the gate I saw on our garage a huge frog. Oh my! I was able to leap and run because my hubby wants to bump the frog through our motor bikes tire. I shouted at him not to kill the frog and told him just to let it go. I wonder why I really hates frog and at the same time I don’t want them to die. After what happened, hubby got a sarcastic laugh at me because of my reactions to the frog. Eewww…

Ranidaphobia or we commonly call is a frog phobia is an irrational fear of frogs. Too bad, I guess I need to overcome this fear so soon!

Pneumatic Tools

Since I am assigned in the budget section in our office, it is our yearly task to do our office’s budget proposal. I am pretty sure that in the third quarter of this year, we will then get so busy preparing our budget reports to support such proposal. I remember last year’s proposal outcome, pile of pages were made and we need to bind it all. Guess what, because of the thickness of its pages, we need heavy duty Staplers to fasten it all. Good thing that our office has it!

If you need to have a wide array from high volume light duty 8mm upholstery staples and heavy gauge 50mm staples for the furniture industry, to narrow crown second fix staples into retail, there is a seemingly endless list of applications for the wide range of staples sold by STANLEY BOSTITCH.

March 27, 2009

I'm a Mother and a Wife

Thanks much to you sis Gen for this wonderful tag. Indeed being a wife and at the same time a mom is the greatest profession in life and I really love it!

1. Link with the person who tagged you.
2. Copy above images.
3. Post this on any or all of your Blog/s.
4. Answer the two-part questionnaire following these Rules. (Feel free to elaborate your answers. For questions 8 - 14, post only the one (1) which you believe best describes your choice).
5. Share this with at least seven (7) friends on your Blog Roll.
6. Come back to Living A' La Mode (DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINK PLEASE.) and leave the URL of your Post in order for you/your Blog to be added to the Master List.
7. Have fun!

Parenting Style
1. Do you exercise full or minimal control over your child's / children's behavior? only MINIMAL CONTROL- my hubby will do the disciplining (40-60% respectively)
2. Do you expect your child / children to obey 100% or let her / him / them do what pleases her / him / them? 100% Panatag! lolz
3. Do you welcome discussion or you simply set rules? both
4. Do you reprimand? Of course!
5. Do you use spanking for punishment? Yes! After doing such I'll explain it to her why I did it to her.
6. Do you use some kind of a reward System for motivation? Yes! I'll bring her a surprise every time she promise that she'll do good at home.
7. Do you enjoy being a Parent? Exactly!
8. Are you a hands-on Parent or do you have a full-time Nanny? Hands-on. Though I'm a working mom I find time to take care of my son after I get back from office.
9. At what age would you let your child make simple decisions for himself / herself? I guess, if she'll be able to handle things right then why not!
10.Do you and your Husband have the same Parenting Style? Yes, but he is more on the disciplining and implementing rules.

Wife Style
7. How long have you been married? 3 years and 5 months

8. How do you feel about being a Wife?
* It's fun.
* It's just a duty.
* OK.
* I hate it.

9. What has been your typical sleeping attire since you got married?
* A cotton night gown.
*Sweats or Shorts.
* Something sheer & soft
* Nothing.

10. How do you show how appreciative you are of your Husband?
* By being always affectionate.
* I do not show him anything.
* By giving him presents even if there is no occasion.
* By cooking his favorite dishes all the time.
* I do not show him anything.

11. What do you do when your Husband annoys you?
* Keep quiet for a little while.
* Just ignore whatever it is.
* Talk with him about it immediately.
* Scream at him.

12. You are buying or planning to buy your first house as Husband and Wife ....
* It is / going to be a large estate.
* It is / going to be in a suburb close to a big city.
* It is / going to be in a metropolis.
* It is / going to be a fixer-upper but with tremendous potential that you can fill with first-rate furniture and appliances.

13. How does your house look like at the end of the day when Hubby gets home?
* Immaculate and spotless.
* You are still finishing up your cleaning.
* Unmade bed, unwashed dishes and children's toys all over.
* Husband's clutter are left for him to take care of.

14. How do you feel about running a household?
* Always motivated.
* Dislike it, for the most part.
* Oftentimes pretending to like it.
* Whatever!

15. What is the sweetest gift you have given your Husband so far?
of course no other than but my undying LOVE for him

If you feel like grabbing this tag, then feel free to!

Romantic as an Artist!

My boyfriend who happens to be my husband now is forever romantic. Since before we tied the knot and even up to now he never fails to give surprises for me like the bouquet of flowers and all. Well, seldom you can see a person like my husband (I love my own)! lolz…

Speaking of romantic, I found one artist who really gives attention meticulously to every detail of her work arts that even the passers would become intimately involved in the life of her paintings. According to Liudmila Kondakova
Beauty...lies in the love that goes into each detail, no matter how small or insignificant. In my art, the essence and beauty has always rested in the details".

Still Awake?

