April 25, 2008


Our pet named Twinkle gave birth again for the third time, but the sad thing is she only have 2 puppies this time. Unlike her two preganancies, she gave birth at least 5 puppies...(huhuhu)..My grandpa gave her to us last year 2001 if i'm not mistaken. She's a mixed breed of shitzhu and a poodle. She's so maarte, we always see to it that her hair is always been blowered up after her bath...

Last night, my attention paid to her one little puppy who was having her deep sleep at the floor while the other one puppy was so busy sucking her mom's milk. What I did, I wake her up and put her beside her bro (lol). I was so happy to see them drinking their milk together. So, i called my daughter to let her see the puppies.
To my surprise, my daughter brought and umbrella with her and hit the two little cute innocent puppies...(poor little puppies!)(lol)
As of now, we still don't have names for them. Can you help me choose a unique one? (heheheh)

April 18, 2008


It's almost 5pm...time to go home from work and be with my little witty Princess and spend quality time for my family. It was such a fruitful weekdays and thanks be to God...Can't wait cause we're heading for Misamis Occidental tomorrow to spend our weekend..keep posted for my weekend snapshots..bye for now!

April 14, 2008


A month ago when I knew that Don Moen would be going here in CDO, I was so excited for the said event. Unfortunately, the tickets were sold at Php 250 & 500. Not that bad, its quite affordable but if we would go as a couple we will spend for sure 500-1000. Gosh! I’d rather not go, maybe I can use it for my other important necessities (family first).

An hour before the concert my husband got a free ticket from my dad worth 250. He texted me if I’d like to watch, I immediately replied him “yes, of course!”. I expected him to text me back to come over to the venue but there were no replies. It’s around 7:30pm, so I thought the concert did start already. I was so quite disappointed that it was only my hubby who got see Don Moen (huhuhu) in person. As a mom, I let my baby ate her dinner, took her to bath, then prepared the room for her sleep cause I presumed that I can’t go there. To my surprised at around 8pm my husband texted me to come over since Don Moen was not yet around, so I immediately went to the venue. At last, I could sing together with His wonderful songs and hear his golden voice and his handsome face. As I arrived, guess what? We seated at the Php500 worth ticket seats. Thanks God for certain friends.

Though I missed maybe 5 songs for the reason I was a bit late, but still I really enjoyed that night- just praising & worshipping the Lord. The place was filled with the Holy Spirit and indeed He was really an anointed Praise and Worship Leader. A splendid revival tour to remember!

I took all those pictures above, it was awesome to see him in person so talented- a great musician indeed! (April 12, 2008 , 7:30pm @ Pelaez Sports Center)

April 1, 2008

Sold OUT!

Last two years ago, my husband and I were planning to purchase our own house and lot for us to save money since we were renting a house for nothing. As we were strolling around the subdivision, we found a vacant house & lot with the tag on the gate “House & Lot for Sale” with contact # on it. The place was indeed a good place to live in since it was a just 2 blocks away from my parent’s house. I see to it it’s near with my mom for the reason that she can easily over see my daughter as she grows up since I’m a working mom. As I texted the contact person, I found out that the owner of the house was my friend’s father. That’s good; I can make or ask for a certain discount! They sold it for P 450,000.00, since I’m a friend of him they gave me a discount of 50,000. Not bad at all..But the question was, where shall we get that amount of money?...hhhmmm…LOAN? for how many years? 30? What we did, we handed it over to God, and lift it up to Him. We pray for it over and over…God-willing, He will do something for the house- it’s either the price would go down or send us that exact amount of money (we believe that our God is the God of all possibilities).

As we waited for God’s answer, we lost contact with the person until such time, it was indeed an answered prayer. The price did already lower down to P 290,000.00. See? Imagine how God works. I told my husband regarding this matter. We come up with the decision that we will buy the house and lot and made a deal with my “M’s” friend just this Friday. I thought the deal was already made close, but it was not. I just found out this morning that the house & lot was already sold to somebody yesterday. I felt so depressed. I immediately called and informed my husband. I told him, “WHY? Was this really the will of God that we can’t buy it and since we believed it was an answered prayer?” He just then answered me with this simple statement: Don’t worry honey, God has a greater plan for us..He has already prepared a much better house and lot or if not a MANSION that awaits for us in heaven…and that’s for REAL!”