May 28, 2013

Change up your style with Firmoo Free Glasses for May

Hi guys! Firmoo has updated their New Arrivals for May and you may have the chance to get yours for FREE!
Spring and summer always has great fashions, however it can be frustrating when you already have a nice dress or outfit to wear but can never seem to find the right pair of accessories to go with it. Wearing glasses is another new trend, so don't be shy to rock your prescription lenses in very cool frames this season!
Firmoo is here to make your life easier! With their innovative First-Pair-Free program wherein new customers are entitled to receive their very first pair of Firmoo glasses for free! Isn't that an amazing deal? You can find the new arrivals added for May. You only need to pay shipping costs!
Check out some small samples of the new updated shades for May here.
Oversize frame:
Rectangle frame:
Vintage style:
Nerdy style:
Still not sure that eyewear can be fashionable? Then check out how some of these fashionistas style them:

(The above model photos are all derived from Firmoo+.)
Firmoo really has glasses for every taste, so what are you waiting for?? Hurry to get yours, cause limited quantities will be offered!

To all my readers out there, you can have the chance of winning a single pair from them by just leaving a comment on which glasses you'd love to have~ just look for the designs in here  Firmoo free glasses selection . Oh by the way, don't forget to leave the url of your glasses' choice Thanks!
About Firmoo
Firmoo is the World's Most Popular Online Eyeglasses Store. We have always been committed ourselves to offering customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices which start at 8 dollars. For this reason, we have gained a solid reputation and trust from 580,000+ fans on Facebook & cooperated with 10,000+ bloggers worldwide.

May 19, 2013

Dire Husi Initiative

Couple of weeks ago, we were priviledged enough that we were invited by one of the co-founder of Dire Husi Initiatives~Mr. Rhyan CasiƱo for a  sumptuous "boodle fight" lunch with my cousins. Dire Husi Artsville's new location is in Mambatangan, Upper Puerto Cagayan de Oro City. If you really love arts, you will surely appreciates the place in itself. 

By the way, if you still don't know what Dire Husi means, here's an info that I got:

“Dire” is a Visayan word for “here” and “Husi“ is a Manobo word for “friend.” We are a youth organization, a creative social enterprise, an artisan collective, a band of world musicians, a training hub, and a fair trade advocate. If that already sounds a bagful, wait and see, because we believe that with faith and dreams, we could be so much more.

Wow! Kudos to all the people who are involve in this organization, they're not just plainly men and women for others but above all they are the mighty men and women of God! God bless all your advocacies!! Once again, thanks for the invites Sir Rhyan! :)

May 18, 2013

Summer Island Adventures

Big Agnes SCOUT UL2 Ultralight Backpacking Tent - NEW!Who says that adventures are limited only to trekking, mountain climbing and the like? Adventures can be fun too even in water like an Island hopping and beach bumming. Just recently, my cousins went for a summer island adventures with their friends, they spent nights in a certain lone island away from the city wherein there were no potable water to drink, no electricty and no other inhabitants but them. Good things they brought with them their Big Agnes tents which made their staycation more comfy, plus their ever ready summer gears that made their adventures more complete. By simply looking at their pictures, they really had fun in the sun! 

Hmmm, when could we experience such adventures like them? Soon? How I wish, anyway summer's still here!!!

May 16, 2013

DALTAN's Kambingan in CdeO!

As the world celebrated 4squareDay 2013 last April 16, the CDObloggers too for the first  time participated that same event. We the cluster 5 of CDO Bloggers made a decision to have our meet-up at Daltan's Kambingan situated at corner Capistrano- Cruz Taal Streets in this city. 

Upon knowing that the said venue was at Daltan's, what came to mind was okay I will not eat but I have to be there in support for the group. Why? because honestly, I don't feel like eating goat meat. I remember back then when my father and cousins would eat such, I would immediately asked them what does it taste like? Well, they've got the same answer..."it's yummy!"

Here comes the dishes in front of me, I thought they would served us another type of dish aside from the goat  meat but unfortunately they did not. Funny me! So I left with no choice but instead get a small amount of their Kalderetang Kambing as some kinda' taste test on my part. Believe me, I am so thankful for my taste buds at that time because I really love the dish and guess what? I requested for a additional cup of rice. :) So I can now say that Daltan's Kambingan is the yummiest Kambingan in the city (downtown). They are simply the best! 

So here's my plate below on the upper left...

By the way, just an info... they named their business as Daltan's not because of the owner's name combination but instead Daltan's means "Dala Tanan" (all -in-one) since they cater not only goat dishes but other dishes that you want to and aside from that they have their massage parlor at the second level of their restaurant. Cool huh! 

Well, if you want to try the best kambingan in town...
come and visit DALTAN's at Capistrano-Cruz Taal Sts, CDO (near Shanghai Bakery) 

May 15, 2013

On Appliance Package Deals

Are you tired of trying to find a complete appliance solution for your home that coordinates colors, fuel types, brands, and all of the other options that come with your appliances? Well, if you want to save your time, money, and frustration with appliance package deals go for an appliance package deals!

Weeks ago, I was so busy looking for a kitchen appliance package deals here in our city but to no avail. Since we will be moving to our new home days from now, I have left with no choice but to buy them all in a separate price per appliance. :( Too bad, no savings at all!

