March 10, 2009

Cheapest Textbooks in Time!

The month of March is considered as the Marching month as commonly celebrated. Few days from now another batch of massive graduates will be produced in each universities and another group of graduates queuing for employment as they said.As I was watching morning news just this morning, I noticed that there are lots of advertisements saluting to the new graduates of bath 2009. I was able to reckon my college days the moment I saw their pictures on the ads as they received their diplomas in their hands. Whew…so fulfilling!

Speaking of college days, I was able to graduate even though I seldom bought Textbooks unless it is strictly required by our professors. Sometimes I purchased my own books if necessary like manuals and etc. If I can see that the prescribed books are available at the book center for rent, then I will go for it rather than buying a new one. At least I have saved enough money for that and I will be using it to buy other necessities for my schooling, anyway the library is always there for me as my hang-out place.

How I wish that our university can also offer a free one-stop search for new and even used College Textbooks at a cheaper price.

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