April 30, 2012

Personalized Stuffs

Haven't you noticed nowadays that most of the people around us are using personalized stuffs? I mean, from the apparels down to the tiny stuffs you can customized things the way you wanted it to. Just recently, I bought a couple shirt for the two of us and I am planning also to buy "terno" clothes for my kids. Well, still browsing over the net for the designs. :)

By the way, I am also looking for a shop for coffee mugs that can be personalized because I am planning to give a pair of mugs to a couple who loves to drink coffee every now and then.For sure they'll gonna love our presents for their wedding anniversary. Hope to find a great deal on this.

April 15, 2012

My Family in Bohol

This was taken at my grandfather's house in Dauis, Bohol last April 5, 2012. We were so ready then to tour around the paradise for our whole day's itinerary. The kids really had a blast during this day!

I just wanna thank God for allowing us to experience in a moment like this. :)

April 11, 2012

Wish I’m like them…

I always tell them in my post that I am a frustrated instrumentalist. I really wanted to be a guitarist, a pianist, violinist and a drummer when I was still a kid. Unfortunately, I only learned a few of them but only the very basic. Actually, until now I am still hoping that someday somehow I would be like them performing in front of the congregation of our own church.

Anyway, the music team in our church was so happy because they just got their new Avalon preamplifier – a replacement of the broken one damaged by the Typhoon Washi.

April 9, 2012

Missing Pregnancy Moments...

Yes! I do miss my pregnancy moments as of this time, knowing that I am not capable of bearing a child anymore because I already underwent for a tubal ligation. I just reminisced those moments wherein I have to set an appointments for my ObGyne every month for my prenatal, lying on its exam table for IEs, ultrasounds, talking to my doc and his secretary and many more. 

Do I sound like a weird here? Hope I'm not...Oh, I just miss being a pregnant. :)

April 7, 2012

Dad's 59th Birthday

Last April 5, 2012 was my father's 59th birthday! It was just so timely that his birthday fell on our summer trip days in Bohol. Although, it was a Holy Thursday that day but still the surprised birthday party for him still continues. Indeed it was a day full of fun, happiness and surprises!

Once again, A blessed birthday to our dear Papa Dee.
We love you that much because you're the best dad in the www...
Stay blessed *mwah*!

April 6, 2012


Last night, as I was sitting in my parent’s sofa I noticed that it was already torn out. I told my mom and suggested to bring their sala set for a whole make-over upholstery! She said that she will be going to replace it like what they had before, a simple set with chair pads on it. As of the moment, they will just utilize it until it is still usable. Well, that’s what we call practicality!

April 5, 2012

Is Knee Walker and Roll About Scooter the Same?

Many times people get knee walkers confused with roll about scooter, as far as I know it is simply a type of knee walker brand. Although, a knee walker goes by several different names such as: knee scooter, knee cruiser and roll about, but the common denomination in here is they are all crutch replacement device that is characterized by a sturdy frame on durable wheels with a padded rest for the knee on the injured leg.

Now, if you happen to encounter a foot or ankle injury worry o more because you can rent such device online and that can leave you immobile during the healing process. In the end, you can complete your daily tasks without placing any undue stress on your injured ankle/foot.

April 3, 2012

Out For a Summer Vacay

Yay! Hours from now we will be leaving the City of Golden Friendship and we will be exploring the beautiful island of Bohol for five (5) days. Yeah it would be a summer vacay for my whole family!

I will be out in the blogosphere for sometime and we'll be enjoying the beautiful beaches, resorts, chocolate hills, tarsiers and many more that Bohol could offer. Woottt...woootttt

Bye for now, signing off......

April 2, 2012

Church Projects

I remember last year when we committed/pledged certain amount of money per family in order to realize our church projects. There were quite a few among the lists that were already acquired as early as 2nd and 3rd quarter of last year. Unfortunately, a catastrophic happened in our city and our church was affected by the devastation. All of our church instruments were all damaged by the flood and the chairs were full of mud and etc.

We could not imagine on how God replaced those instruments that were damaged by the typhoon. We are giving back all the glory, praises and thanksgiving to Him for the wonderful keyboard, JBL guitar speakers, guitars and the drum sets that are still usable and many more. Now, we are pursuing the plan of fencing the yard of our church area and we know for sure that we will be able to realize it this year~ God-willing!

April 1, 2012

Hello April 2012!

Time flies really so fast and now we are bidding goodbye to the fruitful month of March and we are saying Hello for the enjoyable month of Summer~ April! Woot.....so exciting!!!!