December 5, 2015

Do Senior Citizens Need Life Insurance?

Life insurance is best used by people who’re in their younger years. It makes sense because this will ensure lower premiums in the long-term. On the other hand, for some older people taking out life insurance can make sense during those twilight years.

Here are some of the reasons why it makes sense to have some form of life insurance.

Paying Final Expenses

The cost of dying is higher than ever before. It can cost thousands for people to pay for the funeral and the burial. These final expenses shouldn’t be heaped on top of a grieving family. A comprehensive life insurance policy can help pay for this.

Leave a Legacy Behind

A life insurance policy can double as a form of legacy. If you want to leave some money behind for your relatives, a life insurance policy is a fantastic way to do it. You don’t want to force your family to have to approach a lending company like because they have to stump up the money for your debts.

Remember that in many cases your loved ones will have to take on your debt after you’re gone.

A Supplemental Income

Should you take out a policy that comes with a cash value, this can provide a form of supplemental income. The state pension in the UK isn’t high, and if you don’t have an additional private pension it can make living costs tight after your retirement.

The money from your life insurance can be a big help to you, even if it’s only a small amount. It can prevent you from having to dip into your savings.

What about Peace of Mind?

We also have to take into account the peace of mind aspect. For many people, there’s no peace of mind in an uncertain future. If you’re a responsible person thinking about the long-term consequences, life insurance can allow you to rest easy.


It protects your inheritance so your family gets more when you die. It covers your final expenses. It covers any outstanding debts your loved ones may have to take on.

Be Realistic

Have realistic expectations about your life insurance situation. You’re never going to get extremely low premiums at this stage in your life. You’re considered a risk because the chances are you only have a few years left, at least in insurance terms.

Whilst the premiums may be higher, some insurance companies simply don’t cater to retirees.

We recommend shopping around before you decide to take out an insurance policy with anyone. Life insurance isn’t the best choice for absolutely everyone. If it’s not right for your current financial situation, don’t take it out.


Deciding whether you need life insurance is a difficult decision. It’s a decision you should consider making now, though. The longer you wait the fewer your options because the older you get the bigger the risk you are.

There are plenty of life insurance comparison sites only that you can use to determine the best insurance providers for you.

December 4, 2015

Perfect Selection for Infants

Infants are such vital delicate and lovely people in the society that we cannot sideline their demands especially when it comes to clothing. They are such defenseless young ones whom the whole society should be entirely devoted to meet their needs. Anyway, isn’t it biblical since the birth of Jesus! Whether you are the parent or any other philanthropic guy in society who wants to gift up the newborn with gifts, then you got to put the considerations here in practice. They are well elaborated and extensively covered just for you simply take a tour.

Consider the fabrication
The infants are still delicate, and the material for their clothes is such a high priority.  Buying nylon clothes for your baby is like preparing to suffocate them. The nylon will not n burn up their delicate soft and undeveloped skin but will erupt other infections and rashes. Cotton is the best; it keeps the infant warm and absorbing any fluid that may just accumulate as a result of sweat.

Mind comfort of your newborn
Let you always put the infant’s feelings at your heart since they fully depend on how you care for them. Put on your newborn in clothes that allow locomotion of your infant. Let the infant be in sizeable clothes that needn’t be heavy.

Let your child dress in quality clothes

Don’t make the mistake of running for any cheap thing from the market and put them on your infant. Worst of all some even afford to degrade their newborn with second-hand clothes. For god’s sake isn’t this disservice to these defenseless young ones. Don’t you mind the health risks you are exposing them? Don’t you remember the vulnerability of your young one to different perfumes and smells?  Kindly always buy first-hand clothes for your infants from quality dealers like Nordstrom .com.

Mind the season
As the season shifts so should your infants clothe choice change. Let you infant be kept warm when the season is that cold and let them have light clothes on when it’s too hot. Always feel for them and adjust their dressing.

Replenish the clothes with the infant’s size
The newborn still a lot of active cells which are responsible for their rapid growth hence demands you getting back to market most likely Nordstrom .com to change their wardrobe. Let them always be in what fits them.

Wash their cloth with disinfectants
Kindly clean the infant’s clothes using disinfectants and rinse their cloth explicitly to avoid the risk of getting their undeveloped fragile skin with the irritating disinfectants. However, it's important t underscore that the infants clothes got to be washed as regularity as possible. Let their cloth be changed as soon as possible.

Mind the sex of your baby
Kindly don’t just take any piece of cloth and put your baby. Let the child be dressed depending on the gender. If girl check out on girl wear and if a boy, check out on their kids wear. That’s the best way to begin rearing your child. This choice can be done with Nordstrom discount codes .

Come out all and bring up young healthy ones in a healthy way, by making right clothes choices for the infant. Do an informed purchase for their clothes from and let us build a healthy future through the newborn. At Nordstrom you will get hot deals and cut off prices whenever you shop. Buy from Nordstrom and enjoy up to 75% discounts and  coupons!

