February 28, 2013

Night out with Cousins

Last night was a sort of a reunion/get together of my second degree cousins who came along from different cities just to bond with us even just for hours. Yeah, we really had fun in the video-ke bar as they sung their favorite songs that have brought an impact of the real situations they are into. Funny that my kids too were enjoying the night as they make fun with the chauvet lighting guitar center. Anyway, not to boast but as usual as I got the perfect score among them, not because I have a golden voice but I guess it’s because of the mic that they have. lol It seems like I am one of the best singers that night! But to sum it up, we just love to sing and sing even if we are not singers!

February 27, 2013

CDO Bloggers Inc 2nd Tipok-Tipok

Yay! I am so happy to see my face on the newspaper the day after tomorrow that we had our 2nd Tipok-tipok 2013 together with CDObies in one of the food chains here in our city. It was indeed a great experience as I get to know each one of them a little closer. Hope to join for the next tipok-tipok anytime
next month.
I am proud to be one of the CDO Bloggers!

February 26, 2013

The Significance of Fire Blankets

A Fire Blanket is a flame-retardant blanket usually found around kitchens, laboratories and industrial buildings. It is used to extinguish small, yet threatening fire. It is generally another type of fire extinguishing device apart from the common cylindrical ones. While those in cylinders may contain powder, water or wet chemicals, a fire blanket is made from two layers of woven glass fibre fabric with a fire-retardant film inside. It works by precluding oxygen (oxygen is one of the three top elements that a fire needs to burn) and smothering the fire.

These fire blankets are essential at home, in restaurants and in buildings where explosion is possible and it is important to know the correct of way of using it in preparation for emergencies. In case of fire, do not panic. Turn off the gas or electricity supply. Remove the fire blanket from its canister. Hold the fire blanket by its fabric straps. Wrap the top edges of the blanket around your arms to prevent burns and then cover the flames with it carefully. A person whose clothes are on fire should be wrapped around a fire blanket. Be careful not to include his head or face as the person may not be able to breathe. If the fire becomes too big to handle, better ask help from a fire brigade.

Remember that due to its simplicity, a fire blanket is a great help for people who do not know how to operate cylindrical fire extinguishers. Thus, every person should learn how to use fire blankets, get acquainted with where they are placed when getting inside hazardous buildings and notice if they are present when cooking in friends’ houses.

February 25, 2013

A Blessing!

By just merely looking at this picture, I can't help but thank the Lord for giving me a wonderful family. God has blessed me indeed in all aspect of my life...a loving, responsible, thoughtful and a God-fearing husband plus a consolation of having two adorable and wonderful kids. Thank you Lord for this never-ending blessing~ A Happy Family!


February 24, 2013

Hubby's Summer Plans

I guess everyone noticed nowadays that we are on its way to Summer days! Why? We can really feel the oozing hot from the sun may it be inside or outside the premises. We feel like we need full volume of the electric fans, air conditions plus it would be great to just soak in a very large cold pool the whole day. Anyway, those are just the typical scenarios during summer but with my hubby it's quite different. He just told me that he wanted to recondition his  big bike (motorcycle) since summer is coming but the only problem is we don't have motorcycle lifts to lift his super heavy bike and be able to bring it to shop. Hope someone could lend or even offer for help so that it will be fixed the soonest before summer starts. 

Looking forward of joy-riding with hubby this summer just like the good old days!

February 23, 2013

Bouquet of Flowers from Hubby

Flowers... are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out-values all the utilities of the world.

I just want to let the whole wide world  know how romantic my hubby is and I really thank the Lord for his life and his thoughtfulness! Anyway, these are just few of the documented flowers I received during my birthdays since February 2009 and the latest was just last February 4. Take note guys, since the day we became bf-gf last October 5, 2002 he never failed to give me bunch of those EVERY month not unless now that we're wed I asked him not to do it instead only during special occasions.

A woman is like a rose. If you'll treat her right, she'll bloom. f you don't, she'll wilt! ~Fireproof

Thank you hubby for the love and care! Love you much until the end.....

February 22, 2013

Flight Boutique Has What You Need!

No dress? No stress, Flight Boutique is a company that uses the highest quality materials in their clothing. They are a company that offers high quality clothing brands at a price that is beyond reasonable. What you receive with this company is clothing that is going to make you look stylish and cool. If you worry about being the best dressed at the party, then worry no more! Flight Boutique is a company that has it all.

