March 15, 2014

The Moog Music

Who among of you knows Robert Moog? Actually he's the inventor and visionary of the Moog music. Mr. Moog drew inspiration from the Theremin and then he began tinkering with electronics to create sound. By 1964, he sold Theremin kits as his livelihood. Moog's inventions developed into complex schematics based on transistor technology used in telephone communication. 

Wow thanks to the that giant leap forward—when musicians transitioned from creating purely acoustic music to composing with electronics! Just imagine how radically music has changed since electronic musical instruments like the Theremin were first introduced in the early 1900s, indeed entirely new musical genres really exist today! If you want to know more of his inventions you can visit great moog from guitar center. Bravo for his great inventions!

March 12, 2014

The Psychological Influence of the Police Uniform

The Psychological Influence of the Police Uniform
A police uniform is an instant visual indication of the law enforcement field. It immediately signifies an officer's status and authority, and it encourages people to behave properly. Law officials purchase the components of their uniforms through a uniform warehouse and online sites such as Blauer.

There have been studies to prove the instant respect the police uniform evokes in others. When a police officer in civilian clothing asked passer-byes to pick up litter or move back from a bus stop, few people listened. Once the officer put their uniform on, citizens consistently obeyed the requests. They found the people continued to behave in a proper fashion even after the officer left the scene.

Another study placed a uniformed officer at a busy corner. It was noted that fewer citizens performed common traffic violations while the uniformed officer was present. This was without having a badge or weapon displayed. It goes to show how very powerful the psychological influence of the police uniform really is.
Police uniforms are used to make law enforcement officers visible and identify them as having authority. Citizens expect those in uniform to be able to take charge in any situation. They will also want that person to be observant. The main job of a police uniform is to give any citizen a sense of comfort and security. At the same time, the uniform instills a feeling of distress in the criminal mind.

It appears that a person's reaction to a uniformed officer is an unconscious one. People naturally restrain their bad behaviors and become more cooperative in the presence of a police uniform.

Sociologists say that when people first meet, they immediately scan each other's clothing as a way to access them. Clothing plays a big role in first impressions. It indicates one's social status, sex, occupation, and authority.

Police uniforms do all this and more. It certifies that the officer is legitimate. It is also a symbol of authority. It can even suppress one's individuality. When an officer puts on their uniform, others have a stereotypical belief that the officer is reliable, competent, professional, and intelligent.

Depending on an average citizen's background, they respond to the uniform in many ways. Responses can range from respect and pride to anger and fear. Uniformed law enforcement gives criminals a clear message that they are serious.

The uniform is a safety device for law enforcement. In some situations, an officer could draw their weapons on a plain clothes person who is holding a gun. An officer without their uniform could be mistaken as a criminal very easily. A police uniform allows other law enforcers to identify them as having a legitimate reason for being armed.

At a police officer will find everything they need to complete their police uniform. They carry quality pieces that include everyday shirts and pants, outerwear, accessories, and tactical gear. Many pieces help identify the individual as law enforcement and demand the respect their position deserves.

March 10, 2014

A Gift for Myself

Who would agree with me that sometimes in life we need to reward ourselves? I think most of you do it as well. After a very long, tiring hard work just to earn a living I guess we need to give ourselves a break. Right? Just recently I bought a designer bag for the first time, I know it's quite expensive but what comes to mind is I need to reward myself. Yeah I got it and I feel so happy and motivated to work that I was able to buy such. 

Anyway. speaking of bags, I also found these burlap gift bags so cute as wedding souvenirs for my friend who's getting married months from now. It would be natural and elegant bags, though it's kinda 'rugged elegance but it would be so perfect for their western themed wedding. Isn't it an eco-friendly statement?
Burlap Plant bag natural

March 5, 2014

Buying a Car and Your Right

Are you living in New York or planning to move to this state? Are you planning to buy a new car soon or thinking of getting a used car?  Know your rights, know how you are protected by the law, and save yourself from experiencing the sourness of being preyed in a fraudulent transaction.

Over the years car-related cases amassed in the New York State.  People grudged having purchased defective cars.  Many resent for having spent so much on repairs and maintenance.  With this, the state passed the Lemon Law to protect New Yorkers from cheats and inconveniences.

The Lemon Law though is only valid for non-motorcycles, non-off-road cars costing not less than $1500.  The car should be for personal use only and does not exceed 100,000 in mileage.  Also, the seller should not be a private party, but should be a person or corporate selling since 12 months ago of at least 3 units.

Basic thing for New Yorkers when buying new or used cars is to know the history of the car, determine the mileage, and seek for warranty.  If the company refuses to release the latter then the transaction is more likely to be deceptive.  Should the person or the company does otherwise it is beneficial to get the car an extended warranty as quite a number of damages are not included.  Transmission and engine problems among other potential critical vehicle issues should be taken into account.

Settlement of lemon issues can be done between transacting entities, however when cases become disconcerting, buyers could always get a lawyer and bring their case to court.  The period of prescription for this lawsuit is 4 years.

So, when in New York, get yourself acquainted with the NYS law and know your rights.

March 2, 2014

Me and my lil Me

I've always wanted to own even just a single pair of "terno" dress for my lil me and voila we already have it!!! I got this pair of Mom & Me dress from Ziya which I got it at a very affordable price. My lil Danielle was so happy when I handed her my surprise when I got home from the office. 

Upon seeing our picture, I've just noticed that my 'lil girl is now really growing up. She poses like she's a grown-up lady already and I can't help but told her not to grow up so fast because she's still our little princess seven years ago. :)

Hoping and praying that she will grow to be a God-fearing and a fine young lady when time comes!

March 1, 2014

Loading and Unloading

My church used to transport musical instruments from its storage area to the hotel where we used to rent. It was difficult looking at our male members loading and unloading heavy stuff every Saturday and Sunday. What helped them back then were cases which organized small parts from falling away and wires from ridding. Now, we have move past this and as I look at other churches which are doing what we used to do, I could only suggest that they get a 12 x 22 road case from musicians friend. This not only makes loading and unloading of stuff easier but even protects musical instruments from scratches.