November 10, 2015

Lazada Kicks Off the Biggest Online Christmas Sale of the Year

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Lazada Philippines ( the Philippines’ One Stop Shopping and Selling Destination today announced the launch of the Lazada Online Revolution Sale which is set to be the biggest online Christmas sale of the year. The month-long sale kicks off on November 11 and will run until December 12.

The date November 11 or 11/11 is popularly known in China as “Singles’ Day”, a day to celebrate singlehood. E-commerce retailers in China have turned this holiday into the world’s biggest online shopping event, selling over US$9 billion worth of products last year. In 2013, Lazada introduced the 11/11 Online Revolution Sale in the Philippines to mark the start of the Christmas shopping season and has since then set online sales records each year.

This year, Lazada Philippines expects to break new records as it anticipates over 2 million visits to its website and mobile app on 11/11. Big brands and merchants will join the sale and are bringing in over 200,000 marked-down deals up to 95% off across 13 product categories including electronics, fashion, kids & toys, and home. Exclusive items on flash sales and P99 peso deals will also be revealed on 11/11.  Brands that have confirmed their participation in the sale include ASUS, Lenovo, Alcatel, Cherry Mobile, Bosch, Belo, Huggies, MamyPoko, Timex and Giordano watches. 

As an early treat for Lazada fans and shoppers, special items will be available to purchase at only P11 each. Lazada bestsellers such as Sandisk 8GB flash drives, 5600 mAHPowerbank, and 4-layer shoe racks will be available to purchase at P11.00 starting today until  11/11. The P11.00 deals will be announced at 11:11am everyday on one of Lazada’s social media channels (Twitter: lazadaph, Facebook: lazadaph, Instagram: lazadaph).

“We have been working very hard together with our merchants and suppliers to bring these amazing deals to our customers. We believe that online shopping will provide a lot of convenience to shoppers especially during the holiday season. By shopping online, they can avoid heavy traffic, long lines and crowded areas,” said Lazada Philippines CEO, Inanc Balci.

About Lazada

Lazada( is Philippines’ largest online shopping mall and is pioneering e-commerce by providing a fast, convenient and secure online shopping experience combined with an extensive product offering in categories ranging from mobiles & tablets and consumer electronics to household goods, toys, fashion and sports equipment. Lazada is continuously striving to offer its customers the best possible shopping experience with multiple payment methods including cash on delivery, extensive warranty commitments and free returns. Lazada mobile applications for Android, iPhone and iPad provide additional convenience to its consumers’ allowing them to shop anywhere, anytime.

For more information, please visit For updates on Lazada’s latest innovations, as well as activities, contests and promotions, connect with us via Facebook (

November 3, 2015

Smart Offers iPhone 6s FREE at Plan 2000 and iPhone 6s Plus FREE at Plan 2499

Smart Communications has announced its unbeatable plans for the much anticipated iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, the most advanced iPhones ever, with super-sized data offers and awesome perks aimed at giving you the Smart Life experience.

As a special offer from November 6 until December 31, you can get the iPhone 6s FREE on Plan 2000 under a 30-month contract, inclusive of a super-sized 10GB data allowance for all your videos, music and games; plus All-Month Surf, which gives you access to all your favorite websites and apps like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and chat apps like Viber, Whatsapp, Line and Messenger, among many others, throughout the 30-month period.

As part of the limited offer, you can also get the iPhone 6s Plus FREE on Plan 2499 under a 30-month term, inclusive of super-sized 15GB data allowance and All-Month Surf which you can enjoy throughout the duration of the contract.

The latest iPhones will also be available via Smart Infinity, Smart’s premium postpaid brand, where members can get complimentary iPhone 6s 128GB under Infinity Consumable Plan 5000 or two units of iPhone 6S 16GB under Consumable LTE Plan 8000.

Smart’s other unbeatable offers for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are available at For more about Infinity’s unparalleled perks and privileges that come with the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus plans, visit

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus bring a powerful new dimension to iPhone’s revolutionary Multi-Touch interface with 3D Touch, which senses force to enable intuitive new ways to access features and interact with content. The new iPhones introduce a transformative new approach to photography called Live Photos, bringing still images to life by capturing a moment in motion. Live Photos, 3D Touch, 12-megapixel iSight camera, 5-megapixel FaceTime HD camera with Retina Flash and more are powered by the Apple-designed A9 chip, the most advanced chip ever in a smartphone, delivering faster performance and great battery life. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are designed with Retina HD displays made from the strongest glass on any smartphone and 7000 series aluminum, the same alloy used in the aerospace industry, in gorgeous metallic finishes that now include rose gold.

