February 29, 2012


To end the love month, let me share this to you our photo taken before the Valentines day with my love-ones. Let's not just celebrate LOVE during this month but instead let's show our LOVE to each and everyone everyday! Just simply love, love and love!

February 24, 2012

Replica Breitling Navitimer - A Watch for Traveling

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Replica Breitling Navitimer is crafted in the best watch environment. The features of this replica watch are in the range of the largest technology of maintaining world time and most important of this is that the watch is very affordable. Anyone can make use of these watches because they are not expensive. And when you are about giving a present or gift, this is one watch that would make an everlasting impression.

Replica Breitling Navitimer can be gotten from online stores, retail stores and departmental stores in different colors, designs, models and features. And because of the high quality and excessive demand of these watches, it has become more affordable and available to travelers and aviation professional. And even those who are neither these two are still making good use of the watches as fashion savvy persons. It is one watch that would make you feel elated and also make one feel on top of the world because of the high quality and regards for the watch.

February 19, 2012

Yummy Sunday: Kare-Kare

It's been a while that I haven't eaten this fave viand of mine~ Kare-kare. If I'm not mistaken the last time I ate such was when I'm about to give birth to my 2nd child (it's almost a year already). :)

Anyway, during my birthday celebration with my college friends at Gerry's Grill I didn't hesitate to order one for myself. lol! Indeed, I find it so yummy! As in so yummy!

Happy YS everyone! God Bless...

My Dream Wedding

Months from now, hubby and I will be celebrating our 7th Wedding anniversary in Macau and we are so excited for this to happen.  Speaking of anniversary, we are planning that on the 10th year we will be renewing our vows in a wedding scene like this:
It would be a beach wedding with a Pergola on it! I want it to have a solemn ceremony facing the sea breeze with the sun rising with our closest friends and family as we renew our vows. Hope this time would be a dream wedding come true. God-willing!

Gold Buying is In!

Gold is on the move as it reaches its highest price in almost two weeks. The dollar continues to weaken, subsequently increasing the appeal of the yellow metal as an alternative investment. So true that the paper currency is becoming unattractive to investors and that they are instead leaning towards to buy gold online and other precious metals so they have access to believable currency.

Don’t you know that the gold is proven itself to be a very effective preserver of wealth for centuries but most often being ignored as an asset class by the investors? But in the end, as comes with any financial turmoil gold will continue to have a positive outlook for the future.

Welcome to DXB!

 My sister was so excited to welcome our brother just this morning as she fetched him at DXB international Airport. Thank you Lord that my brother arrived in Dubai safe and sound just this morning. :) So happy that they are now reunited with my sister in there. I hope and I’ll pray that both of them will prosper on their chosen path as they earn a living. 

Missing you and we love you both!

February 18, 2012

Her Pasalubongs

According to Wkipedia the word Pasalubong is a Filipino tradition of a homecoming gift. It is a Tagalog, literally meaning "[something] meant for you when you welcome me back." It is one of the most distinctive and widely practiced Filipino traditions. Pasalubong can be any gift or souvenir brought for family, loved ones, or friends after being away for a period of time. It can also be any gift given by someone arriving from a distant place.

Speaking of pasalubongs, my brother who will be going to Dubai tonight is bringing the homecoming gifts for my sister. Actually, my sis requested him to bring her some of her favorite foods like pastels, dried pusit, chocolate polvoron and even dresses. I was really having a hard time looking for the dresses in the malls of her size and what she really wanted. I told her to go over online shops and look for the designs she wanted so as to save my time and effort in finding what she wants. Good thing I know this shop online which sells cheap sexy dresses, shoes, apparel, beauty and intimates. I really like to go and shop in here because they really have my taste and besides they’re selling it at an affordable rate.

Anyway, hours from now they will be seeing with my brother at the airport and that she is now so excited to wear the dresses and eat the foods she requested. God bless you both and enjoy your stay there bro! Love you!

The Nature of Business

Just this morning as we are on our way to the airport, we happened to pass by a business shop of our friend. Hubby told me that our friend got the right place where she put her business up because she has no competitors at all. Bang! That’s what he thought! Actually, I guess two of the same nature of business she’s into was also arising in the same place. Well, I told hubby that a business cannot really be called as business if there are no competitors at all.