Oh no! This is not good anymore, it is already past three in the morning and here I am still facing my netbook. This past few days, I already complained to my hubby that I felt so dizzy every time I woke up..oh-uh...tsk..tsk...I guess I need to have enough good sleep, right? Besides, it is just a matter of discipline to myself and I need to take good care of my health or else God will be doing something for me to learn.

I guess I have to sleep now! Good morning to all!

Unsecured Business Loans: No Collateral Needed!

My husband is currently running their own family business. Just recently, he asked me that he will buy some share of stocks in their new plan business- a corporation. Immediately, I said yes to him because I know that in doing such, it is already a form of investment. Is it not great, right?

Speaking of business, since they will just about to start with it, money is always involved. They were planning to apply for a fast business loans or even business financing will do. In one way or another, this opt would be a great help in pursuing their plans- an added capital as they have said! Aside from this, unsecured business loans can be much better since no collateral is needed and you can use it for any purposes you wanted.

March 26, 2009

Pain in my Lower Left Abdomen

I have been feeling this pain in my lower left abdomen since last week.To avoid entertaining negative thoughts, I pray to God for the complete healing and then I surf it over the net and their you go....

Lower left abdominal pain is pain experienced to the left of an imaginary line drawn from the level of the umbilicus, vertically down to just under the waist line.

Structures in this part of the abdomen that could cause lower left abdominal pain include:

• Part of the Descending Large bowel

• The sigmoid Colon

• The lower pole of the left kidney

• The left ureter

• Part of the urinary bladder

• The left ovary and tube in women

• Blood vessels and nerves on the lower part of the left abdomen

• Muscles, and skin covering the left side of the abdominal wall

Thus, any disease affecting these structures and organs could potentially cause lower left abdominal pain.Whatever it is, I just put my TRUST in God that what I am feeling right now is just a minor pain that will soon be gone! But still I have to see my Ob Gynecologist this coming weekends for a check-up. I will post the result anytime next week, so keep posted!

Had so Much Fun!

Yesterday afternoon, my daughter was invited for a children's birthday party. She had so much fun, even though she was afraid of the mascot. After the party, we strolled around the mall together with hubby and my sister. We happened to pass by at a kid's recreational area wherein a huge inflatable balloon was there. My daughter kept on pleading that she will play inside, so I allowed her to play for 20 minutes. I saw on her eyes how happy she was that she even told me that she will be back by next time. As a mom, I would rather allow my child to play in which she will not get hurt than those games outside that is not safe at all.

Parents often times don't want their children to play shooting games because they're too violent. A good compromise is to allow them to play racing games because they're still fun but don't have the violence. There are usually at least some games that are acceptable even with the strictest of guidelines.

Thankful Thursday: Random

Oh give thanks unto the Lord for He is good!

It’s Thursday once again and it’s time to share my thankful list to all of you…

I would like to return all the praises,honor and thanksgiving that really belongs to our GOD:

  • Thankful that He is been so faithful and so good not just for me but as well as for my whole family.
  • Thankful that God has been giving us a healthy body always (me, my hubby and our daughter)
  • Thankful that God has been so good for my sister that she can have her 1 month vacation weeks from now.
  • Thankful for God’s protection from our day-to-day travel (from home-office and vice versa)
  • Thankful for having a beautiful, good, obedient and so witty daughter! At her age of two, she already knows to pray by herself, she knows a lot of things that other kids don't .
  • Thankful that my mom is always there to look after for my daughter while I am in office.
I am so thankful for everything, even the trials that comes along our way we will be able to handle it with God's grace. Thank you Lord, thank you!

Why not join us here and be a blessing!

Instant Payday Loan

Just this afternoon, an office mate of mine asked me if I have seen her immediate supervisor’s reimbursement of traveling expenses.I told her that I was not able to obligate his voucher as of the moment. I guess everybody is now experiencing the so- called financial crisis. To some they are fortunate enough that they have extra blessings to cope their daily needs. For those who don’t have any help from other friends or relatives, they will just opt for an Instant Payday Loan. This will be their greatest quick solution when they need cash. They offer online service that provides short term loans with no credit checks needed. So if you need an instant cash service that is available nationwide, then, better visit them now!

Sign of Progress?

For so many months of longing to be reflex by our “suki” here in our office, at last I just had it just this 2 pm. Oh my I can’t bear the pain in my feet, as they have said my uric acid already stayed for quite a long time since it was really painful to touch. At least I am now relieved from that pain that I am experiencing. Oh common! Don’t tell me it is a sign of progress!

March 25, 2009

Answer to your Ad Needs!

Who wants to try a new lead program today? Visit the premier voice broadcasting company that provides a voice broadcast and robo calls. Their main target is Mortgage Leads that offer several filters that enables to receive the exact lead with the requirements you request. Aside from this, you can save up thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising costs. What are you waiting for? My Voice dialing is here for all your advertising needs!

# 3 Reason Why I LoveHim!

The 1st reason was the SMILE that lights up his whole face as he looks at me…

The 2nd reason was the special way that he always makes me feel…

The 3rd reason why I love my husband so much, it is because my world is now IDEAL

Heard about Link Post?