Awesome experiences await new and existing Smart Postpaid subscribers who are upgrading to the new iPhones with Smart:

1. Be among the first to get the iPhone 6S Rose Gold (16GB) via special Uber delivery from Smart. Smart and Uber have teamed up to deliver your new iPhone 6s Rose Gold (16GB) at your doorstep when the clock strikes 12:01 on November 6, Friday! Simply click “Request an iPhone6s” on the Uber app, prepare to pay using your debit or credit card, and get ready for much bigger surprises. Moreover, all new Uber users get 50% off (with maximum worth of P200) on their next two Uber rides. 

2. Get 20% discount from Zalora. Experience the high life with as much as 20 percent discount for a minimum purchase of P500 from leading online fashion store Zalora. 

3. Enjoy P2500 Airbnb discount. Enjoy P2,500 discount on your Airbnb booking with a minimum spend of P8,000 at any listing in over 190 countries around the world. 

4. Get iflix access. Get three months’ worth of iflix access plus 1GB of data for streaming your favorite movies and TV shows. 

5. Win a new gadget instantly. With Smart’s Share the Joy Gadget giveaway promo, you can get a chance to take home another brand new gadget instantly when you sign up for a Smart Postpaid Plan or recontract at Smart stores nationwide.

6. FREE Gadget Shield. Get FREE 30-day insurance for your new iPhone with Smart’s Gadget Shield. 

7. Upgrade with Smart’s Wipeout promo. Wipe out your existing contract to upgrade to the new iPhones and enjoy corresponding discounts depending on the number of your remaining months in your contract. 

8. Purchase from Apple Music, App Store and iTunes even without a credit card. Smart is the only mobile network that lets you enjoy the full range of digital content from the Apple Store, iTunes and Apple Music even without a credit card through the groundbreaking Smart Pay-With-Mobile service. Simply text REG to 4949 so you can start buying apps and charging in-app items on top of your postpaid bill or deducted from your prepaid load – a first in the country.

The breakthrough features of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus can only be optimized when you are on the country’s biggest and most advanced network, according Kathy Carag, Smart Postpaid Head.
 “With the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, Apple has once again pushed the boundaries of mobile innovation, allowing us to achieve so much more with our phones and experience the Smart Life with entertainment, convenience and peace of mind on the go,” said Carag. “iPhone’s Live Photos lets us capture and share our best moments in a revolutionary way, while its advanced hardware allows us to fulfill all our passions and swoop smoothly from one app to the next – without worrying about efficiency or battery life. For sure, with these new iPhones, we can get more of the Smart Life experience and enjoy the widest breadth of mobile content that only Smart’s nationwidest network can deliver – from your choice of apps, games, music, movies and more – all at your fingertips.”
The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be available in all Smart Stores nationwide.
For complete details on pricing, please visit
For more information on iPhone, please visit:

October 22, 2015

Things to Consider in Buying Your Dream House

Are you looking for a new house to move in? Deciding on what house to buy is not that easy, one has to consider many factors before making a final assessment and eventually decision.  Consider the following questions to guide you with your decision:

1.     Should I buy, build or rent?

To answer this, you must as well ask yourself the inevitable question of “what do your budget allows you”. Are you capable of buying your own house as of this time? If yes, are you willing to start from scratch and build one or you’d rather buy an established house? If the answer is no (or at least not yet), your budget does not allow you to buy a house yet then the option is to rent.

2.     Where do I want to live?

Now, where do you want to live? One of the most important factors to consider when buying a house is the location. Choose a house in a location that you see a future for yourself and for your family. Do you prefer to live in the city or do you prefer a quieter and relaxing environment by the beach or in the mountains? You must take into consideration many things before you answer this.

3.     What size or style of the home I want?

Then, start thinking about the style of your dream home. Do you want to live in a high-rise building or do you prefer one built from the ground? What type of house will make you happy? Do you like modern, contemporary, classic or perhaps you have a more unique type in mind that you wish for your dream house? Nevertheless, plan it ahead of time.

I am blessed enough that hubby and I finally decided to settle three years ago and now living in the dream home that we’ve prayed for. Indeed, we considered those factors mentioned above and we’ve regretted nothing on the decision we made.

Just recently, I was chatting with my cousin who is currently living in Australia. She told me that they wanted to buy another property close to nature for them to relax during weekends and holidays away from the urban area.

I believe that the house for sale in Mayfield area would be perfect for their needs. It is close to nature and nearby town as well. They would enjoy the perks of both worlds.  The area would be perfect for family camping, hunting or simple gatherings. Another attraction that they will surely enjoy is the view in the Dandenong Ranges. Indeed, an easy escape away from the stress of a busy city. It is ideal for any working parents who wish to forget about their problems from the office or their business.

You should remember to consider the different factors that we’ve discussed in this post to help you come up with a house that you can call your “dream house”. It worked well for our family and I am hoping it will be helpful for you and your family too.

Happy house hunting!

