April 24, 2014

We Love Outdoors

I am an outdoor person.  I love to travel, explore new places and enjoy adventure moments.  Could this be genetic as everyone in the family is like me? Or this could probably be because we grew up travelling to the countryside often during long weekends and holidays to reunite with grandparents and relatives.  The excitement to see them starts from our city home and goes all the way to the province and up until we've grown up and discovered more places to go. In fact, each year wouldn't be complete without the entire family traveling, exploring new spaces.  We have done quite a lot already like discovering breathtaking waterfalls, fantastic lakes, marvelous rivers, spectacular hills, and amazing oceans and marine parks.  We all enjoy adventures: car touring, bike riding, camping, picnicking and even bush-walking.  All these we love to do after long weeks of hitting targets and accomplishing tasks.  We most love exploring when siblings come home from overseas.  We hook up and party with nature, enjoy each other’s company like we could recharge a brother’s vigor and top up a sister’s strength.

7-Day Scotland HikingBecause we love doing what we do, we certainly prepare for every season of the year. We plan ahead, lookout for discount flights and hotel promos, and gear up.  We arrange for outdoor adventure sports gears.  Like when we planned for touring the spectacular chocolate hills, we became like watchmen for clearance hiking shoes from Garmont, trousers, trekker mats and hydration packs.

We had just our waterfall escapade during the Easter break.  The Philippine’s Tinuy-an Falls is categorically breathtaking.  It was worth gearing up, both us (people) and our lovely car.  Nothing is more enjoyable than a very comfortable trip and for us comfort includes putting on the right suits and bringing the right packs. We did bring our swimming suits, rented life jackets and buoys, ensured our slippery-safe sandals, tees and sweatshirts, and shorts.  Hubby was ever ready with his tools, lights, emergency kits as well.

My family of course wished to explore the world further.  Although we have tried water rafting and kayaking already, still I wish to try the packages of The Clymb on rafting and kayaking.  Rafting in class IV-V rapids sounds really challenging and I could also imagine kayaking in between rising cliffs, peculiar geologic formations and captivating sea caves of Isla Espiritu Santo, Baja.  I also wish to try waterfall rappelling in New Hampshire.  Oh God, I have wished a lot now.  May I add on that wish list a reversible Mamala top and Sunamee bottoms from Patagonia?

I don’t want to sound religious here but God’s creation is really magnificent and awesome that I could only wish I have all the resources and energy to climb summits, cruise from continent to continent, discover creatures in Africa, see unique cultures in Asia, Pacific and Oceania, or at least behold the Seven Wonders of the World.

April 21, 2014

My FreeMason's Daughter Friend

FYI according to mr. google...Freemasonry is a fraternal organisation that traces its origins to the local fraternities of stonemasons, which from the end of the fourteenth century regulated the qualifications of masons and their interaction with authorities and clients.
I just remember a friend who is a freemason's daughter, she was so thankful then that it was really a great help for her during her times of trouble in her life away from her family. Actually, I've known a few who is so thankful too that they belong to this kind of organization. Now they are so proud to show off their masonic rings at joyjewelers.com that they've got for free!

Binary Options are your Secure Future or even Present

More and more people are joining the binary options trading. For some people it is just a kind of a game, but for others it is a real chance to get a good income. There are numerous examples of how ordinary people earn several thousand dollars with the help of binary options. Binary options allow you to start trading with only $ 5 at your disposal. At the same time you have the opportunity to earn up to 100% of profit from the sum you’ve invested in just a few minutes! Binary options is a great choice for beginners because they are really transparent: you always know exactly how much you can earn or lose in the result of the transaction. With this you can get back up to 20% of invested funds even if your prediction did not come true

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The operation principle of binary options is very simple. After you select the basic assets, you make your prediction about the motion of the price: whether it is going to increase (Call) or fall (Put) to a certain date called expiry date. While trading binary options your profit is strictly fixed and no matter whether the price increased in 50 points or just in one item, you still get your 70 % - 85 % profit. This is a huge advantage of trading binary options, which many people who previously traded in the Forex market, appreciate now.

You can change your financial situation for the better today. If you are an ambitious person, you are hardly satisfied with your income. How can you increase it? With binary options! Binary option is a tool with high-yield operations.

Binary option is a contract that depends on fulfilling certain conditions in a limited time. It provides a certain income or no income at all. The name "binary" means that it consists of two parts - one part gets profit, the other doesn’t.

Recently, binary options are becoming an increasingly popular tool of trading. The main advantages are: the possible gains and losses are known at the time the contract is made, binary options trading does not require deep knowledge in finance and occurs based on a single parameter - the price change. If the conditions of the binary options are fulfilled, the investor receives the maximum profit, if not - the profit is zero. This is the least risky tool of work on the exchange. Trading binary options is much easier even with the same currency pairs as at the Forex market. Binary options are the simple commercial products. You do not have to learn a special literature (you can if you want, it is not forbidden).  The practice shows that half an hour is enough for any beginner to understand the basics of trading. You have a real opportunity to earn from 70 % to 85 % of profit with each transaction. Here comes the following conclusion: trading binary options is simple.

The only indicator you pay attention to is the price changes. Follow the news that may affect the price of the assets. Thus, the presidential elections in a particular country may affect the price of oil and the cost of meat products depends on the epidemic among animals.

Price fluctuations do not affect revenues. Profit depends on what decision in the trading process you take – “call” or “put”. In binary options trading the profit is considerable. It can reach 85 %. For example, you choose "call" or "put" option and it coincided with the actual result. For your initial deposit of $ 100 you will add $ 85 of an immediate income. Your account will be $ 185.