March 9, 2009

Maintaining One's Beauty

I often heard the word liposuction from those celebrities telling their own testimonies after their successful surgery. I thought that it is a method of weight reduction, but it is not! Liposuction is really a very useful procedure to removed localized deposits of fat from the body by an extremely small unnoticeable incision. I guess I need that one too.

Speaking of surgery, I have an aunt who always wants to maintain her beauty even she is at her 60's now. She wants to have a solution for the sagging skin of her face and neck and I guess, major surgical procedures like face lift would be an answer. But before she will do it, she needs to ask for some Plastic Surgery Advice for her dos and don'ts. If her plans will push through, then, a competent and a reputable center must handle and for sure MYA will be the great answer to all her queries.

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