Flight Boutique Has What You Need!

Looking For Dazzling Clothing Products?
The great thing about shop.flightclothingboutique.com is that they offer some of the trendiest clothing on the market, a great example would be the Mink Pink dress, with these types of selections, you can be sure that you will attract attention.

Wide Range Of Clothing Products At Flight Clothing Boutique

This is the type of company that respects your freedom to choose what you want. The know that the more options you have, the better chance you have of finding something that you truly want. They offer a variety of high end brands including: Elizabeth and James, Pendleton and Parker clothing. No matter what style you want to impress your friends with, you can find the most impressive clothing brands at Flight Boutique.

Why Having Excellent Clothing Is Important

Outstanding clothing is important because it can help you to get that job that you want. When you visit a company for a job interview, you want to look as impressive as possible, and your best clothing outfit is one way that you will be able to do that. It can also help you to find your soul mate. When you shop at Flight Boutique, you should consider it an investment in your future that is going to pay off richly. That Parker dress could help to put you over the top when it comes to getting what you want.

New Products All The Time

Flight Clothing Boutique is constantly coming up with new products, so be sure to check back frequently and see the new products that they have. If you find that one dress that you have been looking for all your life, then you will be happy that you did.

If you want to know more about Flight Clothing Boutique and brands like Wildfox clothing, then be sure that you check more out here. You will be happy that you did, and you never know what treasured clothing product you will find at Flight Boutique. This company is simply a place of amazement.

February 21, 2013

Food Trippin' with Friends

Every time we've got the chance to be with each other's company we see to eat that we will go on a food tripping. Just this month we were able to conquer two newly opened restaurants here in our city and that is Hukad and Mesa located at Centrio Ayala Mall, Cagayan de Oro.

To sum it all up, their served foods were really great and we gave thumbs up for them! Hhmm when could be our next get-together so that we could invade another yummy restos here. :) 'till next time my friends...

February 20, 2013

How can a Self Storage do for You?

To be honest, I really wish that our country had self-storage facilities to offer like other countries do. Why? This kind of service is very useful for all kinds of people who are planning to transfer or relocate their offices, homes and even going for a long-term vacation. I have also heard that self-storage facilities are very popular nowadays among travelers and can help you save a good amount of money and time.

Basically, personal or self storage storage units let you store items you can't fit at home and allow you to access your possessions whenever you want. In my case, I need one since we will be moving in to a new house with less space but with the help of self storage we will be able to keep our things and our home will look more spacious. Moreover, personal storage service allows you to keep your valuable belongings, for any period of time, in a safe and secure environment. 
Don't just choose services offered by anyone out there but instead look for companies that can provide all the facilities that are a must for a good storage company. Remember that these storage units are an inexpensive and practical form of storing our belongings so better choose the right one for you. 

Oh by the way, just a hint, at Lok'nStore they take pride in providing a quality customer service, plus they offer you the lowest self storage prices locally and that's a guarantee!

Our Future Model

Anyone of you knows this little girl? If not, she's my five year-old daughter named Danielle! Does she possess a quality of being a model someday? Well, only you can tell! 

No efforts done, that's how she loves fashion!

Looking for Bars in the West End of London?

I haven't been to London but if your looking for the right bar, pub, club for your big night out is not very hard as long as you know what you’re looking for (drum-n-bass, techno, hip hop, house, or jazz). Actually, London bars ranges from the very VIP down to the jeans-and-sweatshirt kinds of places where the attitude is minimum.  Knowing the fact that London's vibrant club scene puts the city on the map as the capital of cool!

I have talked with a friend who used to live in there, funny about her because she knows all the bars and club listings you can find out in London, just tell her the best place you want to go and she'll surely bring you to a party from dusk to dawn.

Now that she just move in to another country, I don't know if she's still updated with the newest bars in the West End of London. As far as I know they are waiting for this Bar Soho is currently receiving a facelift and  making some crazy changes, including installing some spectacular carousel booths (no, really, they are!). Cool huh! For sure they can guarantee you that you will surely love the changes and that will blow your mind away! :)

When you are looking for a drink in the capital wherein there's no shortage of places to go, worry no more   because the city is littered with traditional bars,  pubs, wine bars and trendy hangouts.

The Best Boodle Feast from Seafood Island

Last February 11, I got the chance to be with my blogger friends from our city and be with the Sun Cellular's Marketing Media Officer and Manager for a newly launch Name ur Number Sim. The event would not be complete without being served with this very sumptuous dinner from Seafood Island, Ayala Centrio Mall.

