June 29, 2013

A peek behind Cherry Mobile new Quad Core tablet (CM fusion Bolt)

In today’s technology, it allows some people to work 24/7. Once can bring their work home or even take it on vacation. One's work is ever-present except when the electricity goes off. :) The word connected captures our contemporary experience of life. Many people rarely go anywhere without a cell phone, iPod,iPad, Tablet, netbook, laptop, or pager, etc. That's what we call technology~ we have become more accessible 24 hours a day.

Eventhough I am not a "techie girl" but I make sure that everytime we buy gadgets we have to look for the quality of the product first then the price would go second on the list (practicality as they say). Last month, hubby and I were on a canvass of a gadget for my dear cousin who will be celebrating her birthday weeks from now. Guess what? We found this new quadcore tab from Cherry Mobile...

Cherry mobile fusion bolt front

Why this brand? Well, who would have thought that with these following specifications down below you will be able to have it for as low as Php 3,999 only!
  • 7" HD IPS display (1280 × 800 resolution, 216ppi) 
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean 
  • 8 GB internal storage (up to 32 GB expandable microSD) 
  • 1GHz quad-core Actions Semiconductor ATM7029 processors, 1GB RAM 
  • Wi-Fi ready 
  • 2 MP rear camera + VGA front camera 
  • Vivante GC1000+ GPU, Super HD 2160p 
  • microUSB v2.0 
  • mini-HDMI port 
  • 3.5mm audio jack> 
  • Super HD 2160p video support 
  • 4000mAh Li-Ion battery
Isn't it cool? It is actually worth the price (very affordable and easy to use) rather than those expensive ones with the same specs as above, right? So if you are planning to buy one like me better visit Lazada Philippines because you will surely get what you want since they've got the stocks always rather than wait for some time just to have it in your fave store. You will definitely have a remarkable experience with them because they can send your orders for FREE!
Product Description of Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Tablet (Black)
What's in the box Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Tablet Charger Manual Warranty Card Feel the power with the Fusion Bolt, Cherry Mobile’s most formidable tablet to date. Sink your teeth in the Bolt’s Android 4.1 Jellybean interface that’s driven by a 1 GHz quad-core processor that lets you enjoy your apps all at the same time. These intense multi-tasking capabilities let you play your favorite Android games while surfing the net and doing your files.

You don’t have to worry about it dying out on you in the middle of a presentation. The battery has been amped up to 4000mAh, so you can always work on the go. And, when you think you might want to stop and smell the roses, take a snapshot of them too. The Fusion Bolt is fitted with a 2 MP rear camera for shooting and a Super HD screen for a glorious viewing experience.

All of this comes neatly in a 7-inch display with an internal storage of 8GB. If you’re a hardcore user and your finding this a little bit low, you can expand it up to 32GB. Now, there won’t be any reason for you not to use it every day.

June 26, 2013

A Night of Glitz & Glamour @ Seda Hotel

WOW I never thought I would be one of those VIPs here in our city...why? SEDA Hotel invited me for a night of Glitz and Glamour last June 15, 2013. Well, it would not be possible if Ms. Irene Aserios and Macky Daligdig did not include me in their long lists, anyway a many thanks to both of you. :) It was really a night full of glitz and glamour, with yummy foods, overflowing drinks, a nice ambiance with a cool music as we socialize with other friends,co-bloggers, fashion icons with their casual chic attire and some business tycoons in the city. Of course the night would not be complete without a class picture with the Cagayan de Oro Bloggers, Inc. (the group in which I BELONG) :) 

So here it is... a night full of FUN!

Unfortunately we were not able to be with some of the other media groups to have a hotel tour after the press con but nevertheless we had a quick view of their rooms before we went home... This is how it looks like inside this four star luxury hotel.... 

 Imagine, there are a total of 150 rooms (from Deluxe, Club and Premiere) which offers in every room a free to use 40 inch LED HDTV with Cable, TV Media panel with HDMI, USB and A/V connectivity, Phone with iPod dock and FM stereo, Wireless or wired internet access, Mini bar and coffee and tea making facilities, Executive desk Safe Iron and ironing board. Cool huh! Not all hotels can cater such accommodations like Seda! Well, the room prices are quite expensive but I tell you it's worth paying for! :)

 To know more about their hotel accommodations, facilities/amenities, prices and the like you may visit their official website www.sedahotels.com.

June 25, 2013

Let's Rock and Roll

Who wants to own something like this?

Then you are a certified "rockista" (person who loves rock music)! Obviously you wanted rock n roll music, right? Just an information, electric guitars were being invented way back in 1931 and was popularized during the rock n roll days of 1950s and 1960s. But don't you know that the first electric guitars were used in jazz were hollow archtop acoustic guitar bodies with electromagnetic transducers?  So it only entails that electric guitars are not solely for rock musics. :)

But guess what, I am dying to learn how to play it so that hubby could give me even just one of the guitars from gretsch electromatic at guitar center! Yay can't wait....