As I was blog hopping last Monday, I happened to stumble at my friend’s site about her post showing her proof of income as she received her payments from different social networks and blog advertising. My attention was caught on the site wherein I am not yet a member of. Out of my curiosity, I open a new tab and there you go…I immediately signed-up. After doing such, I received an e-mail telling me that I still have to wait for my blog’s approval within 24 hours. Voila! I did not expect to receive an e-mail welcoming me as a new member as early as now. Whew, I can’t believe it!

I find this site so unique compares to other blog advertising that I am into. Guess what? Their service is setup for bloggers and online journal writers to earn revenue/income from their online blog/journal in an easy to use, simple and effective system. For a publisher like me, all we have to do is to wait for the assign jobs to be emailed and then send our reply also through e-mail. The early/quick you response to your jobs, the more you will have your assigned tasks since all publishers are based on a credit system. Sounds great, right?

So, to all bloggers out there who wants to get paid to blog , feel free to register and add your blog to the system for approval. Once approved, your blog goes into the assignment queue ready for paid review. If assigned task is given to you, do it right away!

At the Well: Thankful for my Husband

It is my first time to join in this weekly meme having the them for this week as thanking God for my hubby...

I would like to thank my God for my husband because:

  • He has been a great blessing into my life since I met him.
  • He is the perfect gift I have ever received from him.
  • He loves God more than anything in this world.
  • He is a family man- a good and responsible father to our daughter.
  • He always finds quality time with us everyday.
  • Whenever he commits mistake, he humbly accepts it.
  • He is an ordered man.
  • He is been my spiritual mentor and
  • He loves me whole heartedly!
I could not ask for more but to thank him for such a wonderful blessing!

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Kids' Choice Awards 2009

Who say's that nickelodeon is just for kids? Hhmm…Would you believe that I am one of their fans too? So I guess, their market is not just purely for kids but parents and teens do watch on this TV shows too. Since nickelodeon is an educational show, then, I would highly recommend it to my two year old daughter who started to love brainy baby that much. I believe she will enjoy this show that much.

If you are into Nickelodeon, I urge you to participate their Kids' Choice Awards 2009 or the KCAs. It is their annual awards show which airs live and usually held between the date of March or the first week of April. By casting your votes, this event will give honors to the year's biggest television, movie, and music acts. This big event on March 28 at eight PM features various celebrity guests and KCA will hosts live musical entertainment.


What are you waiting for? Just visit /kca/ now and cast your votes for your favorite star online that you want to win! Spread this news to the whole world wide, you can add this widget to your blog, youtube or even to your myspace account. Well, I have already casted my votes for my favorite Twilight Series while my cousins for the Jonas Brothers. I am so excited on who will really win!


March 22, 2009

Yummy Sunday # 8

This was the cake that we had during our wedding last October 7, 2005. This was given by one of our principal sponsor who owns a famous bakeshop here in the City of Golden Friendship... The cake was so yummy......

More entries here...Happy Yummy Sunday!

Driving Lessons 101

Yesterday afternoon, I felt so bored that I wanted to practice driving my parent's car. Unfortunately, I was not able to do it since my coach (husband) was playing basketball with his friends. When he arrived home I told him that I wanted to and he scheduled my first driving lesson in two weeks time. I am so excited that I am counting my days off.

At the back of my mind, I was a bit hesitant since my husband cannot handle myself of being so nervous especially in driving. It would be better if I will enroll in a driving school in our city or even driving lessons Sydney than with my husband. Wife out there, would you agree with me? I think so! In doing such, I will easily get my own license as an incentive of their great service.

March 21, 2009

Scenic Sunday: Sunrise

Scenic Sunday

It's been awhile that I haven't joined in here...I took this picture last week at Opol Beach. I can't help myself but to capture God's beautiful creation early in the morning together with my family.

More entries here...Happy Scenic Sunday to all!

Trade Show Booths

Five months from now, we will be celebrating our city fiesta. It is during this time that our office gets so busy for the preparation of the yearly trade show booths. Different offices from every sector will participate in this annual event. Every office will showcase their variety of own products, programs or project offered and carried out, etc. What makes it more exciting is the award that will be given to the best booth at the end of the one month affair.

There are some offices that are so willing to spend not just their time on this kind of event but as well as their finances just to win. They have their own banner stands to represent their offices. Some will spends much on their table skirts and even the Pipe and Drape just to make their booth more attractive compared to others.

If our office aims for a unique trade show display this year, then Camelback Displays offers a one-stop shopping for priced trade shows exhibits, displays and trade show booths. I guess this would be real option for offices like us needing trade show booths. So I guess, our office should conceptualize as early as of now so that we will stand out from the rest of the exhibitors.

Trust His Heart

This is the song that I always wanted to hear. Whenever we have trials in life...all we have to do is to put our trust only to GOD with all our hearts, mind and soul.

God is too wise to be mistaken,
God is too good to be unkind,
When you don't understand,
when you don't see His plan,
If you can't trace His hand

Please listen to this song and be blessed....