October 21, 2015

Panaad sa Pagdaginot sa Humay

Don't you know that every Filipino wastes about 2 tablespoons of cooked rice daily which is an equivalent to P6.2 billion that could have fed 2.6 million Filipinos? So, are you one of them?

For your information, one has to invest 5,000 liters of water just to produce a kilo of rice. As one of the employees of Department of Agriculture, we were urged to be a responsible rice eater! Our office had come-up with this rice pledge written in Cebuano as we launched the 2013 National Year of Rice. This campaign aims to encourage the farmers, the policy-makers and the public to be RICEponsible in their own ways.

So here it is....hope you'll do the same!


Isip usa ka Pilipino,
Nakighiusa ako sa pagpanaad nga dli mag usik-usik sa kan-on ug bugas,
Mag lung-ag ako ug igo lang ug siguruhong insakto ang pagkaluto niini;
Magkuha ako sa igo lang nga akong mahurot aron walay salin sa akong plato,
Susama usab ang akong buhaton kung adunay kumbira
o kon bisan asa nga kan-anan nga akong makan-an;

Akong sulayan ug kaon ang brown rice o nilubok nga bugas
akip ang ubang pagkaon sama sa saging lung-agon, kamote ug mais

Tudloan nako ang uban sa responsableng pagkunsumo
aron mahatagan ug bili ang kahago sa mga mag-uuma
ug makatabang ako sa pagkab-ot nga mapaigo ang gidaghanong bugas sa Pilipinas.

Kinasing-kasing nako kining ipanaad
tungod kay sa matag lugas sa bugas 
o kan-on nga akong madaginot
Adunay kinabuhi nga maluwas.

pic from Google images
Be RICEponsible!

October 7, 2015

Uber Drivers Keep Growing in Number

Uber has quietly but quickly become a household name. Uber's rapid expansion through major cities and states has caused concern as well as awe from the business sector. Now that Uber has a strong grasp on private transportation services, they won't let up. In June 2015, Uber introduced a video game for mobile devices that shows people what it's like to be an Uber driver. The company has also increased recruitment in multiple states, including New Jersey. Understand the rules of the road thoroughly before you apply.

Here is some intriguing info about Uber that might convince you to drive for the company.
In the Beginning
In the beginning Uber wasn't the all-pervasive company it is today. Back in 2009 it was a lifestyle company in the San Francisco area. Founder and CEO Travis Kalanick said, “You push a button and a black car comes up. Who's the baller? It was a baller move to get a black car to arrive in 8 minutes.” Now however, Uber has an estimated net worth of $50 billion. When Uber first launched it was only spread by word of mouth, now it is one of the most profitable start ups in history.
The Need
Before Uber, taxi companies had a monopoly-like hold on the market of private transportation. This was reflected by the lack of quality service cabs commonly displayed. Now, Uber fills the demand for fast, friendly, affordable and honest private transportation. Any urban area has need for Uber, and with the app available on any smartphone, every ride you give is a chance to improve your customer rating.
Why Drive Uber
While Uber has, in the past, guarded demographic information about their drivers, in January 2015, Uber hired Benenson Strategy Group to conduct a study on these very topics. What they found was that 9 out of 10 drivers became Uber drivers because they felt Uber gave them more autonomy. Uber drivers set their own hours, and can control work-life balance because of this. Drivers with no professional driving experience take home an average of $19 per hour, while veterans of the industry make around $27 per hour.
Who are They?
Uber drivers are more commonly male, though the industry is no longer as exclusive as the conventional taxi companies were, and 7 out of 10 people who drive for Uber provide for a child or parent who lives at home. Those who drive for Uber are also typically older than you might think. The study found there are more Uber drivers over the age of 50 than under the age of 30, while the largest percentage of drivers are between the age of 30 and 39. Nearly 50 percent of all Uber drivers have a college degree or higher, and 50 percent of drivers are currently married. The racial demographic is also spread out.

Uber supplies many Americans from different walks of life with entrepreneurial opportunities. Whether it becomes a full-time job or is supplemental income is the decision of the individual at hand. But one thing is for sure, Uber is here to stay, and that's good for customers, and drivers.

September 2, 2015

How to Make a Small Space Seem Bigger

While your small space may be quaint, it may be lacking that open, roomy feel. If your home is starting to feel more claustrophobic than comfy and spacious, you don’t need more square feet to remedy your space quandary. Here’s what some design experts say about making small spaces, bigger. 

Some design experts say white walls are best for small spaces. However, sometimes darker colors can make a room appear larger, too. Paint colors like Mediterranean blues, deep grays, rich aubergines and roasted browns can all make a small room appear larger. If you opt for white walls, add contrast to the room with a dark floor. This contrast between light and dark can make the space pop. For color ideas, House Beautiful has curated a list of the best paint colors for small spaces and suggests using Benjamin Moore paints. While deep colors are best in living spaces, lighter, more airy colors are best for bedrooms, as they don’t inhibit sleep like some deeper, darker colors are known to do. 