Back to business, since I earned my business related degree hubby wants me to engage into like what he’s into. Well, it would be a great idea too but I guess if ever I’ll start one, I’d rather put up a wholesale/retail store of RTWs coming from abroad. Why because I know someone who can really help me in putting up stuffs like these. He referred to me about a retail store~ a one stop shop for all the retail store merchandising and supply needs.

For your info, this industry leads an assortment of over 7,500 products which contains many new and unique items that you will not find available anywhere else. You can only find it in them, so better check back often for the latest trends in their store innovation plus they have competitive pricing, no small order fees, and an easy ordering process help you get your store needs fast. Oh by the way, they also cater retail store fixtures and slat wall to mannequins and signage. What’s good about them? Every one of their products comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Okay then, I’ll try to invest in this kind of business so soon. God-willing!

February 16, 2012

Underarm Waxing

Which do you prefer doing~ plucking, shaving or waxing your underarm? For me, I'd rather go for waxing since it last longer rather than shaving or plucking.

Ouch! would be your fist word if you're a first timer.:) At first you can really feel a little pain but when you get used to it, painful no more! Three hours ago, I went for an underarm waxing (not as a 1st timer) and guess what?..I really feel good after the session because I do have a smoother underarm now.

Anyway, I'll wait for another weeks before I'll do my next session and am so excited to try also their Brazilian waxing. :) By the way, you can also do underarm waxing at home if you wish to.

Creativity in Us!

I do believe that some members in our clan has this skill of creativeness. I mean they are innovative enough in every aspect. :) I remember one time when I happened to visit their new home I found a unique dining table. They asked me to guess where did they bought it but to my surprised that was the antique table of our great grandma which they turned into a beautiful and a new looking reclaimed wood dining table. Well, that's actually the work of my Uncle. Whew! Another creative artist in our clan, keep it up!

Yoyo Enthusiasts

Are you a yoyo enthusiasts or a member of a yoyo community? If so, for sure you already have your yo yo toy with you. Right? Actually this is a new innovative best product in the market with a high performance and an affordable metal toy.

By the way, let me tell you that I am so proud that I am a Filipino because the word yoyo is an Ilokano language which simply means come-come or return. Anyway, while writing this post I heard my hubby that he wants to buy one for himself and learn new tricks about yoyo because he misses this toy he used to play in his teenage years.

February 15, 2012

The Normandia's

This was our first complete family pictorial in the studio during my birthday last February 4, 2012. Thank you Lord for my family...

"..and as for me and my house we will serve the Lord".

Campus Book Rentals Saves Student’s Money

For many decades students were buying their expensive college textbooks only to find them worthless at the end of the semester. This cycle was repeated semester after semester, year after year until graduation. Thankfully, Campus Book Rentals has changed the rules by allowing their clients to simply rent the textbooks that they need and return them at the end of the semester, allowing students to save over 50% per cost of a book. With free shipping both ways, there are no additional hidden fees associated with a textbook rental. The rental time periods suit the life of a busy college student with rental periods ranging from semester, to quarter, to summer rentals. There is a 15 day or 30 day rental extensions that can be purchased if you need to keep your textbook just a little bit longer in order to study for that big final exam. With Campus Book Rentals there are no regrets, even if you decide that you really should have purchased the book you can simply pay the difference between the rental price and the value of the book and keep it with you forever. If forever, doesn’t suit you and you decide that for any reason the textbook is not needed, feel free to return it, hassle free, within 30 days of ordering for a full refund. Whether you are Training Your Pet Ferret or learning Theoretical Nuclear Physics, you can be sure to find the exact textbook to suits your needs and your wallet.

February 13, 2012

Bunk Beds: Best for Limited Spaces!

It’s always been my daughter’s dream to have a separate room of her own and be realized her Princess themed room decors as well as the furniture and fixtures. Since she is still sleeping with us in one room, all she does is always reminding us to start the building construction of our newly bought lot. Well, because of my little girl’s continuous reminders, we are about to begin the construction in 2 months time.

As part of the plan, we are considering our daughter’s desire to have a bed bunk of her own because she really wanted to have a stairs on her bed. :) Good thing that she chooses such beds because it can really save space and that we can maximize also the available floor space since we just had a limited area. By the way bunk bed is a type of bed in which one bed frame is stacked on top of another or also known as the double deck which allows two people to sleep in the same room.

Now, we are so busy looking for designs of bunk beds for kids, not just for my daughter but for my son too. I guess my little girl would surely love this....

