May 27, 2012

Got my Firmoo Glasses

At last, in less than 25 days my Firmoo Glasses arrived from China. It's totally for FREE! Well, if someone asked me if do I owned it all? Nope! Actually, each one of them has its own owner and that I will give it to my family of course. :)

Well, I have to thank Firmo~ the Global Online Optical Store. Their glasses are so cool and so light-weighted. I really love to wear it during sunny days and  I super love my prescription glass as well. Thanks once again Firmoo.

May 25, 2012

Mother's Day Special

I know this is a late post of the Mother's Day Special. Anyway, as a mom we always feel so flattered every time we will be given importance by the people surrounding us. For me, it would be so nice if we will celebrate it everyday not just yearly because the role of being a mom is not that easy.

Anyway, I still have to thank God for making me as a mom to my kids and that I can't afford to exchange this kind of role to any others. By the way, how did you celebrate it? Did any of you received Gift Baskets for Women? Hope so...

IF you wanna ask me how? Well, we were celebrating that moment with my mom, and to all the moms in our family at the beach during our summer vacation and it was really super fun!

May 11, 2012

Summer Fun: White Water Rafting Adventure

Our summer fun does not only ends in here, after we had our Bohol escapade we experienced another extreme adventure yesterday with our cousins. The sun was so hot and I was kinda' worried because we might end as if we applied a spray tan in our whole body. Anyway, what matters most in this kind of moment is that we are enjoying each seconds with each other. We really had fun and that we are planning to go to the next level which is the Advance trail. #exciting!

Opps! Another traveling adventure for tomorrow to complete our summer special!

May 5, 2012

Dreaming for a Disneyland Vacay

I don't care if people may say that I'm just too ambitious if I'll wish for this kind of vacation in life. Anyway, dreaming of something like this is totally free! But who knows in God's own time He will allow us to travel such with my whole family and that would be great! A blessing indeed that is yet to come....

Speaking of a Disney Land, my kids would really love to meet their favorite characters they saw on TVs, movies for real. Well, this would also includes looking for great deals on hotels orlandovacation as early as now so as to know the budget ahead of time. :)

Weeee....this would be a time to bond with my loved-ones in a soon to be a dream come true vacay! #dreaming mode