March 21, 2009

Talented Lena

My daughter is only two years old. She really loves to sing and dance. She always holds her tambourine and makes dance steps on her own. If she would be accepted at her age, we will send her to a ballet school this summer. I want her to develop her skills in dancing as early as now. Well, her singing career could be developed I guess when she turns four.

Speaking of singing career, I have read about this girl named Lena.At her very young age she started singing. Imagine she even sang the National Anthem in front of a huge crowd and got rave reviews about it. Whew! Can you imagine that? She went on to recording very well and received covers of popular hits. Recently, she began writing her own music. Now that she is 12 years old, she released her first original composition entitled "Framed". She wrote it in collaboration with Kosta Lois, a veteran Hollywood music composer and producer. I immediately visit Lena's myspace page just to hear her amazing song compositions. Truly, she is blessed with a wonderful voice. Great job Lena!

If you want to know more about her, feel free to visit her site. See you there!


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