March 16, 2009

Meaning of my Dream!

Last Saturday, as we were having a nap in the afternoon together with hubby and daughter I was having a nightmare. I was so shocked that in my dreams I can't open my eyes because it is so painful to see the lights. I can only see the silhouette of a person because I can hardly open it, it seems that I am starting to lose my vision.

Thanks God that I still have my sight when I woke up.'s just a dream. But still, I did some research on what's really the interpretation of my dream. So here it is...

Dreaming that you go blind can represent:
  • An unwillingness to understand, or a desire to shut out reality
  • Feeling of betrayal or deprivation of information, social connection or other social aspects
  • Feeling or fear of isolation or abandonment by others or by the world

Do I have to believe it or not? Anyway, a dream can sometimes serve as a warning for us and sometimes it's just a product of our imagination. But the bottom line here is, whatever it is, I will just entrust everything unto the Lord- may it be a good or bad omen.


Unknown said...

grabe really mem? it's good na dream lang un.. dreams can just mean something what u wrote there..

award for u mem.. grab it..

Bogie said...

lab, nasubraan lang ka sa pag blog mao na ga sulaw na usahay atong panan aw.. ha.ha.ha. JOke!

Phebie said...

mao jud cguro gie...hapdos na kaau ang mata...hheheh...unsaon d pa man matulog maski katulgon na kay maghulat jud ug opps...hehheh