If you haven't tried with this boodle feast, better try this boodle # 4 seen above. I tell you, you will surely not regret with the price you paid. It's really spicy but so yummy. Two thumbs up for the food, the services and the ambiance!

February 19, 2013

Gore-Tex helps to keep you safe and warm

Blauer.com offers some of the latest and greatest police accessories. The great thing about shopping at this online place is that not only are you going to be able to partake of some very high quality gear, you will be able to also find many items which you can wear when you are not on duty, or when you are having to spend a few days in the office behind a desk. This is a great option for a person who needs new police items and cannot get them replaced soon enough, and also a great company to equip people for purposes of training.
Some of the best accessories that police can have are those of hats and gloves. Not only are these going to protect them from various things, they can also enable them to do their job better if a grappling situation comes up, or if the weather is getting in the way of a task. The 9100 Gore-Tex Service gloves and 9111 Gore-Tex Trooper cap are two matching items that can be bought together in order to be used in the best way. The cap is around 44 dollars while the gloves are a bit more at around 59 dollars. The fact that the items are both made of Gore-Tex should immediately be a key that they are good quality. They are also very dark in color for when being discreet is important, and made with B-Warm materials that allow for perfect insulation from the cold and the elements.
Gore-Tex helps to keep you safe and warm.
Police body armor is also one of the very most important things that an officer and enforcer of the law can have. When a police officer is involved in a fight that causes them to be the target of physical contact from knives or guns, the person will need adequate protection. Sometimes it is necessary for the officer to appear as is he or she does not have any armor on. This is when some of the great Polyester Armor skin. Not only does this come with a nice tab that can conceal a hidden microphone, it is also specially crafted so that any other additional body armor you might need can be slid in and connected. This also looks like a normal shirt and gives a certain amount of protection against damage. This is a great item to wear whether you are in the office or the field during work.

February 17, 2013

Celebrating V-day with my Loved-ones!

Actually, nothing is special with this day for us with my hubby because everyday is day for LOVE for the both of us. But since all around the globe is celebrating the 14th of February as the LOVE day, then we made it as well as an extra-special day for us. Of course, Valentines Day would not be complete without the flowers and the romantic dinner~ that's how my hubby spoiled me ever since we met.

As early as 9 in the morning, he surprised me with this pretty flowers by asking me to go out from the office as if  he has an important matters to tell me about. Unknowingly, when he went out from the car he was already holding these bouquet of flowers and that some of my office mates where teasing me already. :)

As I've said, it would not be complete without a romantic dinner...but this time around is quite different, we brought with us our two adorable kids and had a very sumptuous dinner served from Mesa Restaurant here in Ayala Centrio Mall.

...till the next Valentines Day updates everyone!

February 16, 2013

So Happy with her Bike

Last Sunday, we've got the chance to bond with my daughter by allowing her to drive in her bike in the new subdivision that we're planning to transfer in months from now. She was so happy then to experience it again since it was quite a long time that she wasn't able to use it because her dad needs to buy first a flat washer before it can be used. Now that it's already fixed, she can enjoy her weekend routines doing her biking thing with friends.
Indeed, it was a fun Sunday afternoon for her!

A Good Choice with Sun Name Ur Number Sim!

I never thought that what I posted in here last February 1: Make the good choice with Sun Name Ur Number SIM is a sort of a realization! It's actually a non-paid post, I did share it through Nuffnang's newsletter. 

 Anyway, after ten days of posting that article I got the chance to be with the Cagayan de Oro Bloggers for a SunCell Bloggers Party/Get-together at Seafood Island, Ayala Centrio Mall.

Fortunate enough to meet Sir James Lim the Sun Cellular Senior Manager for Digital Marketing and Miss Carissa Flores as the Media Marketing for Sun Cellular. Yeah, it was a night full of food, fun and surprises! We got the chance to answer their five Q & As about their promos and nonetheless I went home having no plug-in kit but instead a bag full of freebies. 

What's the catch about this good news from Sun Cellular? It's their new Name ur Number Sim wherein one can customize and can choose the mobile number you really wanted. But hey guys, not all of those numbers you want to have will be successfully activated because someone might have used it already...so better have one as early as now. But as for me, I just activated my numbers few days ago as 0942-817-LOVE~ indeed, a significant numbers for me! 

