August 31, 2009

Vote for Righteousness!

We usually hear from different media sources about the updates of the coming 2010 presidential elections that are controversial as early as of now. Well, truly it would be that hot since we have to make the right decision on who will take over to become the leader of our nation that is already decaying morally and experiencing economically bankruptcy because of great wickedness and deep corruption.

As early as of today, I am so decided to cast my sacred vote for the righteous man. I don't compromise my vote for a lesser evil. They will still do evil things. I suggest, let us lift up a righteous candidate to give way for national cleansing and transformation and let us vote for righteous governance.

If you are still undecided, there is a site which will help you to make wise decisions in this coming election through social networking tools such as blog, chat, political forum and multimedia portal. You can even read some articles about political issues if you happened to miss it on the news (TV,Radio and etc). is powered by the global network of, an online classified ad portal, and, Asia Pacific’s leading job portal.

I know I can get lots of good informations from this site that would help me in so many ways through joining their forums, answering some discussions, even sharing my own opinion as a Mindanaoan blogger. I am already fed up with rugs to riches story of any presidential aspirant. For sure, we do not need traditional politicians who fill their mouth with promises, that is why as a Kagay-anon I would be so proud to stand up for righteousness through this site. By the way, I have taken the opinion poll with the question “The Most important issue in choosing your next President?” I choose the ETHICAL ISSUES! Let us vote for righteousness - for righteousness exalts a nation.

Fireworks Competition

I just want to share with you some of the pics that I took during the SM fireworks display competition last August 30, 2009 which lasted for almost an hour of an extremely beautiful presentations.

while waiting at the parking lot...

I bet, these pics above won the said competition...It's just so awesome!!!

My daughter really enjoyed the said event, although it started so late but still it
was worth the wait....

August 29, 2009

The Best Web Host

As I have mentioned in my older post, I won a free 1 yr domain from a friend’s birthday bash contest. I was thinking that I will be using it to renew my domain that will expire on November of this year. Still, I am left with the choice of using it for my other blog who’s still under a sub domain. But I guess it is much needed for the renewal because I am planning to have it web hosted since I am still using the free one.

Speaking of, there are lots of best web hosting that offers you the best services. Just feel free to visit and surely you will be confused on what to choose and use. Well it varies from your choices; maybe you like the business, editor’s choice, the cheap reliable, the unlimited or even the largest web hosting. Actually they are all the best!

Whoa! I am so excited to have a space and traffic that is unlimited the soonest. I can have a cheap professional web hosting services under $10 a month. What’s their catch? Their web hosting plans include at least one free domain name registration and a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are planning to have one please don’t hesitate to visit their site.

Psalty and the Kids Praise Team

Anyone of you here knows Psalty- the singing songbook? I really missed him so much, I just reminisced those times when we were still kids presenting some of the Kids Praise songs in the church. I am loving his songs even up to now that I am already married (I do have collections of their album. I am so happy that even my daughter knows some of his songs too. For once in my life I did enjoy my childhood days together with Psalty and the Kids Praise Team.

Wish to see them again on stage...

August 28, 2009

On Email Hosting

Just this evening, we were talking with my cousin based in Australia about her life there and we happened to tackle about getting an email hosting. I was a bit curious about it that’s why she shared to me about the business-class messaging and collaboration solution that offers all of the functionality and features of Microsoft Hosted Exchange server without the significant challenges and costs of managing an in-house Exchange solution which is called the Hosted Exchange.

By the way, I was not contented with her explanation that’s why I took my time in searching the net about it. Fortunately I found, it is backed by the IPMG, which is one of Australia’s largest privately owned investment groups with substantial printing, distribution, merchandising and digital media assets. They are the most capitalized hosting provider in Australia that removes the financial risks and concerns associated with implementing and managing your web hosting needs.

Back to my cousins plan to get an email hosting, she was so glad that it can enable small to medium companies to:

- Access and Share information – share calendars, folders and contacts
- Get more out of an email system so that employees can get more done
- Get the peace of mind that comes from a professionally managed service.

What’s good about it is their email communications are encrypted to keep your business communications private and are protected by advanced security features. Sounds cool right?

Can't Sleep...

