September 24, 2019

Globe to Real Estate Developers: Connectivity must become a priority to achieve PH 4th Industrial Revolution readiness

Globe called on real estate developers to prioritize internet connectivity in their estate development master plans as it is a key requirement for the Philippines to be ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0).

Globe SVP for Network Strategy Manny Estrada said during the IR 4.0 Summit “Winning Together in the Fourth Industrial Revolution” that real estate developers must realize connectivity has become a necessity just like electricity and water.

“As we prepare our country for the IR 4.0, real estate developers can no longer say that connectivity will just follow after the property is built,” Estrada said.

The National Building Code does not require real estate and property developers to have provisions for connectivity unlike electricity and water, making it more difficult to provide telecommunication services within buildings and other property developments to the detriment of tenants.

Estrada revealed that the real estate industry is part of the digital ecosystem that is crucial for the growth of the digital economy as more and more people transact online. “For those in the Airbnb business, how many of your clients would ask how strong is your internet? Or how many of your tenants shop using Lazada, Shopee or Zalora? How many of them pay their bills online?” Estrada said.

He also explained that industries which dominate the real estate sector like the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) or even the growing Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs) would require not just a stable connectivity but redundancy as well. “Telco exclusivity in the real estate landscape should no longer be practiced. Redundancy is a crucial aspect in business continuity for many enterprises leasing your properties,” he added.

He emphasized the need for telcos and real estate developers to collaborate to make the Philippines ready for IR 4.0.  “We know that the real estate and property developers have a vision of how communities will be empowered by technologies. This is why we need to work together because there is no point of talking about housing and real estate in IR 4.0 if we aren’t on the same page,” he exclaimed.

“Telcos need to be involved from day one. You have architects and urban planners and we have IT and network engineers with us. We can be successful in building intelligent communities together if we are working together from day one,” he said.

“Connecting the Links: How the Real Estate, Transport and Manufacturing Industries Can Collaborate To Prepare for IR 4.0” was the key topic at the 1st IR 4.0 Summit presented by the Philippine Chambers of Telecommunications Operators (PCTO). Housing & Land Use Regulatory Board Acting Commissioner Atty. Melzar Galicia and Chamber of Real Estate & Builders Association President Noel Carino were part of the panel with Estrada. The event was also attended by 30 delegates from various real estate development companies.

September 13, 2019

Planning the Perfect Dinner Party

A great way to spend time with friends is to host a dinner party. While it can seem daunting, there are many simple things you can do to create a welcoming atmosphere and provide delicious refreshments. Here are a few tips to creating a perfect dinner party. 


There are many ways to spruce up your home with simple decorations. You can use your own dining set but use colorful napkins and centerpieces to make your table look fresh and elegant. Consider personalized name places for an individual touch. Lighting also makes big difference in creating the right mood. You can use electric candolier lights to safely imitate the soft atmosphere of candlelight for a warm environment. Choose a theme and pick decorations to make your party a unique affair.


Planning the food for a dinner party doesn't have to be complicated. Keep it simple with kabobs or a casserole. Salads with fruits and nuts are always a good way to make the meal more interesting, and it always helps to have appetizers like a cheese or vegetable platter. A smaller group can allow for more complex dishes. Be sure to include a variety of sides that help feed those with particular food restrictions. 


When the conversation lags, it can be difficult to keep your guests entertained. A great way to keep the party going is to prepare some games for those who wish to participate. There are a variety of board games designed for parties that keep your guests laughing and chatting. You can choose classic word games or charades if you want to keep it a little looser, or plan ahead with a scavenger hunt. 

The perfect dinner party doesn't have to be a complicated or stressful event. Follow these tips to create a memorable party with your friends. 

Sip A Cup of Great Coffee with Great Taste White's New Flavors

Are you coffee lovers? If you are, then, you have more reasons to indulge in a delicious cup anytime and anywhere! Don't you know that Great Taste White offers its latest variants to delight the craving of avid coffee drinkers?

With these Great Taste White Caramel and Great Taste White Crema, whether it's for starting the day right or for quick pick-me-ups in the middle of the day, they are bound to satisfy the busy and always on-the-go Filipino.

Great Taste White Caramel offers the perfect mix of roasted coffee and creams with hints of luscious caramel, blending a sweet linamnam for everyday coffee fix. So, if you are a fan of sweet and aromatic coffee, then, this one is for you!