Wall Hangings 
If you are decorating your white walls, consider hanging a few mirrors here and there. By hanging mirrors you can create the illusion of a larger living space. Consider decorating with a grouping of three or more mirrors, or for a more modern look, decorate with one large mirror. The Pottery Barn has a wide selection of decorative mirrors to choose from that can complement any home’s interior style. Artwork is also a wonderful way to decorate the empty walls in your small space, as large, visually interesting wall hangings can make your space appear bigger. Design professionals suggest using hanging a large artwork that features a color that recedes, like blue, for example, to make your room feel more spacious. 

If you’re making your home in a small space, you need to use small furniture. Multiple, large, bulky furnishings can make the room feel much smaller than really it is. By using furniture that’s to scale, or by using just one large piece, you can make the room appear larger, according to the design experts from Apartment Therapy. They also suggest using furniture with legs, as it makes a room appear bigger. Choose a neutral-colored mid-century loveseat or small-scale sofa like the ones offered from West Elm. The furniture designer offers a selection of specialty pieces that are perfect for maximizing space in small living areas. 

One of the difficulties many people who live in small spaces face is having enough storage. Without proper storage, clutter builds up, which can fill up a room, quick. When freestanding dressers, bookcases and other storage solutions are not an option, consider modular storage and built-in storage. These types of storage solutions can be configured to fit any small space from wall to wall or from floor to ceiling, maximizing tiny bedrooms spaces and giving you more storage. Furnish your storage solutions with some of your favorite things, photos or a vase of fresh-cut flowers. For inspiration, visit your local IKEA. The Scandinavian furniture retailer has a wide range of customizable built-ins to browse. 

 Think Outside the Box, or Home 
If you’re strapped for space inside, consider taking your entertaining and living space outdoors. If you’re lucky enough to have a patio, deck or backyard, furnish this area with comfy seating, tables and a decorative rug. Whether the space is just for your enjoyment or if you use it to entertain guests, going outside is a great way to optimize your living space in a small home or apartment.

August 15, 2015

How to Sing Better

In the art of singing, usually it is the simplest and most basic things that help one become better, yielding unbelievable results. Yet these things are so simple that many people often forget or just overlook them. In addition, though most people consider singing to be a talent and believe that individuals with inherently beautiful voices are born that way, it is true that even the most professional singers really practice hard to remain at the top of their game. Take a look at this article to learn some of the most important tips that can help you improve your singing voice and perform better in this great art.

See our tips below:

1) - Pick Songs in Your Vocal Range: When you start singing, it is important that you choose those notes that you are sure you can hit perfectly. It is better to sing a simple song and try doing it really well than choosing a difficult one with notes that you may be end up being unable to reach and articulate.

2) - Be Yourself: Do not struggle too hard to be like the recording artist of the song you have chosen to practice with. Just be yourself and sing the way you feel it! Remember that your unique voice is what is going to make you stand out in the long run and cut your niche. Also, it's good to dress fabulous so you feel like the star you are, but remain comfortable – which is totally possible and doesn't even have to be expensive if you use a Nordstrom 20% off coupon.

3) - Open Your Mouth and Let the Tongue Relax: Keeping your mouth mostly shut can lead to your tongue being tensed. While singing, your tongue needs to remain relaxed and having sufficient moving space, otherwise you may fail to accomplish maximum quality of your singing tone. Check that the space between your teeth is big enough to accommodate two fingers while singing.

4) - Learn to Breathe the Right Way: This is an essential part of mastering the art of singing that helps you to better maintain the control of your voice by keeping it steady. By breathing in via your belly rather than the chest, take a deep breath prior to starting a new line to gather enough air to allow you sing out each word comfortably without breaks.

5) - Maintain the Right Posture: In order to achieve the best sound, a majority of singing coaches prefer standing instead of sitting. Remember also to relax your shoulders so as to enable you breathe freely while singing. It is also important that you raise your head a little and keep your larynx steady to ensure that your vocal cords produce your best sound.

6) - Train Yourself to Recognize Pitch: It would be great if you could take advantage of a piano here. When you press down on a key, try matching your voice with the sound that rings out using a simple sound like "ah" or “oh”. Do this repeatedly for all keys of the piano until you learn to sing in different pitches. Sharp notes are produced by the black keys.

7) - Finally, Keep Your Voice Healthy: This involves the kind of foods you eat, the level of exercise you do with your voice and if you are straining or overusing it often. Eat healthy foods, take the recommended minimum of eight glasses of water per day and avoid smoking. And just before singing, avoid consuming dairy products like cheese, yogurt and ice cream, as well as other sweet foods since they may lead to the accumulation of mucus in the throat and make singing difficult.

August 11, 2015


To those of you who doesn't know who Chinkee Tan is, he is a Filipino Motivational Speaker, Inspirational Speaker, Radio and TV personality, a Wealth Coach and a Best Selling Author of "Secrets of the Rich and Successful", "How I Made my 1st Million" and 5 more other books!