I hope we can have one store here who'll offer us such like the Goedeker's!

May 14, 2013

A Present for a Rock Star Wanna-Be

We just have celebrated Mother's Day days ago and for sure everyone's looking forward also for the Father's Day celebration a month from now on June 16, 2013 to be exact! So I guess, I have now an idea on what to give to my rock star wanna-be cousin, this 311 Band T-shirts from For sure he'll gonna love this since he truly misses this interest due to his business that needs more of his time. ;) 

Although hubby is not a rock star but he also deserves a men shirt's like this! :)
Try to visit their site they can offer you different designs with different sizes and colors of your choice.

May 12, 2013

Happy Mom's Day!

These are the two precious jewels that I have and the reason why I am being called MOM. Although I may not be a full time mom for them but pretty sure I can give the the PURE LOVE that they deserved. Indeed, being a mom is a noble job, the most highest paid job! :)

Mothers are the sweetest gift from Gods to us and we thank the Lord for giving us such a wonderful mom like her! To a great mom, for being the light of your home, for being the silent hero in your childrens lives, for being God's instrument in showing unconditional love....You truly deserve a day of honor...

Happy Mother's Day Mama!

We love you so much!

May 10, 2013

On Postcrossing...

According to Mr Wiki, a postcrossing is an online project that allows its members to send and receive postcards from all over the world. The project's tag line is "send a postcard and receive a postcard back from a random person somewhere in the world!” Its members, also known as Postcrossers, send postcards to other members and receive postcards back from other random Postcrossers. Where the postcards come from is always a surprise.

I am not writing because I am a postcrosser (in which I'm really not) but instead I got so curious with some of my blogger friends who really find time for this project. Now I know, it's some kinda' interesting knowing some other places which you have not visited and places that you've been there already. Besides, you will be able to know lots of people from all over the world. Cool huh! I can now appreciates why most of them are being hooked with these stuffs. Well, I just hope we have here somewhat like a printer that print postcards at at a very affordable price. :) Hhmm does it sound like I wanna join this only craze? Maybe some time I guess. :)

May 9, 2013

J.CO Donuts and Coffee Finally in CdeO!

YES you read it right! J.Co Donuts and Coffee will finally opens here in the City of Golden Frienship- Cagayan de Oro on May 10, 2013. We must be proud of this since it will be their first branch outside Metro Manila.

Finally the long wait is over, no more pasalubongs coming from J.Co Donuts Manila 'coz we will be having our very own here in Centrio, Ayala Mall (Ground Floor) located near the garden area of the said mall.

Photo credits:

Just an information: J.Co Donuts and Coffee is a popular Indonesia-based cafe retailer and one of the fastest growing donut & coffee chain in South-East Asia.

Well, if you haven't tried this most clamoured donut brand from Indonesia, better line-up for a long queue by tomorrow. But don't worry, just trust me it's yummy!!! :)

May 4, 2013

Summer's Best Buddy

Summer lines, sun-kissed, tan colors, sexy dress, short hairs, swimming wears, bright colors are so IN nowadays. Indeed, summer days is really fun! Oops before I forget, your summer would not be that complete without your summer shades of course. Right? Well, that's the only buddy aside from your sunblock lotion that will protect you from the blazing heat of the  sun. :) 

I guess most of you here did enjoy their summer days already but as for me, we are still planning to go somewhere else that we haven't been before (a beach resort perhaps). Pretty sure this would be so soon...

As to the preparation, am still waiting for my new pair of sunglasses coming from miles away. I hope it is somewhat like Maui Jim Sunglasses collections. *wink* This is what I really want:

Maui Jim Sunglasses, style Baby Beach is an Rx-able aviator-inspired titanium frame which is lightweight and durable. The Baby Beach features non-slip silicone nose pads and plastic temple tips to ensure total comfort. The Baby Beach is designed to be worn in salt water with its corrosion-proof hinges. Featured on the right lens is the Maui Jim logo. Maui Jim Sunglasses have scratch/impact resistant lightweight polarized lenses that provide superb optical clarity.

May 1, 2013

Firmoo's Craziest Giveaways

Have you heard about this well known company named as Firmoo who's always giving out FREE glasses not just to the lucky readers but instead to their worldwide fans? Yes you read it right, they are giving free glasses as in of no charges at all even up to their shipping. I myself have couple of different glasses (from sunglasses to my prescription glasses), and take note they gave it all for FREE!
I remember long before I knew this company, I used to wear a prescription glass which is really out of fashion, not that I have one I am now so proud that I have replaced it with a fashionable one and it really fits me. Thanks God I found Firmoo! So if you're bored with your outdated, old style glasses then please don't miss out Firmoo free offer and for sure you'll gonna get the best glasses you really wanted with your limited budget.  

Oh by the way, if you are a first time customer at Firmoo, you can also get your first pair for free. You only have to pay for the cost  of at least $6.95 as their shipping fee. No worries to those who missed the free pair,  they still have another limited time offer which will save you 20% off on frames + total shipping fee so don't be discouraged at all. 

By the way, this is me and my hubby wearing free glasses from Firmoo! Thanks much Firmoo!!
Cool right? So why don't you grab the chances and get the craziest giveaways from them? Better visit them NOW at