Maybe because I am still so busy writing some assignments that will due in an hour...lolz...
or maybe because my hair is still wet from a shower....hmmmp...

Of Computers and Internet

I am not an IT specialist nor a computer wizard but I guess I need to more on this side. As I search on the net I encountered regarding the Exchange Server data recovery, I remember the time that our PC in the office really bugged down and we have not saved any of our files that we need to have it recovered the soonest. Now, so happy to know that there is already Visual Recovery for Exchange Server allows browsing and selectively exporting items from corrupted Exchange Server email databases (.edb, .stm). The program can also be used as a granular data export tool for healthy offline EDB email storages or you can even browse offline Exchange mailbox as well as repair corrupted EDB.

Oh my I need to know more of the terms!...*wink*

Mommy Moments: Name Game

It's Friday once again and I am 'kinda late in posting my entry with the theme Name Game!

this was taken last Aug 15

This is my two year old daughter who always happened to be the little bride for three times already. Her next schedule would be this coming November for the 4th time.

Her name is Danielle!
As in Danielle T. Normandia, I preferred to have only one name because of our surname that is too long. I was taking into consideration that time will come that she will really complain to me that her name would not be fitted in her paper if I will give her two names. lolz! I choose Daniel because it's a biblical name which means "God is my judge", but since she is a girl I just added LE to make it more feminine. Aside from that my name is Phebie Anne and my hubby is Neil so somehow we can relate it with her name as "dANIELle"-
a combination of ann and neil...

Sounds cool right?

Presenting: Neil and Ann (last Aug 15) :)

You can share also in here what's behind the names of your children...


mommy moments

to all of you...

It's For Our Safety!

Everywhere we go we always encounter display signs in a public facility especially when you are in a building, airplane or boat, this device is what we commonly called an Exit Sign.

I just knew that most exit signs around the world are in pictogram form, with or without text supplement. I know that there has been a shift towards the adoption of such exit signs in the recent decade. I have read that a small minority of nations adhered to the exit signs that show the word "EXIT" (or similar in another language). Its purpose is guiding people to the closest exit in case of fire or other emergency. The English word "exit" comes directly from the Latin word meaning "(he or she) goes out." Most fire codes require exit signs to be permanently lit.

That is so true, here in our country there is a Presedential Decree # 1185 telling us that we really have to lit EXIT SIGNS in order to effect a meaningful reduction of the alarming fire losses, there is a need to develop national consciousness and involvement of all persons in the prevention and suppression of fires.

Since visibility may be reduced in a fire, due to smoke or failure of electric lighting, the sign is often permanently illuminated, usually by one of: (I got it from the Wikipedia)

• Radioluminescence, , self-luminous, where a phosphor coating inside a glass tube glows due to the beta decay of radioactive tritium in the tube.
• Phosphorescence ('glow in the dark'), Photoluminescent, where light is absorbed from the surroundings and slowly re-emitted.
• Electric light, with a local rechargeable power source.
• Electric light, with the building's emergency lighting circuits providing back-up power from a UPS and/or a generator in case normal power is lost.

I guess that’s how important exit signs to us, it's for our own safety!

It's a Long Weekend Vacation!

Yay! No work for today! Yahooooo....
Yes today, people in the City of Golden Friendship celebrates our city fiesta.
Tomorrow and a day after would be a great weekend since we will be celebrating
13th year church anniversary this coming Sunday.
Monday is another day to celebrate since it's also a legal Holiday!

Time for a family bonding!!!!

My Fave Fashion Glasses

I am more into nature that even the things that I love would always be green in color. That is why I am choosing My favorite high fashion eyeglasses below:

What I have been wearing is my $ 8 Rx eyeglasses, I don’t usually spend so much on the expensive one especially that I have read an article entitled How You Can Start Spending Smart. There I found out that we need not to make or even break our budget.

August 26, 2009

WFW: Thy Word!

Happy Word-Filled-Wednesday to all and
Be blessed!

