January 31, 2009

My Birthday Wishlist

I am not tagged by anyone about this but as I was blog hopping at Pinaymama's Diary I happened to read this tag and it really captured my attention since I am counting already for my birthday to come days from now.

Here's some rules for this tag:

1. Make a list of what you want on your birthday (feb 4 is my day)
2. The list should be 10 numbers
3. Post the image of this award in your posting
4. Give it to 10 friends of yours.
So there you go:
1. A surprised birthday presents from my hubby!
2. A trip to Boracay this summer. (*as a family*)
3. A moment at the beach with my hubby in Siargao this month!
4. Pampering myself for a body bliss from head to toe!
5. A new digital camera (the big & high-end one)
6. A good and a healthy body of course!
7. More happiness & financial blessings for the whole family as well...
8. Work promotion for this year 2009.
9. A new laptop & more opportunities for my blogging career!
10. Last but not the least is to bring more souls at God's footstool....

I would gladly accept your birthday wishes and gifts as of now. LOL! Now I want to share this meme and tag those birthday celebrators for the month of February.

They Promise!

As the old saying goes that “promises are meant to be broken”, but as to Promises alcoholism rehab is the opposite! They offer the best combination of staff programs and experience. They use a variety of evidence-based treatment modalities, which includes psychiatry, counseling and psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral techniques, stress management strategies, holistic therapy and medically- monitored detox. I guess this would be the perfect treatment center for my cousin who needs to be drug rehabilitated.

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Wishing for a Mac!

We are in the era of latest wireless technology, advanced Intel chips and a rock solid operating system that’s loaded with innovations and that’s what Mac is all about. I remember the husband of my friend is greatly hooked with Mac games. If he’s in mobile he’d rather used his iPhone for his iPhone games that he don’t want to miss especially the Adventure chronicles for mac. It's truly a highly advanced yet simple to use that I wish to have one!

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January 30, 2009

My Blog Directory

I guess every one of us wants to see our blog be featured as Blog of the day and will get the whole lots of traffic in Myblogdirectory.net. I decided to submit mine too in their blog directory, who knows I will be featured here the soonest. What good about this is there are UNIQUE FEATURES OF MY BLOG DIRECTORY. It includes easy submission of your blogs, and all the blogs are listed randomly to get equal exposure.

January 29, 2009

Milk Switch!

Last night I went to a certain pharmacy and bought a can of milk for my daughter because it's almost empty. :) Anyway, I asked the sales girl for a chocolate flavor and paid it over the counter without checking whether it’s really a choco or a vanilla flavor.

Just this morning, my sister texted me that my daughter did not drink her milk because she didn’t like the taste. I was in a meeting that very moment so I forgot to ask her back what the reason why she didn’t want the milk. Afternoon came and still the same text messages coming again from my sis and my husband telling me that the flavor that I bought was a vanilla one. I was so shock so I called them up if that was really true, and it was indeed! I called up the pharmacy about what happened. Good thing that they allowed it be change just tonight even though the can was already opened and we got a few scoops out from it. I can say that it was really her fault because I could clearly remember that I told her that I want to buy a CHOCO flavor!

We Love Exhibits

“It runs in the blood” as they usually says about their skills in paintings in my husband’s family. I remember my brother in law- the older brother of my husband really loves painting and so as their younger brother. My hubby too knows how to paint and even draw but has no time for all of these things. I guess my sister in law too has a passion for this but then I still haven’t met her since she’s thousand miles away from us.

Anyway, last year my bro-in law brought us to his Art Exhibit in Cebu at Waterfront Hotel. It was so amazing to see all those beautiful art paintings hanging around us. How I wish I could develop my daughter’s forte as of the moment which is more on drawings. I love to bring her to an exhibit like these and even want her to explore other things like of the Grossology Exhibit - Orlando Science Center. Grossology: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body
, a colorful, hands-on exhibit that uses humor to teach kids about health and biology which will be open to the public on January 31, 2009.


I remember my elementary days that we used to visit museums for the science fair. It was really fun and you’ll learn a lot of things out from those extra curricular activities. It’s really so nice that my daughter be exposed of an exhibits like these even at her young age. How I wish they could open an exhibit here in the Philippines too.


