March 6, 2009

Jun-Sen Prom Dresses

I can clearly recall my high school days especially the month of LOVE. I guess every high school students long to experience this so called prom or we commonly call it as Junior-Senior Promenade. Upon hearing the word prom what usually comes to mind are the prom dresses. It is during this time that student are so busy looking for a prom dress to wear for that night’s event. I am sure everyone wants to look so different at this time that is why they allot a long time preparation on what to wear and even who will do the make-ups and hairdo styles that will suit them. But about my case, it was so unique since I am studying in a school run by nuns. Guess what? We had our prom in our Quonset Hall in our school compound wearing our SCHOOL UNIFORM (take note a long-sleeve uniform) plus below the knee length skirt). LOL! Sigh*** But then, we still enjoyed our night so much without our prom dresses.

If given a chance I would like to attend jun-sen prom but again I am old enough to attend such. Hahaha! If it were so, I would like to use a prom dress like that . I am pretty sure I would look as sexy as the model above.

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