June 29, 2010

Conquer Your Fear


Together with my sister and cousins, we were planning to go to Dahilayan Adventure Park tomorrow morning. Actually, it will be my 2nd time around since I already experienced my Zipline adventure last January of 2010. For the rest of the gang, they are all first timers and they're all so excited for their extreme adrenaline adventure.

Asia's longest dual zipline!!!

Conquer your fear and get the thrill of your life with Zipzone's 840m scream inducing ride! Bond with families and friends amidst Dahilayan's cool and foggy weather. This is one amazing adventure you will never forget!

Ruby Tuesday: Mother's Day

This was taken last month as we celebrated the Mother's Day special.
Before going to church, we took this mother-daughter pose!

Belated Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there...

June 28, 2010

My New Domain

I do, I do, I do believe in fairies! Oops I do believe in angels also because almost a month ago, an angel buzzes me over YM if I’d like to have a new domain. Of course who wouldn't love to have one, right? Well, there's this saying that says: "To refuse and offer is an insult." *wink*. So I hurriedly gave my confirmation and within an hour, I already had my new info domain with my choice of the domain name in an instant. Guess what? I am under a new of the best webhosting provider in 2010. Whew! I can’t believe it because I thought I need to join in her contest in order for me to have one for free.

Luckily or shall I say it that I am really blessed that the angel chose me to be one of her recipients that she felt who really needs it. Actually, it was a blessing in disguise since I was really planning to have another one site to maintain. Good thing God really answers prayer! Now I am so excited to post some articles on this new site of mine (www.fashionmomma.info).

MYM: Volkswagen

This was taken four months ago as we campaigned for a certain Presidential candidate here in our country. Even though he was not able to win for this 2010 May election, we hope and pray that today's President will be as good and as righteous with the one we supported. Still, we will fully give our full support and cooperation in his administration for the unity and success of our own native land.

Pray for a better and a brighter Philippines ahead of us!
Happy MYM everyone!!!!


June 25, 2010

Online Search

Just this morning as I was browsing for the lyrics of our interpretative dance presentation this Sunday, I came to realize how the world of technology brings a great help to all of us. It makes our studies, offices, transactions, solutions to problems, and even searches made easier. It’s a great advantage especially to students in so many ways. Actually, searches online can able to give you a full detail, a summary, a picture or anything you are asking for. I remember my cousin at her elementary years they were given assignments about something or a specific topic like new age… and guess what? With just a simple click she was able to have a new age pdf search. Thanks God for technologies like these.

June 24, 2010

Fun Night with Cousins

Last night, we had a dinner with the whole family as we celebrated our cousin's birthday- Lala. After which, we decided to go for an hour or two of fun singing or simply videoke/KTV night with my cousins. But guess what? I brought with me my daughter almost until midnight...so here it is...

just before we went to the bar....

Wilsbar here we come!

the Malaysian girls were complete...so happy!

before we went home...we sipped a hot choco at Pan de Pugon...
Wohooo thanks to the sponsor: cuzn Ty!

Indeed we had so much fun, fun fun!

June 21, 2010

Win an iPod Touch for your Dad

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you would like to ask me, “What did I give for my dad and husband yesterday?” Then I would probably answer you, “I am still searching”. But I guess, the best gift that I could offer is my LOVE for them. Yeah so true, but still it would be so different if we have to give them something special that would mean a lot to them. I remember before, we used to give them ball pens, neck ties, and etc. So why don’t give them a try to give them digital access to everything dad loves and the chance at an iPod Touch to boot? Cool huh? Anyway, it’s not yet too late to give them such.

Well, I have heard that Charter has special deals for Father's Day. This is actually a contest, who knows you might win and be able to give it to your dad for free. All you have to do is "Enter now to win an iPod Touch". Aside from that, Charters are also giving away iPod Touches to show off it's new mobile app for iPod, iPhone and Blackberry. You can even get a gift card to The Home Depot or other retailers worth up to $300 when you bring home one of Charter's best bundles. Great deal indeed since they will be giving an 8GB iPod Touch to the lucky 100 winners. No sweat at all, no need purchase anything just to enter for this contest.

Actually the world of Charter is literally at your fingertips because you can also discover charter services, check TV and On Demand listings, view on demand trailers, access news, sports, weather and get charter support and bill pay info, too! If you are into social networking like FB then simply add them to get updates, fun extras, and facebook only deals on Charter’s Facebook page. So what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity now!

so here's a video of a charter app:

Visit my sponsor: Charter is mobile Father's Day

June 20, 2010

Happy Birthday My Friends

I would just like to greet them here in the blogLand....

These two lovely ladies down below are my closest friends here in the office.
We laugh at nonsense topics, talk about life & families,
even cry and share some problems...

I don't know for some reasons why we stick with each other
Maybe because we just CLICK together! lolz

Happy Birthday Mami Elaine...

Happy Birthday MamiCel...

