March 9, 2009

AAA Symptoms

Last Thursday evening the father-in-law of my Tita (auntie) was rushed to the Emergency Room because he can not bear the pain in his stomach. Luckily he was able to arrive at the hospital since he was being traveled for almost 5 hours from their province going here in our city. After the thorough check-up of what was really the cause, he was then diagnosed having an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA). The doctor told his family that he is already a walking time bomb, anytime of the day he will rupture. It is so sad to know about his situation since his family does not know what his disease was all about. I volunteered to do some research since it is very helpful if you will learn about disease symptoms. Upon knowing, they were so shock that what their father was feeling before was already the symptoms of his disease that he is been suffering now.

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