Oh how I missed his last event "The Science of Creating Wealth" last July 4, 2015 here in Cagayan de Oro for some reasons. :(

Good thing, PROACT CdO brings him back here this coming November 7, 2015! But this time around, me and hubby would not let the opportunity pass by without hearing his wisdomful thoughts and tips of  becoming a Debt-FREE and Financially FREE!

So better mark your calendar on November 7, 2015 (1PM-6PM) at Victory Center Limketkai Mall! See you all there for the "KaChink! How to retire before the age 50" and save the date!

For more infos....

Good news: 
Tickets are now available at early bird rate:
GOLD - Php 750 (regular rate is P 1,750) this includes Free Book + Manual + Front Seats
SILVER - Php 500 (regular rate is P 1, 500) this includes Manual

Go and get your tickets now, limited seats available!

For ticket reservation, pls contact: Mark Barba - 09173289156

August 1, 2015

Fish Bowl Vases – The Perfect Wedding Centerpiece

Every bride wants her wedding to be unique. This is why so much attention is paid to the dress, the venue, the music, the food and, of course, the decorations. If you want to do something that not many brides have done before you, you could consider fish bowl vases as centerpieces of your wedding tables. Not only are these beautiful, you will also make sure that people immediately have something to talk about.

Fish Bowl Vases at Wedding

Usually, the best fish to use for a wedding centerpiece is a goldfish or a betta fish. Betta fish are a lot more beautiful than goldfish, however, because they have stunning tails and gorgeous colors. However, goldfish are a lot cheaper and they are easier to care for. After all, once the wedding is over, you will suddenly have quite a few fish on your hands.

What to Do with Your Fish Bowl Vases
One thing that some brides do at their wedding, which immediately solves the problem of what to do with the fish bowl vases afterwards, is run a little competition. They ask everybody at each table to name the fish, for instance, and the best name wins the fish bowl, meaning they can take it home with them afterwards. Do make sure your wedding favors include some fish food in that case.

How to Prepare the Fish Bowl Vases
You must make sure that the water in your fishbowl has been properly treated before you put the fish in. You should be able to purchase treatment drops or tablets from the same store as where you get your fish. A round fish bowl tends to look the most beautiful, although some brides prefer the cylinder shape. The problem with that one, however, is that it is very easy to knock over, particularly if there are children (or clumsy adults for that matter) at your wedding.

Do also make sure you add some decoration to your fish bowls. You could top it with a green plant, for instance, so that you also have some of the more traditional wedding decoration in the form of flowers. Furthermore, it will stop people from poking their fingers in the water to touch the fish. If you have a color theme at your wedding, then you could consider adding some glass pebbles, marbles or rocks to the bottom of your fish bowl in the color of your wedding. Smooth dark river rocks always look amazing as well, and you could (if you have the time) write something on the rocks, such as the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding.

Because these centerpieces are so interesting, you may not need any other type of decoration on your table. As such, although the bowls, fish, food and treatment products may cost a little bit more than a flower arrangement, you could also end up saving more by not having to spend so much on other things.

July 29, 2015

Wedding Venues: Finding the Right Location for the Best Day of Your Life

Your wedding will almost certainly be one of the most important days of your life. This is why it’s of paramount importance that you find the right venue for your impending nuptials. Wedding venues are a very personal choice and should reflect your unique tastes, personalities and (of course) budgetary restraints. Of the many factors to take into consideration when selecting your wedding venue you should visit each potential venue with a list of exactly what it is you’re looking for.
Grand Canyon National Park The Venue

Of primary concern when selecting wedding venues should be the accessibility of the venue for your guests and how much it will cost to hire. You should also factor in the size of the venue (making sure it can comfortably hold all of your guests), it’s time restrictions and it’s aesthetic qualities. Of course the venue can be as humble as a local hotel or as grand as an Olympic stadium but either way it needs to “Feel” right, “Look” right and contain all of the facilities that you’d expect of a wedding venue. We've all (unfortunately) seen “Don't Tell The Bride,” so we know that the venue doesn't necessarily have to be a conventional church or town hall, but take into account that more unconventional venues probably won't be equipped to handle a wedding without some help. On the other hand, if your other half is particularly quirky, the very idea of staging the most important day of their lives might make them shudder. A good middle ground would be a grand hotel on the outskirts of a major city, with decent transport links for guests. Chester Hotels are particularly gorgeous, affordable, and desirable, as the city is located just south of Liverpool and close to the Welsh border.

Of course when it comes to wedding venues the world really is your oyster (many may opt for a less conventional scenario for their wedding), but it is advisable to use a location that comes with recommendations specifically for holding weddings. Planning a wedding is amongst the most stressful things you will ever have to do, with every minor detail needing to be not only absolutely perfect of it’s own accord, but perfectly in sync with all the other elements of the wedding. Wedding venues that have been built with these ceremonies in mind will also be far more practical and will be more likely to be able to accommodate all guests and will most likely offer a selection of reception rooms fit for weddings of all sizes.