I just want to thank God for the friendship that we have!
Love you both...*mwah*

June 19, 2010

Highly Recommended Book: Beating the Odds

Does our former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo a good President/leader or not? Some may say she is, and to some she’s not. If you want to know more about how she ran our government for the past six years and how she handled all those problems and challenges she encountered during her supervision, then it’s high time for us to give her a chance to prove to all of us that despite of the negative things we read and watched in the media about her would be given clarity through this book entitled Beating the Odds by Renato S. Velasco and Ricardo L. Saludo.

Just an overview of this book, it does not only focus on political battles but it also tackles about Arroyo’s administration on how she was able to impose policies, made decisions and even took actions on the key issues that the Filipino are facing like terrorism, the Mindanao peace process, the drug threat, the global emergence of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), an attempted coup d’etat against the government and a hounding budget deficit.

It seems that there is really a need for me to buy this kind of book since it tackles one of PGMA’s major concerns about the Mindanao Peace Process. It was stated in there that PGMA was the one who ended that all-out war with the Moro rebels imposing the no ransom, no negotiation stand with terrorist. All in all they claimed that she has brought a greater peace and development to Mindanao. But still I have to check it out through reading the whole chapter 2 of this book. Hoping that all of them are purely facts that in the end I can be proud of that Mindanao is indeed a safety place to go through.

Another concern was the budget deficit issue- low revenues plus high debts. I have heard so many depressing comments when it comes to financial stability of our country during her management. We are indeed experiencing a global financial crisis that is why I am hoping that upon reading this book, I could say that she really has brought a great change to the sustainability of our own economy.
Indeed, this is a must read book! So, please don’t fail to get a copy of this highly recommended book that will be available in different book stores (Power Books, National Book Store, and Fully Booked) nationwide soon.

Win up to USD$17,000 in Prizes

Just got an email from PayPal, so here it is....

The PayPal World Shopping Championship lets you score prizes, discounts and deals from online stores from all over Australia and Asia.

You play the game and then shop at a participating store to win weekly prizes.

And when you shop, you enjoy the ease, security and peace of mind that PayPal gives you and you can feel safer with extra assurance from PayPal Buyer Protection.


This is your chance to play and win a prize of your own choosing.

Each week you will be presented with 10 different products. Simply vote for the product you'd most like to own and tell us in 25 words or less "Why you chose that product as your favorite". Then buy something from one of the participating online stores using PayPal and you could win weekly prizes. The product with the most votes becomes that week's prize pool with 10 to give away.

The overall prize pool is valued up to US$17,000. With a new game each week there's lots of chances to score.

so LET's PLAY!

Needs an Upgrade!

Last two weeks ago, I was so busy preparing for our month-end reports in the office that is why the whole day I’m in front of my office PC. I guess for the two whole weeks, I’m too much exposed to radiation since after office I need to be online for my other part-time job for the whole night. Grrrr..

I guess, there is always an exchange of what we are doing. We are being paid because we work. We also need to rest our body so as to regain much energy. But in my case, my eyes were so tired that it also needs to take a break. Whew! I got a terrible head ache after those times that I was force to use for my eyeglass the following week.

Guess what I have noticed? My prescription glass was given for my astigmatism and that it needs to be upgraded the soonest. Well, so excited to look for a style like this...

Well, if you too are looking for eyeglasses…I suggest you visit www.zennioptical.com! There you can search various designs of your favorite high quality stylish frame at a very affordable and a competitive global price of prescription glasses. So hurry, avail now!

Camera Critters: Doctor Fishes

This was taken 3 weeks ago as I experienced for the first time the Manila Ocean Park Adventures' Fish Spa. These are called the DOCTOR FISHES or others may call them the NIBBLE FISHES. For more info: this kind of fish species are found in the river basins of China, Turkey and in Middle East.

Indeed, I have unforgettable giggling experienced in my feet as they eat with small, quick gentle bites with my dead skins. lolz! So nice the feeling after the spa! Try it also...

Please share your CC experienced here too....

Camera Critters

June 18, 2010

Vote for Ivan Dorschner!

I have been a PBB fanatic since then- from PBB Season 1 up to PBB Teen Edition 3. I remember my hubby would always asked me why I'm hooked with such. I just gave him an answer, "I'm just totally entertained" by them. But actually, I just wanted to be updated with what's IN of fashion and of course even at my age I can't the deny the fact their there is still this "kilig" moments that I don't want to fail. :)

For sure you know who my bet would be and that is no other than Ivan Dorschner (Ivan Dorsner)- FilAm guy from Anggono, Rizal. I want him to win the said reality TV show because he is just simply true to himself, he is not noted to be a "pasaway" housemate nor disobeys Big Brother's tasks. Besides his great skills in leadership, he is a good model to all other youth out there. Aside from the fact that he is so cute and handsome, I guess he has the talent to show especially in this kind of industry.

Seven days more to go, then we will be welcoming another grand winner from PBB Teen Clash 2010. So please don't forget to Vote for Ivan Dorschner (Ivan Dorsner)!