Beautiful Woman Award

This is my very first award for this year 2009. I am so thankful for my sister in Christ and a blogger friend of mine named Melody who gave me this very wonderful award. Thanks for considering me as such!

There are no rules for this award, she is just asking to pass it along to some of the beautiful women I know.

I have so many beautiful women I know online and that includes my cousin Shelo, my office mate Elaine, my church mates Bogie, Aiza, Aisha, and our newbie blogger Ptra- Ate Nenette.

Stock Market

It’s so sad to know that our country is facing this economic crisis that we have nowadays. Of course our stock market also has been greatly affected by it. I’m wondering if other countries experience it too. Maybe a question would pop like what’s going on with their stock price reviews especially in the Russian Stock Market. And for sure, there are lots of people who still want to buy and sell stocks in their market!

January 28, 2009

Things in Store for You

A friend of mine sent me an email about a short prayer and yet its message is so heavy! This is an amazing things that God has in store for us:
Stars do not struggle to shine;
rivers do not struggle to flow,
and you will never struggle to excel in life,
because you deserve the best.
Hold on to your dream and it shall be well with you...

January 27, 2009

Confirmed Negative!

Last night I was bit paranoid then since it's almost three weeks that I have been waiting for my menstrual period to come so I went to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test kit for the second time around. Just early this morning I made the procedure and still the result was negative. I told my hubby if Friday comes and if it still negative I need to see my Obgyne. As I took my bath, Oh my gosh!!! here he comes. LOL! Thanks God my prayers was indeed answered by God. Maybe January of next year would be the perfect for my second pregnancy!

January 25, 2009

Garage Storage

Just recently I was having 5 ‘S or shall I say general cleaning in our house and I found out there are things that need not to be used so I guess I have to put it into the garage storage. I guess it would all be better if be put in the right place.

Kung Hei Fat Choi

It is a chinese greetings which means Congratulations and be prosperous! It is a misconception that kung hei fat choi means Happy New YeaR as to most of us knew it. Well anyway, our neighborhood few minutes ago started to celebrate their chinese new year through their unending fireworks. I guess it almost lasted for 15-30 minutes. My daughter was so happy to see those flying beautiful fireworks.

Contemporary Portrait # 2

We went to church as a family just this morning and had our lunch out at McDo. I captured her smile as she was so excited to play with the other kids inside the play house. At first, she doesn't want to eat her lunch that's why I made promised to her that if she'll finish her food then she can play. Good thing that she followed!!!

Raise Your Hand If You Want!

Today’s era is focusing on the technology that we are into: the use of computers and internet just to reach the people from end to end. It’s true that blogging is already a trend to some who knows about it and for sure who has not yet bitten by the blog bug is not yet IN. People nowadays are more into online shopping than going to malls to buy something new in the market. To some they will just research it online fro a certain products that they wanted to buy. See what the world of technology has influenced us so much, it makes our world become smaller and smaller.

I have been a blogger for almost a year and am starting to love it since I am earning of what I love doing. But before I did not know about how to monetize my blog, I am a writing my personal experiences, the latest fashion, issues and opinions and sometimes I even talk about a product or things without being paid up. Good thing that I have online friends who told me about getting paid by blogging and that is true with Paying Post a blog advertising company. Since I am really enjoying blogging and I am keeping up a blog a day, so what’s the reason of not getting paid to do it? It’s just so easy and of course more fun to write a paid reviews especially you will be earning right dollars for you. Right? As to my case that blogging is just a part time career of mine, still I am enjoying it as in so much!

To those who are not yet a member on this blog advertising company, kindly raise your hand if you want? You can sign up if you are a blogger and if you’re an advertiser then why not give it a try to advertise on blogs and even do blog marketing. And see what PayingPost.com can give you!

Stressed out!