Great Taste White Crema is a reminiscent of everyone's favorite latte! It is a combination of the real coffee taste with rich vanilla cream for a creamy linamnam that is more flavorful and  full bloodied coffer experience.

These are the new two variants,  and the original Great Taste white coffee mix, come in a fresh and attractive new packaging!

A trailblazer in the instant coffee industry, Great Taste continues to brew new experiences for Filipinos- from being the first to introduce white coffee mix, first twin pack size, and first, re-sealable pouch, among others.

Tikman and sarap ng tamang timpla with Great Taste White Caramel and Great Taste White Crema! These two new exciting variants come in 30g and 50g sachets, for only 6.05 (SRP) and 9.70 (SRP) respectively. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab these in sari-sari stores, groceries and supermarkets nationwide!


September 12, 2019

5 Signs Your Home Is Settling, Shifting, or Sinking

You probably know that when you build a home, there can be a great deal of earth that gets shifted around to support the new structure. What you probably don’t know is that the earth under your home has settled many times over the years, and it will continue to settle in even more layers. As each layer sinks or shifts, the weight of your home allows pressure to move your home back onto the settling soil. When the newest layer has difficulty supporting your home’s weight, problems can occur. Here are five signs your home is settling, shifting, or sinking.

1. Doors or Windows No Longer Open

As a home settles and the foundation moves into another layers, problems can develop when opening windows or doors. If your house is off-kilter even 1/2 of an inch, the doors and windows may not open at all.

2. Cracks Appear Over Door Frames

A crack snaking from the top of your door toward the ceiling can be evidence of a shifting house, and an unsupported door frame.

3. Foundation or Slab Cracks Appear

It doesn’t take an earthquake to make foundation cracks Tulsa OK appear. If the ground sinks in one section below your home, the slab must follow, and cracks or fissures can be the result.

4. Floors Begin to Slant or Become Uneven

When the ground sinks or settles enough to cause your floors to slant or buckle, your house may have a serious foundation issue.

5. Gaps Develop Between Walls and Windows or Floors

As a home shifts, gaps can appear in sections that were once tight and secure. A gap between a window and the wall, between the wall and floor, or door and floor is often an indication that your home needs expert help.

If you experience any of the signs listed above, call for a home inspection to document the problem. Then contact a professional about helping your home get back on an even level again.

September 11, 2019

Tips for Choosing the Right Dentist

Having a good dentist is a crucial part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Whether you’ve recently moved to Parkland, you’re unhappy with your current dentist, or you just haven’t been to the dentist in a long time, choosing the right dentist is important. Here are X tips for choosing the right dentist parkland fl.

Consult Your Dental Insurance Company
If you have dental insurance, call the company. Your insurance provider can provide you with a list of dentists in the Parkland area that participate in your plan. This is a good place to begin your research.

Consider Location
A dentist that is too far from your home or place of employment can be a hassle to visit. As you search for potential dentists, consider how far they are from where you are. When your dentist is close to where you live or work, it makes scheduling an appointment much easier.

Ask for Recommendations
Speak to friends, family, and co-workers and find out who they use. Ask them what they like about their dentist. As you research dentists in the area, take some time to read reviews as well. Find out what past and existing patients like (and didn’t like) about each one. This can help you to determine if the office may be the right fit for you.

Schedule a Consultation
Once you have a list of potential dentists, start calling for consultations. Ask any questions that you have, such as what happens during a regular visit or how far in advance you to call to make an appointment. Take note of how the dentist (and the staff) treats you and how you feel during the visit. Feeling comfortable with the dentist is essential.

The right dentist is someone you trust. They can help you to keep your mouth healthy and help you to avoid serious issues.

September 10, 2019

Creating a Custom Engagement Ring

It is finally here. The day that you have decided to pop the biggest question of your life. A proper proposal cannot be done without the perfect ring for your bride to be. Because each bride is so unique in style and personality, choosing the right ring can be daunting for many prospective grooms. However, with the ability to customize and completely control the design of an engagement ring, you can be sure to get something that your fiance will adore.

