March 3, 2009

Of Teachings and Beliefs

I really do some research about LDS and I am so happy to find out that the LDS Church has been characterized as a family-centered religion. Their church teaches them that every being that lived upon the earth initially had a spirit body that all were born to Heavenly Parents in a pre-mortal existence. They even teaches that on earth, families may be "sealed”—meaning that they are eternally bound as husband-wife, parents–child—and that these bonds will continue after death. Members tend more often to be married, and have families with more children, than members of other Christian traditions.

As to their Marriage Theology, Exaltation is the kind of life God lives which means, exalted beings will live in great glory, be perfect, and possess all knowledge and wisdom. Exalted beings will live forever with God the Father and Jesus Christ, will become gods and goddesses, will live with their righteous earthly family members, and will receive the fullness of joy enjoyed by God and Christ. But they do have one of the key qualifications for exaltation, and that is being united in a celestial marriage to an opposite-sex partner.

I guess it would be nice if one has to register for FREE and gain new friend through the LDS chat. I am sure they have so much and so willing to share about their teachings and beliefs.

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Anonymous said...

hello there!i have read much about them, too. i don't have anything against their beliefs though as we all need to respect each other.

nice post friend! keep it up!

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