The All Inclusive Option

You will of course also need to consider if you want the entire wedding to take place in the same location or if you will be booking the wedding venue just for the reception (with the ceremony itself taking place in a church or registry office perhaps). Certain wedding venues might offer packages that will give couples discounted rates when they use the venue for both the ceremony and reception. The venue might also involve the capacity to accommodate guests overnight, which will be incredibly handy for couples that have guests travelling from abroad. Larger hotels are a perfect fit, because not only will they give the bride, groom and family somewhere to stay after the ceremony and reception are over, but they might also have extra features such as a spa or golf course that your guests can enjoy. You're more likely to find these kind of facilities in an area of the UK such as Chester, and the area surrounding it. Indeed, if you're particularly keen on a decent health Spa Cheshire is world-renowned for them!
Fairytale Fabulous

The only down side of the all-inclusive option, is that your wedding could feel a little “Cookie-cutter,” especially if you happen to have been to a few other similar weddings in recent years. Still, the convenience and affordability of the option is not to be scoffed at, and having all of the location work sorted in one in one move will leave you with a lot less work and a fewer stress headaches!

21st Century Marriage

Of course searching for suitable wedding venues is even more of a headache if you’re a same-sex couple looking for a civil partnership. Since April 1995, it has been legal for same-sex couples to hold civil wedding ceremonies in venues other than registry offices (provided the registrar conducting the ceremony has been licensed no less than 15 days before the ceremony) and this means the options have really opened up with wedding venues from hotels to castles and country homes to even football stadiums now licensed to wed loving partners regardless of sexual preference. 

July 10, 2015


Here are my minion-lovers...
After they had taken their afternoon nap, they were given rewards by me...
Indeed, happy kids they were!

After Ate had her "done goals" in school, she was 
treated by her dad for another minions to collect.

tadaaaahhhh, the father of them all!

Hope to add the remaining 6 in here....

thanks @mcDo_ph

June 25, 2015

Research Reveals 70% of Britons Do not Have the Time to Clean Their Homes

UK based family own window cleaning business Complete Cleaning Services Ltd has recently completed a research project on the cleaning habits of the general public in the UK. The most interesting thing their study revealed was that 70% of people in the country do not have the time to clean their homes properly. This was surprising, as the NHS has only recently released information suggesting properties are too clean, leading to people with low immunity to common germs and bacteria.

Water fed poles, Reach and Wash Window Cleaning in ExeterRecent research has demonstrated that 70% of Britons do not have sufficient time to clean their home daily. Indeed, 57% of people admitted to occasionally living in a “pigsty” due to not having enough time. Finally, more than 20% admitted that their homes were so messy that they would refuse entry to other people.

Complete Cleaning Services explained that people are leading increasingly busy lives, making it difficult to juggle everything. It seems that keeping a home clean and spotless is low on the list of priorities. However, it also shows that many people are unhappy with the way their homes look, which is alarming since cleaning can be done in small daily chunks. It is a known fact that keeping on top of the small jobs stops any need for huge, time consuming cleaning projects at a later stage.

The study looked at 2,000 people from across the UK, all of whom were over the age of 18 and lived independently. The results were fascinating, finding that 63% would prefer their home to be cleaner. Of these, the survey asked why they didn’t clean it more, which showed that:
  •          50% did not have enough time to clean.
  •          39% didn’t like cleaning.
  •          21% believe they are not good at cleaning.

At the same time, however, almost 25% of people felt that the state of their home was the least of their worries.

Other interesting results included:
  •          42% never cleaned their home fully, from top to bottom.
  •          One average, the last time people gave their home a full clean was 5 months ago.
  •          10% hadn’t cleaned their bathroom in a month.
  •          10% admitted to not having ironed in a year.
  •          5% did not wash their clothes.
  •          10% hadn’t used a hoover in a month.
  •          10% hadn’t used a duster in six months.
  •          5% hadn’t mopped in a year.
  •          5% never cleaned their windows.
  •          60% did not believe their home would ever be spotless.

·         One third had visitors comment on the mess.
  •          50% argued about the mess with their partners.
  •          73% of people hide mess behind the sofa or under cushions.
  •          90% believed they were tidy people.

Paul Jenkins from Complete Cleaning Services said:

“We advise people commit to doing just a few tasks every week, or even just one task a day. This would stop them from needing an entire day for cleaning. Doing it this was requires just a tiny bit of effort, but the effects are huge. Plus, it means that the 90% of people who believe that they are clean will actually be right in their belief!”

