August 26, 2010

Shoot Me! 13 of 52

Forever In Blue Jeans

Oh my! It's been so long that I haven't joined this meme (missing it so much). Well, even the trials that I have been through (had my miscarriage this month), I am still thankful to God!

Anyway, life must go on...I still have a beautiful family to cherish for the rest of my life....
and of them is my precious daughter!

this was taken last Saturday as we celebrated my cousin's big day!
with my lil bride.....

Happy Shoot Me everyone!
God bless us all!

Soon to be HOME

Until now, I am so excited for our plan of constructing our own new house early next year. We are still preparing the documents needed in acquiring the said lot. I hope we can start the soonest because I wanted to live and call it our own home. In that case, I can now design and decorate the way I wanted it down from little to big things. Speaking of style I wanted it to be unique that instead of using the traditional curtains, I guess I will opt to use the new trends like vertical blinds especially in the master's bedroom. For sure it would be more fashionable to have it plus I will choose the fabrics and colours to match with my interior d├ęcor. Do you find it so cute and trendy? Hope so!

Oops! If you want to look for great collection of verticals that includes contemporary fabrics - new patterns, textures and vibrant colours, just feel free to visit Now, I'll start to look for the best blinds that will match with my simple and elegant soon to be "home".

Cousin's Wedding

After our wedding almost 5 years ago, at last somebody in our family just entered into a bond of marriage last Saturday (August 21, 2010). It was my cousin Zeph's wedding. At first the weather was so good and that in the middle of the wedding rites the rain poured down so hard. Whew!!!! such a wonderful blessings they received at that moment. Well, rain or shine it didn't stop us from the ceremony. Thanks God it was just a successful event of them!

our daughter's 5th time of being a lil bride...

it's also our 5th time to be a veil sponsor...

Congrats and Best Wishes to you Zee and Deo!

More blessings to both of you!

Custom Poker Tables: Choosing the Right Felt

If you are on the lookout for custom poker tables, then one of the most important things that you should know is that the most integral part of these tables is the felt cloth on top of it. This is the playing surface where cards are dealt and where chips are placed when a player makes a bet. The felt you choose not only determines how the table looks, but determines how well the cards slide across it.

Of course, one of the things that will influence your decision when buying a poker table is the color of the felt. They come in different colors. Some felts even have designs. If you are a football fan for example, then you can get a felt with the name of your favorite team on it. The general rule though, is to choose a felt that would blend with your house and with the other furniture in it. If the table doesn't coordinate with your home, your wife won't be happy about your purchase. If you want a unique-looking felt, then you will be delighted to know that you can also customized it along with other parts of your table. You even have the option of putting your name on it if you want.

Of course, design is just one aspect of a good felt. The felt has to feel good and of course, it has to facilitate the game. Believe or not, the felt on the table can either enhance or ruin a poker game. Keep in this mind if you are planning to buy a table. Do not scrimp on a poker table especially on the felt. If you really love poker, then you should already know how important felt is to the game.

August 18, 2010

We Will Miss You Bem

Photos from Jun Enaje

We will never have to say goodbye
We know you're always there in every way...
And though the journey takes us far and wide,
We know we never say,
We never, never say....
We know we never say goodbye!

We all know that you are in a place in which there will be no more pains and sufferings,
truly enjoying the Paradise that God has prepared for you!

See you in Heaven!
We love you and we will surely miss you Bem!

August 14, 2010

Buying Gold Coins

Couple of months ago, my cousin owned a new 4x4 vehicle and I was a bit shocked. It was actually a gift from his father for him to use in their new business. I was so curious on what their new business is all about since he just keeps it as a secret. Now I know, they engaged in buying precious metals. Hmmm interesting and exciting though!

So true, that buying gold is the best ways to preserve one’s wealth and purchasing power as well as when you buy gold coins. How much more if one has to buy gold bullion, it is more unique investment. Well, if you want to know more and want to invest your money then visit their US Gold Bureau- the home of dedicated staffs and known as America’s dealer with convenient market and competitive precious metals prices.

August 13, 2010

Red Plate @ Sundays

Just yesterday, as we were on our way to Church I happened to see this vehicle with a RED plate. I was just wondering why it's loitering in the street well in-fact it was Sunday. Hmmm....smells fishy in here as the vehicle turns right going to SM City (Cagayan de Oro). Well, am just calling the agency who owns this government vehicle with the plate # SFN 589 Isuzu Crosswind. I'm not so sure about the letters since it has a deflector cover, correct me if I'm wrong but pretty sure about the numbers that it's 589. I just hope that it was an official business trip going to airport or somewhere else.

I hope I will not see any government vehicle during weekends in which I always saw few of them at the malls. Calling for the Ombudsman to take action and be vigilant on these matter.

August 12, 2010

Gold Bar vs. Gold Coin

It’s a reality that we are really facing this so called economic crisis, deflation here and there and most of all is the crashing of stock market. After all this dilemmas, gold still withstood despite the economic turmoil and remained as the most robust investment vehicle not just for the rich but for the poor as well. So true gold really attracts and people would surely love to buy gold for two reasons: as an investment and for jewelery.

That is why many people would like to buy gold bars as an investment since it is almost cheaper than buying the same weight in gold coin. Gold bars comes also in many different shapes and sizes, and buying in bulk saves you money. It’s because of the fact that the bigger each bar, the lower the cost by weight. Another thing would be, if you own gold bars and invest it in a passive way, it pays you no interest.

August 4, 2010

Incomplete Abortion

Last Monday, as I was scheduled for checked-up due to my spotting which happened last Friday night. I was so shocked of what I saw in the ultrasound screen when the radiologist told me that he haven't seen any embryo inside. I was so eager to ask him back, "how come it will happened doc?" The radiologist told me that maybe it was just dissolved in my body, what was left in their was the baby's sac. The impression was, it was an incomplete abortion.

When the time I talked to my OBGyne, he told me that the baby was not yet fully developed. I asked him again why it happened well in fact we have seen it in my first transV ultrasound that their is an embryo formed inside my gravid uterus. He just told me that if ever we were able to save the life of the baby, there would be an abnormalities in him/her. Good thing, it did just happened that way. I believe that God has a purpose why it did happened.
It's so hard for me to accept the fact because I can already felt his/her movements and even heard his/her heartbeat. Well, I still have to give thanks to God for this is his will.....

Tomorrow afternoon at 3 pm, I'm scheduled for D&C to remove the baby's sac coz until now there's no bleeding that happens. Pls pray for me guyz....

Look at my eyes....after I knew that the baby's gone already...:(

Aside from God in which I draw my strength from my situation, is the love that I got from my hubby and my lil Danielle. She always cheers me up whenever she will see me crying. :)


I guess most of the people nowadays are into loans right? Except for those millionaires and billionaires of course who does not know who to spend their money at all that sometimes it is so impractical that they will make a fence out from their cars and vehicles.

Well anyway, speaking of loans, my hubby called me up last Saturday if I can be a co-maker of my SIL who will be going to Cebu for her operation. Yup, she was planning to apply for a loan to defray all her expenses for the said surgery. In my case also, I’m still planning to apply also for loan for my D&C tomorrow but I guess I just need to wait for my other maternity benefits to settle all my expenses as well.

It can’t be denied that left and right we always here from people here and there about their loans. But it doesn’t mean we have no option at all. After all we still have our God who is our great provider!