March 12, 2009

Grand Reunion

Now that our itinerary for this summer affair was already done, our planned to go on mountain climbing with my cousins was canceled. All of us are so excited and busy as of this time for the preparation of our two- day family affair- our Valero Grand Reunion. Most of my families and relatives from abroad are coming for the said event. Some of them cannot make it due to their schedules of work and ministries and to some because of their financial stability. Good thing that all of them contributed financially despite of the global crisis that is happening. I am pretty sure that our family affair will turn out so well and all of us will enjoy one’s presence. This is one of our strength - strong family foundation/ties.

Maybe if we will be going to pursue our plan to have our mountain climbing, then another preparation must be done. We have to buy a new Climbing Gear that is so durable and not that expensive at all. Maybe an Arcteryx and even the North Face will do! Sigh***How I wish we could make it sometime in October and be able to stay at the top of the cold mountain even just for a night. Hopefully!!!

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