March 5, 2009

How to do the Snapshots of your Blog?

A friend named Genebie asks me on how I did the snapshot of my blog. She asked me if I can write a post on how to make it. Actually I am not good on these stuffs, somebody told me to do this and that. So here are the steps that I wanted to share also:
  • Look for the PRINT SCREEN on your keyboard.
  • Before you CLICK it, be sure that you minimize all the remaining windows that you open in your screen/monitor
  • Then open Microsoft PowerPoint or even PAINT will do
  • PASTE it in there (whichever you preferred to use)
  • Then SAVE it as JPEG.
That’s all. I hope I already answered your query gen…


Momgen said...

Nice info..Got you a tag Phebs.

You can find it here

Genefaith said...

thanks...i tried and it works...hope to use this knowledge n d future,thanks talaga