Of course, that night would not be complete if we will not pose for our Class Picture before each one of us has to depart the place for bonding extreme....here we go....

Class picture!
Thank you Sun Cellular and I hope this is just the start of becoming a part of your upcoming events and promos. For more information about other products, promos and deals of Sun Cellular Prepaid, visit their Facebook page www.facebook.com/suncellprepaid and follow @suncelldeals @suntweets on Twitter.

February 13, 2013

Work Opportunities Abroad!

Just yesterday a friend of mine who's on a Study leave in Australia, informed me that I have a chance of going in there under a Student visa. She shared about a website who caters the need for those who want to study abroad having no penny at your end except for the tuition fees. Hhhhmmm.... I still need to consider it in prayers if truly that's the will of God.

Back to work opportunities, a good news from a friend also who'll be leaving the country for a greener pasture shared that he just got a job offered as a skilled worker as  copper tube bending operator. Anyway, this work is not that hard because they already have their high-tech machines who'll make everything much easier. Truly other countries has much to offer for a better and a well-compensated jobs like this. :)

February 11, 2013

Bronze the special moments and freeze them

The Continental Bronze Co. In San Dimas, CA is inaugurated with a strong passion by Lou Mitchell. Lou transformed his hobby into his profession with his newly found plating machine and managed to please his customers with his remarkable bronze creations. Since, then the industry has been in business with a growing demand and is being managed by Lou’s daughter Anne.

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The store also features several other bronzed items like, bronzed gold ball, bronzed baseball, bronzed adult slipper, bronzed pacifier, bronzed 3D adult hand mold, bronzed paw prints of your beloved pet, bronzed belt. The incredible part of this bronze journey is the mounts which we use; they are made up of either quality wood or marble. Click here to find some incredible bronzed products. We will be happy to provide you with the custom price quote of your item which needs to be bronzed and we love to announce that we also provide with expedited delivery options. You may contact us over the phone to speak with our highly trained professionals to learn more about the Bronzing technology and why you should invest in a bronzed memorabilia.

Bronze the special moments and freeze them :
Please Visit Bronzery and learn how to bronze baby shoes for your bundle of joy and do check the wide array of our supreme bronzed collection. Freeze the most precious thing of your life within your favorite metal; indulge in one of our unique creations. You will never regret your invest for we provide the best quality bronzed goods which supersedes similar items available in the market.

February 6, 2013

LOVE @ 32!

I thank the Lord that I just celebrated my 32nd birthday yesterday full of surprises and love coming from the people who are so dear to me. Hundreds of fb messages and birthday greetings made me realized that they really valued me as a sister, cousin, relative, officemate, churchmate, classmate and a friend. Thank you Lord for making my day not just an ordinary but an extra-ordinary one!
I am declaring my lifetime verse: “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a FUTURE!”
Thank you Lord for this promise that I’m always holding on!

February 2, 2013

On Chlorine Generators...

Pentair  Intellichlor IC15 Above Ground Salt Chlorine Generator | 520888To be honest, I just knew that there are generators that can turn ordinary salt into chlorine right in your pool  known as the Pentair intellichlor chlorine generators. This is some kinda' good news on the part of my Aunt because of the maintenance for their pool is quite expensive. Now she can freely generate chlorine anytime of the day if she wish to since she can have a great source for the ordinary salt. Hope Tita can have  a great deal on this so that this coming summer we can surely exclusively enjoy the pool.

February 1, 2013

Make the good choice with Sun Name Ur Number SIM

Just sharing what I've got from nuffnang this very moment...

With something as personal as a mobile number, wouldn't t it be awesome to have a number combination that you can easily remember? Now, prepaid subscribers can also have that choice!
Mobile telecommunications Sun Cellular brings another first in the market with its new Sun Name Ur Number SIM – a prepaid SIM which allows subscribers to choose their own mobile number for FREE. Be it 0943-9-NUFFIE, 0942-8-CHURP2 or 0943-8-ILUVNN.

Visit our blog for the full details!

The Nuffnang Team


The paradise of Hand Woven towels and Organic sheets

Alter the monotony of your bedroom and the dreary interior of your bathroom by introducing the best quality linen from our online store. Bed linens and bath towels are the focal point of a bedroom and a bathroom; they accentuate the beauty of these interior spaces of a household and at the same time reflect the classy choice of an individual.

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The paradise of Hand Woven towels and Organic sheets
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