It's been 3 long weeks already that I am experiencing this so called "stress". From a very tiring 8 working hours during weekdays plus a part time blogging career sometimes makes me drained up! **sigh!**. I feel like I want to rest for the whole week and just relax and unwind together with my family. I guess I need to since next week will be my birthday! Yippee!!! But what makes me motivate to go on is my God who gives me more strength after all these things.

January 23, 2009

MVD Buzz

My Voice Dialing is a full service marketing and consulting company that focuses on optimizing their client’s results. They provides voice broadcast and robo calls and their very main target is Mortgage Leads, Loan Modification Leads , and etc. They also offer from real time leads to internet and Voice Broadcast Leads. With the benefits they have, not only their service can increase closing rations significantly but one can save up thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising costs.

Guess what's inside?

Yesterday after office hours, I immediately went to the saloon to have my nails be taken cared of. I brought with me my office bag plus a handy bag. I just finished my pedicure and manicure session when my hubby fetched me up. As soon as I arrived home, I remembered that I forgot something...hmmmm..the handy bag! I immediately called the saloon staff and I allowed them to eat what's inside. He/she just answered me then "thanks for sharing the potassium with us". Do you have any clue what was it? Tell me...LOL!

I'm Online

I remembered I asked my office mate to teach me about ebaying last year. There you go, I’m hooked with it…I started to love window shopping and even ended purchasing what I like and love. See what eCommerce has done a great influence on us? Like the I.M Online, they make one’s business bring to the next level. What are you waiting for? You too can look for an ebay best match for you!

January 21, 2009

I'm tired...

I thought that last week was my very busy i mean pre-occupied week, but I was wrong. Just yesterday my immediate boss texted me to update my report on the list of not yet due and demandable obligations. So here I am now, just taking a short visit at my blog and a little time to relax cause it's our lunch break now. Whew...Hope I can finish it today so that I can have much time to relax. Back to my work now.

Highly Recommended

I have quiet a few blogger friends who still doesn’t know how to monetize their blog. Good thing that Mr. Timon Weller has been making a living online for over three years now and he wants to help others out there make money online as well. He willing shares his passion in teaching about affiliate programs, affiliate marketing tips, blogging and all subjects related to making money online. Buyers web is a highly recommended place to subscribe via email rss to keep updated. Of course I wanted to know about this too for I have a passion in making money online in any way.

The Evidence: NEGATIVE

As I’ve said in my previous post that I need to buy a pregnancy test kit to prove if I’m pregnant or not. Just this morning I was a bit nervous and excited to see the result. Here you go…I called my hubby and let him see what the result was, he didn’t understand what it means. I just made a nod and smiled at him and then he said “Oh really? Congrats Honey” with his big hug. I burst into laughter and said “IT'S NEGATIVE”.

Thanks God! I am not yet pregnant this time, I still want to enjoy being a mom of one child as of the moment. Maybe January of next year will be my goal for my 1st month pregnancy.

January 20, 2009

Blog Pictures for FREE!


I will always love to received tulip from my husband during special occasions If I remember I wanted to have this as my wedding bouquet for my big day but sad to say that it will just only last for 3 hours then it will soon wither. Got this free blog images from acobox.com which I just recently signed up.

Meals in the Moment

This is what I've learned in helping to slow down and enjoy meals more. Here are some of the few tricks:

  • Keep distractions to a minimum so you can focus on your food.
  • Serve small portions. You can have seconds or eat more later if you’re hungry again.
    Stay tuned in to each bite.
  • Take a couple of sips of water between bites.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to feel full. It may take 20 minutes for your satisfied stomach to send a signal to your brain.
  • Aim for three-quarters full instead of stuffed.


Every end of the year, the government would usually lay-off their contractuals for how many days or even months. Thanks God that I was being renewed the very first working day of this year. I am saddened with my office mate’s case that was not hired because of his performance. He always played online games and sometimes do some counter strike bot download. I hope he will find a new job the soonest!

Approved CC

Last Friday, somebody called me up through my cell phone asking some information's about me. A minute after the phone rang and my office mate answered it. Guess who? It was the same caller doing some credit investigations.