June 24, 2013

Kalesa or the Carriage Experience

Last June 13, 2013 we got the chance to experience our Kalesa ride in Tambacan, Iligan City with my kiddos as their first time. :) My lil boy was so happy since he really loves horses and that he doesn't want to go down from the carriage after. Anyway, just sharing about what Kalesa is all about....

According to Sir Wiki:
A kalesa or calesa (sometimes called a caritela/karitela) is a horse drawn calash (carriage) used in the Philippines. The word, also spelled calesa, predates the Spanish conquest and descends ultimately from an Old Church Slavonic word meaning "wheels." This was one of the modes of transportation introduced in the Philippines in the 18th century by the Spaniards that only nobles and high-ranked officials could afford. They are rarely used in the streets nowadays except in tourist spots and some rural areas. The calesa driver is commonly called as “Cochero” or “Kutsero”. When “Cochero” direct the horse to turn right he says “mano” and he says “silla” to direct the horse to turn left .
to some:
"kalesa" (Philippines) is a borrowed term of the Spanish word "calesa." it is also interesting to note that the term was also borrowed from the French word "cal├Ęche," from German "Kalesche," from Czech "kolesa"

June 23, 2013

Uptown Church Prep

Before we started our Community Church here in Uptown CDO just this month, a month long series of preparation were being done. One of those were the prayers being done along those months prior for the commencement of the service we had last June 2, 2013. Since we just started, we are still in the process also of acquiring those instruments one by one needed for the church. Aside from those necessary instruments, we need also to have cables~ the one that I have been looking for like the affordable monster cable at musicians friend. I hope we also have the same here in our place so that we can have it at a lower or the best deal which they could offer. :) God-willing!

June 22, 2013

Beating the Summer Heat!

Summer is indeed fun and cool if you will going to enjoy it with your loved-ones. In my case I was with my siblings, cousins and family! It was really an escape out from work (me, hubby & sis) and school for my cousins and kid. I know June is the start of our rainy seasons here in the Philippines but during the first and second weeks we still enjoyed the scorching heat of the sun as we went to a certain island in Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park also known as MOAP to celebrate the birthday of my elder sister who just went home for a short vacay.
Indeed, not only me who's enjoying the Sun and the Sand but all of us I guess 
(the pic will tell you so) *wink

Before the rain showers will about to pour on us, we still beat the heat of summer as we went to Tinago Falls in Iligan City. So true, it will surely beat the heat of the Sun due to of the coldness of the water. Never mind the 465 steps in going down and up of the falls because you will sure enjoy the beauty of nature that God has made. Indeed, it was a breath taking escape for all of us!

...'till the next Summer Vacation guys! :)

June 21, 2013

Bronzing Made Perfect

You are looking for a gift for a loved one or a coworker and don't know where to start. Having an item personalized can be expensive if you don't know what to look for or what that person may want. Personalized items are a wonderful when you choose the right gift. Bronzing an item is a perfect way to express to a friend just a how important they are.

Since 1993, The Bronzery has opened many doors for individuals to have that special keepsake item last longer. Keepsakes are so important to each individual whether it's your first born child or your graduation day. These items are a description of your timeline and The Bronzery will make them last a lifetime wherever you travel.
Bronzing Made Perfect
At The Bronzery, you will expect to find the best quality bronze shoes for an adult that may have a pair of shoes that mean something to that relative or friend. The Bronzery customizes shoes, slippers and cleats for adults and children. They also take specialty items such as baseballs and mitts and other sports related items that have a great deal of sentiment. Graduation diplomas, certificates from an important work promotion and special awards from school can also be a bronzed item in your home. Pet collars for that special dog or cat and hats, boots and helmets of our proud and brave military veterans, firefighters and police officers can also be bronzed and mounted for a memorable gift or centerpiece.

Baby memorabilia is also a special category. For individuals who want their child's shoes in a special area of their home, you might choose to have them bronzed and mounted. The Bronzery specializes in how to bronze baby shoes and smaller items such as your baby's first pacifier. They offer 3d casting and flat casting of your little one's hand and/or foot. Your pet is also part of your family and that is why The Bronzery has a special and unique way of allowing you to express your love and respect for your furry family member. From bronzed collars to paw prints in a delicate plaque, you can forever have that beautiful friend be with you all the time.

June 13, 2013

Rock Your Style with Firmoo June New Arrivals-Free for New Customers

Hi guys! Stay in the trend this summer with Firmoo! Since, we all are waiting for the luck of June, why won't we see first what Firmoo June collection will give us? They just updated their new arrivals for June, and right now, they are available for Firmoo First-Pair-Free-Program. Now you may have the chance to get yours forFREE!

+ Looking for Geek Glasses?

If you care about fashion, you could never be unknown to the geek elements blended in many designs. Geek glasses are a must-have for you who want to look intelligent and unique.

+ Looking for Chic Tortoise Glasses?