How to vote?

and send it to 2331 FOR GLOBE.TM.SUN


You can VOTE ONLINE just visit the PBB Site:

Just follow this Simple steps:

Before I leave, please don't forget to vote for my bet
Ivan Dorschner (Ivan Dorsner)!

June 17, 2010

e-NGAS Updates

It’s been so long that I kept on hearing about our office plan- on using eNGAS (Electronic New Government Accounting System). It is actually an accounting software to ensure correctness, reliability, completeness and timeliness in recording government transactions. e-NGAS is a client-server type of application that requires a server and workstations. Other small agencies with an average of 100 Journal Entry Voucher (JEV) per month may use a standalone computer. I think hat’s the reason why until now, COA was not able to install it in our office because we are still currently looking for the best dedicated servers in town.

I guess ServerBeach would be the best answer if you want a complete control and root access to your servers! They offer low cost and powerful dedicated servers that can be easily managed remotely over the Internet. Aside from the fact that they are fast and really reliable, you can enjoy the convenience of their server management tools.

Shoot Me! 11 of 52

It's Shoot Me Time!

This was taken 2 weeks ago....these are the friends of our lil Danielle at Church.
She enjoyed being with this group especially during their Sunday School.

After our Church service, we headed to one of my fave salon
to have her hair cut for the first time.
enjoying the feeling of being pampered....

her new hair style...

Now, it's time for you to share your shoot me moments...
Happy Thursday everyone!
Forever In Blue Jeans

Heard About Hair Transplant?

We always hear from people giving thanks to their surgeons for experiencing successful operations. That’s a vivid example of living in a word of technologies! Fat no more (tummy tuck, lipo)! Low bridged nose to high, soggy face to face lift, kidney and heart transplant, so on and so forth. But guess what? I never thought that hair can be transplanted too! I just heard about New Jersey hair transplant from a friend abroad just recently. I thought re-growing of hair can be just being done through shampoos and medicines but I was wrong. If you or your love ones have a problem on their balding head, then, it’s high time for them to meet a good surgeon like Dr. Pistone. With his affordable price, he can give you back your natural hair and hairline aside from its simplicity and safety. But the best of all, it looks completely normal because it is just your own hair that re-grows along your hairlines. Cool huh! May I tell my FIL so that he can regain his confidence back!

June 15, 2010

Cervical Cancer Screening Test!

Just this morning, I had my regular Pap Smear plus the VIA (Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid) test. It's one way of screening from cervical cancer.

According to the magazine that I've read (while waiting for my name to be called) this morning, the risk of cervical cancer is greater than what we thought. Just imagine, a woman dies of cervical cancer in every 2 minutes- worldwide. But here in the Philippines, it is the 2nd leading killer cancer for women. This kind of cancer is caused by a common virus known as HPV or the Human Papilloma Virus.

To make it sure that I'm free from HPV, I had it checked this morning:
Dr. Chu putting some acetic acid in my cervix....
(super "hapdi")

here's the result:
I have a healthy cervix!

Thanks God, I'm free from Cervical Cancer and am now ready for my 2nd pregnancy!

CDO's 60th Charter Day!

To be exact, the time upon writing this post was the exact time when President Elpidio Quirino signed the city charter last June 15, 1050. Actually, it was introduced by the new Congressman Emmanuel Pelaez on December 17, 1949- a House Bill No. 54 "An Act Creating the City of Cagayan de Oro".

Thanks to these people who made possible of creating Cagayan de Misamis to Cagayan de Oro City (that includes Congressman Pedro Baculio-1946). Don't you know why the name "Cagayan" was appended with "de Oro"? It's because they gave recognition to gold mining in the hinterland barrios known to Spanish explorers in 1500s.

So happy to be a part of another event, as well as our office...

the whole office as we laid our wreath to the monument of JR Borja!

Once again, Happy 6oth year to the
City of Golden Frienship- Cagayan de Oro City!

June 13, 2010

The Domain Angel

I do, I do, I do believe in fairies! Oops I do believe in angels also because just two weeks ago, an Domain Angel buzzes me over YM if I’d like to have a new domain. Of course I'd like to! To refuse and offer is an insult. *wink*. Without further ado, I already had my new info domain with my choice of the domain name in an instant. Whew! I can’t believe it because I thought I need to join in her contest in order for me to have one for free.

Luckily or shall I say it that I am blessed that the angel chose me to be one of those recipients that she felt who really needs it. Actually, it was a blessing in disguise since I was really planning to have another one site to maintain. Good thing God really answers prayer! Now I am so excited to post some articles on this new site of mine.

Hope you will be able to meet that angel so soon...
visit her site too at www.thedomainangel.com!

June 12, 2010

Celebrating 112th Independence Day!

@ Divisoria, Cagayan de Oro City!

Yeah, just this morning I was able to witness the Flag Raising here in Cagayan de Oro City's Kiosk. Actually we were all required in the office to attend the said event, and for the first time I was so overwhelmed upon seeing the flag being raised by men in uniform. It seems like I felt from within the essence of being a true and proud Filipino.

So happy to know that we're being freed from bondage/colonizers
for the past 112th years....

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!