March 17, 2009

"My Cluttered Handwriting" Tag

I was tagged my my co-blogger and at the same time co-employee Elaine. At last I have posted this tag own time (nakabawi ko before of not posting your tag for me). hehehhe...

Here are the rules of the game:

1. Write down who tagged you in white paper and your answers in
numbers 2 and 3 Take a photo of it and upload the photo in your blog to show us how your handwriting looks like.

2. Answer these:
-your name / username / pseudo
-right-handed or left-handed?
-your favorite letters to write?
-your least favorite letters to write?
- Write “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

3. Tag five persons.

So here it is:I am so sorry if I don't consider my handwriting as cluttered. lolz. conceited? Of course not! Just take a look at my penmanship above. I am not boasting but I am just thankful that most of my friends always give compliments of my handwriting. Ever since my elementary days up to college days, I will always be elected as our class secretary. Hahaha...Thank God for such skills...

Now I am tagging my friends out there: Cookie, Bogie, Melody,Genebei, and Shelo.

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