March 16, 2009

Meaning of my Dream!

Last Saturday, as we were having a nap in the afternoon together with hubby and daughter I was having a nightmare. I was so shocked that in my dreams I can't open my eyes because it is so painful to see the lights. I can only see the silhouette of a person because I can hardly open it, it seems that I am starting to lose my vision.

Thanks God that I still have my sight when I woke up.'s just a dream. But still, I did some research on what's really the interpretation of my dream. So here it is...

Dreaming that you go blind can represent:
  • An unwillingness to understand, or a desire to shut out reality
  • Feeling of betrayal or deprivation of information, social connection or other social aspects
  • Feeling or fear of isolation or abandonment by others or by the world

Do I have to believe it or not? Anyway, a dream can sometimes serve as a warning for us and sometimes it's just a product of our imagination. But the bottom line here is, whatever it is, I will just entrust everything unto the Lord- may it be a good or bad omen.

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