New FB Friend

Just recently I got hooked with Facebook and it’s so nice to meet new friends at different places. One of them is Doug Kaplan, a 30 year old man originated from New York and happens to live in Orlando Florida. What makes me more interested in him is because he is still young to have that entrepreneurial spirit who would always try different ideas on making money. At his young age works in lead generation, and he really enjoys doing that a lot, and he is also working on a few big projects that would surely reshape his whole business in the next few months. I guess he would be a great help for us who wanted to engage more on business networking.

Be Honest!

As we went to the mall just this evening, we happened to pass by
and was able to read "something" on a billboard...

Indeed it is really true and a great reminder to all of us!

We really have to be honest in everything we do....
In doing so, we will be able to experience a better nation after all!

August 25, 2009

Chatrooms for Gothics!

I find this new site that is so unique as I browsed the net just this afternoon. I was a bit shocked because I hardly believe that this kind of chat room does exist. Want to know more about it? Take your time to visit where tons of Gothic members from the entire planet, come together inside our chats and have fun for free! You can even chat with a ton of users all over the world in our 100% FREE gothic chat, a real, live and full of active users. Well if you think you belong to this kind of group or interest, there were already 306 users online and for sure you will be a part of this too!

Solving Entrecard Inflation

I received an email from Entrecard dot com just this afternoon informing me that they have explored many other options to deflate the credit economy and they have found this route to be the easiest and fairest way to resolve the problem for the time being. While this may seem like a set back, it has its advantages. In the long run, the prices to advertise on blogs will decline making advertising more affordable. Sounds cool right?

They have noticed that the total number of Entrecard credits in the system has grown rapidly. This has been due to the fact that more credits are being created than credits are leaving the system. If this inflation continues, Entrecard credits will be worth less and less. To ensure a stable credit economy and reduce the outstanding credits, Entrecard will no longer give Entrecard credits to the person receiving a drop. In other words, instead of awarding 2 credits for each drop (one to the dropper and one to the blog site owner), only 1 credit will be given to the dropper. This change will be effective September 1, 2009 and will last until further notice.

Hope to have a healthy Entrecard credit economy!

My Fave NFL Players

As always, I am not really into sports but my hubby does. I hardly know anything about football that is why I kept on asking my hubby to let him explained the rules so that I can grasp their concepts about this game. Indeed, I found it so interesting to the point that I love to watch it together with him.

This month would be the start of the 2009 NFL Season. I and hubby are so excited about it because it is going to be another great opportunity to watch for our favorite team players on the game- and that is the Minnesota Vikings. I am so excited to find out who will be the grand champion in this year’s NFL season.

Oh my! I really love Adrian Peterson (Running Back), Tarvaris Jackson and Brett Favre (Quarterback). They really made names in their team as Adrian Peterson had 1760 yards, first in the NFL in rushing yards, in front of Atlanta's Michael Turner. The Vikings are 10–6 under Tarvaris Jackson and just recently, after countless days of speculation and negotiations, future Pro Football Hall of Fame Quarterback Brett Favre signed a two-year, $25 million deal with the Vikings. What great news to hear!

Watch out for their next game on August 31, 2009 at 8:00 P.M. (Houston Texans vs. Minnesota Vikings). If you wish to be updated about your favorite team with their latest rankings, stats, projections and everything else you need to understand football. Feel free to visit and sign-up for a free-stimulus package for fantasy football at WaiverWire now.


TCP# 2: So Close

Oh I really love this 2002 action-adventure film directed by Corey Yuen
with the main casts:
Shu Qi, Karen Mok and Zhao Wei.

Indeed a great movie to watch!

Here's the plot of the movie I got from Wikipedia.

Ai Lin (Shu Qi) and her sister Ai Quan (Zhao Wei) are computer hackers and espionage specialists who use their late father's advanced secret satellite technology to give them the field advantage over their enemies and the local law enforcement. At the start of the movie they assassinate the chairman of a top Chinese company.

In the aftermath of their successful mission, an intelligent Police Detective named Kong Yat Hung (Karen Mok) is assigned to their case and is able to track them down. The cat-and-mouse chase becomes more complicated when Lin and Ai Quan become the targets of the very people who originally hired them.

