October 22, 2015

Things to Consider in Buying Your Dream House

Are you looking for a new house to move in? Deciding on what house to buy is not that easy, one has to consider many factors before making a final assessment and eventually decision.  Consider the following questions to guide you with your decision:

1.     Should I buy, build or rent?

To answer this, you must as well ask yourself the inevitable question of “what do your budget allows you”. Are you capable of buying your own house as of this time? If yes, are you willing to start from scratch and build one or you’d rather buy an established house? If the answer is no (or at least not yet), your budget does not allow you to buy a house yet then the option is to rent.

2.     Where do I want to live?

Now, where do you want to live? One of the most important factors to consider when buying a house is the location. Choose a house in a location that you see a future for yourself and for your family. Do you prefer to live in the city or do you prefer a quieter and relaxing environment by the beach or in the mountains? You must take into consideration many things before you answer this.

3.     What size or style of the home I want?

Then, start thinking about the style of your dream home. Do you want to live in a high-rise building or do you prefer one built from the ground? What type of house will make you happy? Do you like modern, contemporary, classic or perhaps you have a more unique type in mind that you wish for your dream house? Nevertheless, plan it ahead of time.

I am blessed enough that hubby and I finally decided to settle three years ago and now living in the dream home that we’ve prayed for. Indeed, we considered those factors mentioned above and we’ve regretted nothing on the decision we made.

Just recently, I was chatting with my cousin who is currently living in Australia. She told me that they wanted to buy another property close to nature for them to relax during weekends and holidays away from the urban area.

I believe that the house for sale in Mayfield area would be perfect for their needs. It is close to nature and nearby town as well. They would enjoy the perks of both worlds.  The area would be perfect for family camping, hunting or simple gatherings. Another attraction that they will surely enjoy is the view in the Dandenong Ranges. Indeed, an easy escape away from the stress of a busy city. It is ideal for any working parents who wish to forget about their problems from the office or their business.

You should remember to consider the different factors that we’ve discussed in this post to help you come up with a house that you can call your “dream house”. It worked well for our family and I am hoping it will be helpful for you and your family too.

Happy house hunting!

October 21, 2015

Panaad sa Pagdaginot sa Humay

Don't you know that every Filipino wastes about 2 tablespoons of cooked rice daily which is an equivalent to P6.2 billion that could have fed 2.6 million Filipinos? So, are you one of them?

For your information, one has to invest 5,000 liters of water just to produce a kilo of rice. As one of the employees of Department of Agriculture, we were urged to be a responsible rice eater! Our office had come-up with this rice pledge written in Cebuano as we launched the 2013 National Year of Rice. This campaign aims to encourage the farmers, the policy-makers and the public to be RICEponsible in their own ways.

So here it is....hope you'll do the same!


Isip usa ka Pilipino,
Nakighiusa ako sa pagpanaad nga dli mag usik-usik sa kan-on ug bugas,
Mag lung-ag ako ug igo lang ug siguruhong insakto ang pagkaluto niini;
Magkuha ako sa igo lang nga akong mahurot aron walay salin sa akong plato,
Susama usab ang akong buhaton kung adunay kumbira
o kon bisan asa nga kan-anan nga akong makan-an;

Akong sulayan ug kaon ang brown rice o nilubok nga bugas
akip ang ubang pagkaon sama sa saging lung-agon, kamote ug mais

Tudloan nako ang uban sa responsableng pagkunsumo
aron mahatagan ug bili ang kahago sa mga mag-uuma
ug makatabang ako sa pagkab-ot nga mapaigo ang gidaghanong bugas sa Pilipinas.

Kinasing-kasing nako kining ipanaad
tungod kay sa matag lugas sa bugas 
o kan-on nga akong madaginot
Adunay kinabuhi nga maluwas.

pic from Google images
Be RICEponsible!

October 7, 2015

Uber Drivers Keep Growing in Number

Uber has quietly but quickly become a household name. Uber's rapid expansion through major cities and states has caused concern as well as awe from the business sector. Now that Uber has a strong grasp on private transportation services, they won't let up. In June 2015, Uber introduced a video game for mobile devices that shows people what it's like to be an Uber driver. The company has also increased recruitment in multiple states, including New Jersey. Understand the rules of the road thoroughly before you apply.

Here is some intriguing info about Uber that might convince you to drive for the company.
In the Beginning
In the beginning Uber wasn't the all-pervasive company it is today. Back in 2009 it was a lifestyle company in the San Francisco area. Founder and CEO Travis Kalanick said, “You push a button and a black car comes up. Who's the baller? It was a baller move to get a black car to arrive in 8 minutes.” Now however, Uber has an estimated net worth of $50 billion. When Uber first launched it was only spread by word of mouth, now it is one of the most profitable start ups in history.
The Need
Before Uber, taxi companies had a monopoly-like hold on the market of private transportation. This was reflected by the lack of quality service cabs commonly displayed. Now, Uber fills the demand for fast, friendly, affordable and honest private transportation. Any urban area has need for Uber, and with the app available on any smartphone, every ride you give is a chance to improve your customer rating.
Why Drive Uber
While Uber has, in the past, guarded demographic information about their drivers, in January 2015, Uber hired Benenson Strategy Group to conduct a study on these very topics. What they found was that 9 out of 10 drivers became Uber drivers because they felt Uber gave them more autonomy. Uber drivers set their own hours, and can control work-life balance because of this. Drivers with no professional driving experience take home an average of $19 per hour, while veterans of the industry make around $27 per hour.
Who are They?
Uber drivers are more commonly male, though the industry is no longer as exclusive as the conventional taxi companies were, and 7 out of 10 people who drive for Uber provide for a child or parent who lives at home. Those who drive for Uber are also typically older than you might think. The study found there are more Uber drivers over the age of 50 than under the age of 30, while the largest percentage of drivers are between the age of 30 and 39. Nearly 50 percent of all Uber drivers have a college degree or higher, and 50 percent of drivers are currently married. The racial demographic is also spread out.

Uber supplies many Americans from different walks of life with entrepreneurial opportunities. Whether it becomes a full-time job or is supplemental income is the decision of the individual at hand. But one thing is for sure, Uber is here to stay, and that's good for customers, and drivers.