To my surprise, Monday comes and a mailman came to our office handling the four envelopes to me. Oh my! What's this? Two credit cards for me and 2 for my husband? I'm am really wondering why...well in fact I only applied for one, and my husband as my supplementary. We made an agreement with my hubby to just use only one cc to avoid headache.

No Diet Please!

After from a very long holiday vacation last December, I noticed that I gain some weight. Who can refuse those yummy foods place in the table for the “noche Buena” and “Media Noche”? No one right? No diet this time, please!

Just recently not only my husband, parents and even my officemates noticed something of me. All of them told me that I am getting bigger now compared before. What? I can’t believe it! Yeah they’re right, I’m starting to notice my office uniform is getting tighter now. Whew…I need to do some exercise and if not I’ll take some safe and effective diet pills that will surely help me in achieving my desired weight loss goal. Hope I can make it!

January 19, 2009

Please Don't Disturb!

She's Elaine, my office mate and my new blogger friend. Actually our office just this afternoon had experienced a power interruption. Our boss who happened to be in Bohol for the closing of books called her up to finish some financial reports. The interruption was really a bad timing for her. So, what she did was she asked for a candle and then lit it up. The room was so dark and yet she still continued the errand that was assigned for her. Unfortunately she was not able to accomplish it at 5pm due to the disruptor's around her. LOL!

Calling Internationally

The technology that we are using of today is of great help especially to those families who have their love ones away from home. Miles away is just within reach, may it be through cell phones, internet connections and even telephones. It makes communication more accessible and available. Thanks to it!

As to my case, I have a sister who worked in Dubai, UAE. It seems that she’s just a meter away from us as we choose among the United Arab Emirates calling cards for as low us 49.9¢/Minute just to call her abroad. Not only that you can also make a call to your love ones through using the international calling cards anywhere in the world you wanted.

Am I Pregnant Again?

What? Really? Is it? Oh my! I can't imagine it....I can't hardly recall when was the exact day in December was my last menstrual period. If I'm not mistaken, it was in the 1st or 2nd week of December? Supposedly I am expecting it to come last 2 weeks ago but still no one comes until now. We are already in the 3rd week of January. LOL! I am having a mixed emotions now. I am not yet ready to bear a child again because of my experienced when I delivered my first baby. I labored for 36 hours and yet ended up with the Cesarean Section. How painful it was!!!! I hope this is just a delayed menstruation. As of now, I haven't seen any symptoms that I am pregnant. To make it sure I will buy a pregnancy test kit tonight. ***Sigh***But if it is really the will of God then so be it. I will gladly accept it.

Creative Superfreak!

You read it right, he is a creative super freak, serial entrepreneur, social media lover, apple fan boy, global traveler and likes to stick tongue out in pictures- this is what I noticed in him. He is no other than Mr. ted murphy, currently the Founder/CEO at IZEA, Chairman of the Board at MindComet and Managing Partner at Kumukoa, LLC. That's why he is so familiar to me.

Scenic Sunday # 4

Scenic Sunday

This was taken by me last April 21, 2008. We were in the barge by then crossing from Mukas-Ozamis to have our short vacation in our little hometown in Misamis Occidental.

January 18, 2009

Building Your Dreams

I have been blogging for the past months wishing to have one new car of our own. I’m considering this new in the market which is the BYD Electric Cars. Building Your Dreams or BYD, is China’s biggest battery maker. It all started with the F6DM plug-in hybrid sedan, followed by the smaller and less expensive F3DM plug-in hybrid compact car. Don’t you know that BYD has introduced its E6 electric car at the Beijing International Auto Show? It takes the shape of a crossover, or MPV, and will be built on the F6's platform.

When it comes to specifications E6 is a 5 seater with an acceleration of 0 to 100 kph of around 10 seconds. Top speed should be top speed of 160 kph (100 mph), and the battery pack, which is located under the rear passenger seats, will be based on BYD's own lithium-ion iron phosphate technology. Range per charge is expected to be 300 km (186 miles).

I guess the most impressive of all is "BYD projected the battery had a life of 2,000 cycles, for a lifetime range of about 600,000 km (373,000 miles)". Isn’t it great? It does not only build YOUR dreams but OUR dreams as well.