March 19, 2009

Updates on Hubby's Birthday...

I know some of you are waiting for my updates on my hubby’s birthday celebration. I am so sorry I wasn’t able to write this post last night because I was really tired and my body calls for an early rest.

After I posted my hubby’s surprise, I went to bed and whispered a happy birthday greeting and gave him a kiss. As I woke up at around 6 am I never attempted to greet him again, as if that I forgot his birthday. I even got mad at him because again I was late for work. He dropped me by at the office and never said a word nor gave him a good bye kiss. Hahaha! At the back of my mind, I was telling myself that for sure he will be then surprised by 10 AM. I guess, he would thought that I never cared for him that it’s his special day!

Since our office is just a little bit far from his, we always had our lunch together. Lunch break time, he then arrived with a big smile on his face telling me how thankful he was for my surprise birthday balloons; he then gave me a kiss. I asked him was he surprised. He really was!! He told me the story that, when the delivery boy knocked at the door, he was still having his daily prayer. The man did really wait for him to finish his prayer and handed it to him after wards. He asked the man who’s the sender…he then replied that “I dunno sir, it was a girl”. After reading, the card… he was so touched that he never thought of receiving surprises from me since he’s the author of that.

I just realized that he will always do that for me and why not give him a try if he will be surprised then. Indeed he really was! We had our sumptuous dinner together with my family and relatives at home. Then we went to sleep and gave him the greatest surprise that he'd waited. Lolz….jokz.......

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