As Ai Quan was always the assistant on their computer at home while Ai Lin, the older and better assassin, did the field work; this was met with jealousy from Ai Quan, who wanted to do field work. Ai Quan, not knowing that Ai Lin was merely trying to protect her, believed that Ai Lin forbade her to fight and kill because she was the less adept of the two. When Ai Lin fell in love and decided to give up her life as a contract killer to marry and live a "normal" life, argument rose between the sisters - Ai Quan wanted to continue contract killing to someday prove that she could become a killer as good as her older sister.

On the day of Yat Hung and Ai Lin's birthdays (coincidentally, the same day), Ai Quan is found by Yat Hung at a bakery buying cake, which leads to a frantic car chase. Ai Quan becomes cornered by police cars and seeks help from her older sister Ai Lin, who is at home. However, at the same time, killers hired by the man who originally hired the sisters make advances on the sisters' house and Ai Lin is killed while trying to save her younger sister Ai Quan. Yat Hung is framed for Lin's death. Left with no choice, Yat Hung teams up with Ai Quan to find Lin's true killer.
insert here

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Happy TCP!

August 24, 2009

Tattoo Chat for FREE!

I remember the time when I got my first henna tattoo that was months ago. It was an indeed a memorable experience since all of my relatives really appreciated the work of my artist friend. Thanks to Joey! Speaking of tattoo, there is a site for tattoo singles who want to meet other tattooed women and men. This website is about different tattoo chat rooms on this site including Tattoo women chat lines and Tattoo video chat rooms. This free Tattoo chat room site is best for chat users who love Tattoo women on web cams that you can see for free in the Tattoo video chat line. Feel free to sign-up today and enjoy in finding the love of your life.

August 23, 2009

Yummy Sunday: Suman w/ Latik

Have you tried this one? This is called the "Nilatikang Suman". This was our desserts after we ate our breakfast as we traveled home from Cagayan de Oro to Ozamis City last Friday. It was my first time to eat such, indeed it was so yummy! The "suman" is breaded with dessicated coconut plus the yummy latik! Deliciouso!!!!

On Choosing the Best Webhost...

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I won a free 1 yr domain from a friend’s birthday bash contest. What I was thinking was to renew my domain that will expire on November of this year. The other way around, I want to use it for my other blog who’s still under a sub domain. But I guess it is much needed for my renewal because I am planning to have it web hosted since I am still using the free one.

Speaking of web hosting, there are lots of companies that offer you the best services. Just feel free to visit and surely you will be confused on what to choose and use. Well it varies from your choices; maybe you like the online business, editor’s choice, the cheap reliable, the unlimited or even the largest web hosting. Actually they are all the best!

Aside from all this things, I have read also about the dedicated server which will help you not to exceed the offering of a shared hosting environment. Well, so much for that. I am more interested with the first one. Whoa! I am so excited to have a space and traffic that is unlimited the soonest. If you are planning to have one please don’t hesitate to visit their site.

August 21, 2009

On 3-Day Hiatus...

At this moment, we are on our way home to our little hometown of Misamis Occidental to attend the interment of our late grandfather (the brother of my grandma) who is also so dear to us this coming Saturday. We will be spending our weekends there and I guess I also need a 3 day break, in the blogosphere and in the office just to unwind and relax for some time. So please bear with me...Promise to visit you back this Monday! God Bless you all!
Mommy Phebie is now signing off.....

August 20, 2009

Caffeine & Nicotine Addict

Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health”. We often hear and read that warning everywhere and anywhere in the world. But sad to say that it was just disregarded by most people, they tend to continue what they have started. Just like my cousin, he was into smoking when he was still in high school and until now he can’t live his day without his packs of cigars- he is already addicted to it- a chain smoker! This is not the only problem that his family encountered but he was also rehabilitated because of these types of addiction he was into at that time (both drug and personal addiction).

Fortunately, he was able to cope up some of his struggles and live a normal life as he could. But the thing that he could not give up is his cigars and coffee. I was a witnessed on how the drugs had ruined his life that much. I just hope he will not be back in his old ways or else he might end up his life at a very young age!

MM: Rain, Rain Go Away!

Just a trivia:
Every time my daughter asks me to get her umbrella when she wants to
go out and play in the rain, she will just sing to me the "
ella, ella,eh-eh"
(umbrella song by rihanna).

Happy Mommy Moments to all!

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God Bless us all!