Diamond Shape

Arguably the most important part of an engagement ring is the stone itself; there are so many diamond shapes to choose from that it can be overwhelming. For those designing custom diamond engagement rings NY NY, diamond shapes are the first thing to consider. There are round diamonds for the traditional bride, oval diamonds that accentuate long delicate fingers or heart-shaped diamonds for the whimsical girl. Shape greatly influences the overall style as well as price of the ring.

Band Color

There are a few band colors to consider when choosing an engagement ring, including gold, silver or rose gold. There are many metals to consider as well, including gold, white gold, platinum, and sterling silver.

Band Width and Style

Bands can be customized to accent the diamond and may hold a halo of delicate diamonds around the center stone. Some brides may prefer a thin band, while some diamond shapes may look better with a wider band. These are all decisions that your jewelry consultant can help you with when designing a custom ring.

An engagement ring is more than just a piece of jewelry; it is a symbol of a commitment and love between two people. For this important occasion to mark the beginning of a lifetime of planning together, designing your bride's ring is a special reminder of how much you treasure her. 

Tips on Navigating the Latest Beauty Trends

It seems like every year there is an overabundance of new beauty regimens to learn about. Technology and science are forever moving forward and even effects things like the length of your lashes or plumpness of your lips. These advances may seem intimidating or reserved for the rich famous. In reality, even the newest and beauty enthusiast can utilize these contemporary fads.

Lash Lifts

From thickening mascaras to lash extensions, there have been loads of products that promise to give you those movie star lashes. But the newest trend in eyelash care may give you the gorgeous sculpting you crave from the minute you roll out of bed- with just one 45-minute session! Keratin lash lift Suffolk County NY is like a “perm for your lashes”. Keratin, a protein found in skin, hair, and nails, is used in a lash-enhancing serum to strengthen your follicles and fill in the gaps, giving you a volume and length boost for up to 8-12 weeks.


Sick of constantly shaping and maintaining your brow structure? Microblading may be your saving grace. Like a less permanent kind of tattoo, microblading can give you flawless form and thickness that lasts for 1-3 years. A certified technician shapes your eyebrows to perfection, helps you decide on color, and then etches each hairline into the superficial most layer of your skin by hand using ultra-fine needles. This technique yields an incredibly natural and realistic look, perfect for people with thinned or over-tweezed brows or those just looking to update their beauty routine.

Custom Skin Care

Beauticians and dermatologists are quickly realizing that the over-the-products used to enrich the look and feel of your skin often fall short. The solution may lie in custom skincare. Many well-known and trusted brands are beginning to provide personal skincare products based on your history, photos of your skin, and individual goals for your complexion. No two people’s skin tone or texture is the same and this beauty trend is as unique as you are.

While the world of beauty may seem intimidating, these modern trends are actually very accessible. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, ask your local aesthetician what new fashion is right for you.

Pet-Proof Your HVAC System

HVAC units and furry friends could be a recipe for some costly HVAC repairs if you’re not careful. Dogs love to chew things, they mark their territory, and their hair gets everywhere if they shed. But, this needn’t be a problem if you schedule regular maintenance visits with an hvac technician Harris County TX and follow these three top tips on how to keep both your pet and your heating and cooling system safe.

Chew-Proof Wires

A chewed-through HVAC wire is no joke. Not only is rewiring an HVAC system a costly repair job, but it’s extremely dangerous for a pet to chew through live wires – it could seriously harm them and may even prove fatal. And while you can always get a new HVAC unit, your beloved pet is irreplaceable. Keep them from harm and securely box all wires away from little teeth.

Replace and Clean Filters

Dog hair gets everywhere. And it gets into your HVAC units too, which is why it’s so essential for you to not only replace your filters as per your manufacturer's instructions but also clean them in between replacements. Otherwise, you’ll find your heating and cooling system stops operating as efficiently and could even overheat and stop working altogether.

Fence in Your Unit

Dogs mark their territory whenever they encounter something new – and that includes your HVAC unit. Unfortunately, this is more than just a nuisance act: dog urine is corrosive and if it gets inside the vents can eat away at the internal elements of your HVAC system, irreparably damaging it. Keep pets out by placing a fence around your heating and cooling systems, or, if that’s not possible, invest in a good “no-spray” product.

As with all electricals, if you experience any HVAC problems, stay safe and call a professional technician. They have the training and the tools to get the job done. But don’t wait for something to go wrong: regularly scheduled maintenance checks will help you stay on top of any potential issues before they happen.