I found this so useful because it does not only serve as s bed for her but it has a place to study and a place to organize! Another feature about this bed is you can customize the decors once in a while if you feel like you’re already bored about it. Cool huh! Well, not just kids who’ll love it but me as well. :)

February 8, 2012

Belated Birthday Surprise!

Another surprised bouquet of flowers I got from my hubby yesterday! Actually, it was really a surprised one because he planned not to join me for our lunch that day because he was so busy at work. Tadaaa.... lunch time came and here he was with the red roses and gave it to me with his sweetest smile. I asked him what's this all about? A pre-valentine rose or what...he then whispered to me that it was his belated birthday flowers and at the same time our monthsary. Woottt....so sweet my hubby is!

I Love you so much my dear hubby! God Bless you more and more!

February 6, 2012

StyledOn for Fashion Oriented

Are you a fashion oriented, shopping lover, designer and style enthusiasts who want to be discovered and even earn points out from it? Then StyledOn would be the best site for you! Actually, I happened to surf over this site when my fashionholic friend told me about this.

As I browsed over their site, I find it so interesting because they also have this what they call a Fashion Social Network wherein everyone can join their international community influencers and brand ambassadors from the world. They are real people from New York to New Delhi and beyond that inspired one another through personal style as trendsetters and taste-makers. If you think you are one of them then be a member of this community.
Another thing is that you can also shop over 3000 brands that you love of different styles of well known emerging designers across the globe. By simply searching their names on it, automatically you can shop all that you really wanted to have. What’s good about being a brand conscious is that, through this site you can also post your best pictures and tag the brand that you’re wearing. If it happens that someone has able to shop with your looks then you might as well become a style icon and other way around you are influencing a designer or two along the way. Isn’t it cool?

Above all these things, the more you play in this site the more earnings you will have because in every comment and compliments made and etc you will unlock new badges and earn points. So better sign-up now and be discovered!

Wish its Winter Here!

I guess that would be so impossible if we would be able to experience winter here in our country because we do have two seasons only- the wet and dry! I am some kinda’ jealous that I myself wanted to experience such like any other ones who are enjoying~ like my friends who are living miles away from us. To some they enjoy it much while the others hate it because they could not bear the coldness outside their homes. 

Anyway, my friend may it be winter or not she has no problem about it. Being so fashionable makes her always be excited on what would be the trend as the seasons change. Now that they are experiencing winter, she is so excited when I told her about an online store that I just found who sale winter accessories like vests, jackets, and coats. It would be so timely when I told her about it because she’s currently looking for fur jackets for sale for her and for her kids because they will be joining a winter party. 

I really love this store because they can cater all your needs when it comes to winter accessories. They can offer you wide range of different jackets, vests, coats of different colors and sizes if you want to plus a designers of your choice.  Aside from the fact that they could offer you the best of quality winter accessories, their prices are so affordable as well. In fact, they can give you good deals on this. 

Well, still hoping that it would winter here also. :) So what are you waiting for? Order now your best must have winter accessories!

February 5, 2012

Journey 2 in 3D!

Just this evening I treat my hubby, daughter, bro, sis and cousins for a movie treat. Actually, this was just the continuation of my birthday celebration yesterday. We opted not to watch the Dinosaur's Alive because it's not worth it to pay the said cost so we preferred the movie treat! We really enjoyed the movie Journey 2 ~ The Mysterious Island...I really gave a two thumbs up for that movie. I really love Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock so much!!!!

If you haven't seen it better watch it now!

February 2, 2012

Perfume Collector

Some people loves the scent of a perfume while others are not! But we can apply exemptions in here maybe because to some they don't like the not gentle or shall we say mild-smelling scents instead they'd prefer the mild, pleasant and sweet smelling scents like me. :) Actually, I do love perfumes but I am not a collector of it but my sister does. She has different kinds of scents from expensive down to cheap perfume. Me? Well, I am just a waiting for her donations. :)

Last Christmas, she received another sets of  fumes from her admirer.Wow so sweet of him! Another addition to her collections indeed!

February 1, 2012

Electronic Payments

We are now in a world where technologies are as important as any other. Imagine the advantages that technologies has brought to our lives, it makes our transactions, works and etc more easier and even saves your time. One of these things are the electronic payments, in an instant you can pay your bills online through checks, wire transfers, ATMs, debit cards and even ach payments or also known as Automated Clearing House. Actually the later is a not-for-profit trade association that provides payments education and expertise for financial institutions, companies and consumers.

If you haven't experienced it yet, better try it now. :)