He added:

“People often feel fulfilled and in control when their house is clean and they are on top of the various domestic jobs. If people stop seeing it as a chore, for instance by putting some of their favourite music on while cleaning, they will get a lot more enjoyment out of it as well. Cleaning is a chance to step away from the thousands of other responsibilities people have every day. There are so many products out there designed to make cleaning easy, there really is no excuse.”

June 24, 2015

Why is God Taking so Long?

Just sharing you this timely message I have read from Take time to read this inspirational article and you will be blessed...

Why Is God Taking so Long?

Question: I've been looking for a new job, but so far without success. If I have prayed and am doing my part, why isn't God helping me?

Answer: The way God works in our lives and the way He chooses to do things is often past our comprehension. It’s mysterious, it’s humbling, and it usually takes faith and patience. His purposes and timetable are often different from ours.
When things are rough, when you feel that they’re not turning out the way you had hoped, when you feel your prayers aren’t being answered, when the trials of life seem too much to bear, when the battle seems too long, when your faith is under attack, when you’re feeling weary and aren’t sure if you can endure much longer, you can climb up onto the foundation that God has provided for your faith—the many promises and encouraging words contained in His Word—and rest in that safe haven.
One such promise is that “you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours”1—but God doesn’t promise that it will be yours instantly. His timetable is not always the same as ours. There are times when He does bring instant answers to prayer, but there are also many times when He allows time for our faith to mature and develop, like fine wine. Patience is the mark of a vintage faith, one that is deep and rich and full-bodied.
Throughout history God has tested and tried people’s faith through not granting immediate answers to their prayers. The Israelites waited thousands of years for the Messiah to come, and doubtless they often prayed and pleaded with God to send Him, but God waited until His timing was exactly right.
Patience is not an easy virtue to cultivate. In fact, it goes entirely against the way the world today operates, which is all about getting quick results. We can experience instant miracles and answers to prayer when God knows that’s what’s best, but sometimes He may want us to experience the tests, trials, and challenges of life that arise when His answers don’t come immediately.
Faith isn’t manifested only in our ability to receive immediate, miraculous answers to prayer; it is also manifested in endurance, longsuffering, and the patience to hold on even when we don’t see immediate results from our prayers. So “let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.”2

May 29, 2015

6 Top Places to Go Boating in Canada

Canada is an amazing country with captivating scenery. Not only does it have rugged mountains and picturesque valleys, it also has some of the most stunning boating locations in the world. Instead of booking into a hotel or holiday camp, maybe push the boat out (literally) and explore Canada at a leisurely pace.

Niagara on the Lake

Just a small distance from the famous Niagara Falls, is Niagara on the Lake. The local sailing club has an excellent marina where you can dock, giving you the opportunity to explore the local town. If you don’t fancy spending the evening on your boat, you can choose from one of the many restaurants and hotels. You can also sample the wineries or delve into the local history. Niagara on the Lake has something to offer everyone.

Lake Erie

The name Erie is derived from the name erielhonan, which is the native Iroquoian word for ‘long tail.’ It is easy to find why it is popular with boaters as it over 380 kilometres in length and just over 90 kilometres wide. It has various places of interest to visit, such as Point Peele. If you are a lover of Bass fishing then Rondeau Provincial Park, which is also famous for its sand spits,is well worth a visit.
Lake Erie is the warmest of the Great Lakes, making it an ideal destination. On the other hand due to the shallow waters, it also freezes over during winter.

Princess Louisa Inlet, British Columbia

For a true boaters paradise, a location not to miss is Princess Louisa Inlet on the British Columbian coast. Smaller than the other destinations mentioned, it makes up for its size with its unique ecological landscape. You can explore the multitude of wildlife and waterfalls that make up its natural beauty.An ideal romantic getaway. The rolling mountain ranges mean the nearest roads are over fifty kilometres away.

Gulf of St. Lawrence

Good whale watchingThe Gulf of St. Lawrence is the world’s largest estuary, with an area of over 236,000 square kilometres. Home of the Forillon National Park, there you will find nesting colonies of sea birds as well as whales, seals, black bears and even moose. It might be worth observing the Be Whale Wise Guidelines just to be safe.

Miramichi River

If you are a lover of fly fishing then there is no better place to visit than the Miramichi River. Situated in New Brunswick, here you will find one of the largest populations of Atlantic salmon in the world.If fishing doesn’t float your boat, then you can explore the many caves in the area. You can also experience Canada’s longest running folk festival, or just enjoy the scenery as you cruise along.

Harrison Lake

Just outside Vancouver you will find Harrison Lake. Surrounded by mountains, you will discover an ideal place to relax. You can do a spot of fishing, and visit the Harrison Hot Springs. If you are feeling brave, you can look out for the legendary Sasquatch or Big Foot as it is also known. You never know, that rustle in the trees might just have you reaching for your camera!

Wherever you decide to go boating in Canada, you will need a Pleasure Craft Operators Card. After that, you will have the knowledge to have a safe and pleasant journey.