May 28, 2008


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1. What do you want for your birthday? A Laptop...hahhaha
2. Who will be your next kiss? for sure it would be my little princess who's waiting for me..:)
3. When was the last time you went to the mall? Last night - bought some toiletries

4. Are you wearing socks right now? Nope
5. How did you spend your summer? As usual- Misamis Occidental

6. Have you been to the cinema in the last 5 days? Nope..haven't been to cinema for a year already!
7. What was the last thing you had to drink? water...No! no to soda..char!
8. What are you wearing right now? Office Uniform
9. What was your last purchase? Diapers

10. What was the last food you ate? Chocolates-Toblerone

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May 23, 2008

How Much of the Philippines have you visited?

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Show me how much of the Philippines have you visited?
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17. Add your name here....

My Lakbayan grade is C-!

Quiet good to have a grade of C!

At least I have travelled a little. But I guess I have to explore more on the Luzon and Visayas region before going out in the country...Hahaha! So naa diay jud diay plan to go abroad? God-willing....

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!
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May 12, 2008

No Rice Shortage

“No rice shortage”- Our DA secretary Yap explained that the country is only 90% sufficient in rice production so there is a need to import the 10% balance and we already have it in our country thus, no shortage. He further stressed that “there is no rice crisis but rice price crisis.”

Yap further assured the public that the government is exerting all efforts to increase the local harvest in order to meet the demand of the staple food.

To do this, the government continues to provide irrigation and seed support to farmers. For the wet season this year, 2.54 million hectares in the country will be provided with seed support and Php 500 million is allotted for inputs. He further reiterated President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s pronouncement during the recent National Food summit that the national government has earmarked the budget of Php 2 billion for Post harvest Facilities, Php 15 billion for micro-finance, Php 6 billion for irrigation and Php 6 billion for farm to market roads.

With this assistance, the government is optimistic that rice production of the country this year will reach 17 million metric tons. This could be attained with the support of the Local Government Units who will also be pouring their resources as counter part to the national funding.
As you will be reading this article, I know some of you won't agree with me. Anyway, you are all entitled to your own opinion. But this is a fact.

Happy Mothers Day to aLL!

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May 9, 2008

Rainy Summer Days!

Philippines got only two kinds of climate: the sunny and the rainy days! We were so happy to welcome the summer days for it is the time to be with your love ones on a vacation, may it be on a beach, on a pool, island hopping or whatever is in the mind. This is the time where people loves to go out under the sun and go strolling in the mall with friends. But sad to say that, after we experienced the sunny days for just a month we are now experiencing a climate change. It really affects this time our food production here in the Philippines and most especially our farmers . Almost every afternoon we are experiencing heavy rain fall and in the morning seldom does the sun comes out to shine. Huhuhu! Our plan to go on a vacation somewhere else was cancelled due to the bad weather. So bad....Isn't quite contradicting---a Summer Rainy Days?Gosh!!!!


I considered seven (7) to be the perfect number for me--it is a Biblical number. Some says, it's some kinda bad luck for the reason of its stroke going down! Superstitious belief! Hahaha! After October 7, of 2005 we always celebrated our monthsary with my husband. May it be we go out on a date with flowers or without. But prior to the courtship time, he never failed to gave me a bunch of flowers every monthsary until we got married. I am a romantic type of person- I'd rather want to receive flowers than chocolates.

Imagine how time flies, we are on our 2 years, 7 mos and 2 days of being together as a couple. Just this May 7, I thought my husband forgot already that it was our monthsary since it was already 5pm and yet he didn't even greeted me. But I was wrong, the time when he got home from church, it was already 9pm when he surprised me with a 3 long stem red Holland rose. Guess what? It was not him who gave it to me, but my cute to look at my baby walking towards me with the flower. Hahay!!!Sigh! I thought the kilig moments was just only good during courtship time but it was not. Even after now, my husband would do some romantic surprises for me. Thanks much honey!

May 7, 2008

Missing you!

The other night, when we were about to take our sLeep my baby was so irritable that she just keep on crying having no hint at all why she felt like that. I tried to pLay with her but she's not on her mood. I tried to gave her milk but she refused. What happened? I remembered, just that afternoon my younger sis flew to Dubai to be with my elder sis to earn for a living. Maybe, my baby was just missing her Tita

that much since my sis was the one who took care of her since birth for the reason that I am a working mom. I missed her terribly that night that I was moved to tears even my husband asked what happend to me why I was crying hard. I said to him, nothing to worry it's just that I feel like missing her and maybe it was a good exercise for the heart too. Well, that's what life is all about... they have to move on for their own good. What we can gave to them is just our Prayer for their safety, good health and success for their God-willing plans. We miss you guys a lot!