This tortoise glasses collection features an intriguing collision between retro glasses styles and modern fashion. Luxury feels yet low-profile design, break limits and lines.

+ If you're looking for something more subtle, you can go for a simple but always fashionable rectangular frame.

Rectangle glasses with small-sized frame of serious and scripted design add sharp angles to the soft curves of your face, making you look mature and attractive.
Still not convinced that eyewear can be fashionable? Then check out how some of these fashionistas style them:
(The above model photos are all derived from Firmoo+.)
New Customers, check more products for your first free pair at Firmoo right now! You just need to pay shipping. First come, first served! (Simply clicking "LUCKY DRAW" on this page, you may even get a totally free pair including shipping free.)
About Firmoo
Firmoo is the World's Most Popular Online Eyeglasses Store. We have always been committed ourselves to offering customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices which start at 8 dollars- 80%-90% lower compared to that in local store.

June 12, 2013

Make Your Wedding Sparkle With Bouquet Jewelry and Monogrammed Toppers

Every bride wants her wedding to be unique and to stand out from the weddings of her family and friends. From finding the perfect gown to securing the best venue, she spends time planning every little detail. Most of the time, it is the small details that stand out the most to guests. Adding unique elements to items such as the bride's bouquet and the wedding cake are options to achieve this goal.

One of the easiest things to do is to add bouquet jewelry to the bride's floral arrangement. At the beginning of the wedding ceremony, everyone's attention is focused on the bride. Adding a little bit of glitz and sparkle to the bouquet is a great way to catch people's eyes. As the bride is walking down the aisle her guests will be awed by the beautiful jewelry that sparkles in her bouquet.
Make Your Wedding Sparkle With Bouquet Jewelry & Monogrammed Toppers
The addition of these small elements to a bouquet will be something that guests will be talking about throughout the day and beyond. The adornments will stand out even more in the pictures and videos of the wedding. The jewelry will be an affordable luxury that will add glamour to a bride's ensemble.

Besides adding glitz to the bride's bouquet, another eye-catching detail is the addition of a monogram cake topper. Couples are always looking for ways to personalize their weddings and adding a monogram is a great way to put their stamp on the event.

The topper represents them as a couple and it can be personalized to match their wedding's colors and to match the style of their cake. Additionally, the use of this type of topper is something that the couple can keep as a memento of their wedding for many years.

Many couples also use a monogram on their invitations, programs and ceremony or reception decor. The use of a cake topper, that matches their monogram used in other places, is a great way to tie into this decor and to add a personal touch to their cake.

As a bride's wedding day approaches, she can add little elements that will make her wedding stand out from the crowd. From the addition to jewelry in her bouquet to a personalized monogrammed topper, the possibilities are endless. These are two choices that can be added as a last minute detail to make a wedding day truly unique and personalized for a couple. 

June 10, 2013

My Son's 2nd Birthday!

This is a long and overdue post of our 'lil man's birthday bash last May 23, 2013. Actually, we didn't give him a big celebration but instead an exclusive family dinner (both sides) was served in a certian hotel here in Cagayan de Oro. Sorry guys, no invitations for this time because we are in a financial constraints since we are having an on-going big project as of this time. Hope you understand! :)

Since he loves cars that much, we decided to give  him a lightning McQueen cake made by Isabel's Confections. Indeed, you can see his happy face holding his themed cake. No enough money can buy the joy of a happy child on his special day. :)

Once again, belated happy birthday baby Josh! :) 
May you continue to grow in the Lord. We love you so much!

For orders and inquiries call or text: 09266282980/09998757274

June 9, 2013

Go for Trusted Ones!

Flexible, Braided, Corrugated Metal HosesAs a wise mom, we always opt in buying stuffs wherein we can save enough money, right? But it doesn't literally mean that we don't have to look for quality as well, we have too at the same time. :)

Just this weekend, we moved in not with our new home but instead we temporarily moved in at my in-laws house for some personal reasons and one of which is we can supervise the workers of our on-going house constrcution. Speaking of the on-going constrcution, we are still looking for materials in which we can fully give our trusts especially  on metal hose that we will be using ~ I guess the omegaflex metal hose will be much better compared to any other. Anyway, I always end up buying things/ materials at a greater deal  with the best in quality! 

June 5, 2013

Tinago Falls in Iligan City

Welcome to Iligan City~ the City of Majestic Waterfalls!

Yesterday was my second chance of re-visiting one of their majestic falls called Tinago Falls. This time around is quite different because I am with my loved-ones (hubby & kids, sisters & cousins). Everyone was so excited to trek the 434 steps going down the said amazing and wonderful creation made by God.

It's time to go home but everyone was so hesitant because they still love to go on swimming and still feel the beauty of nature that Tinago Falls could offer. Though it was a struggle for all of us upon going upstairs (muscle pains afterwards) but overall we really had FUN!

...till next time Tinago Falls! If you haven't visited this place, better explore it NOW! :)