April 19, 2017

Get Rid of Cockroaches – Permanently!

Most people are freaked out at the mere sight of a cockroach. At worst, their saliva and droppings transfer diseases that can seriously harm humans. To get the most reliable information on fighting a cockroach infestation as well as a free inspection, click here.

In the meantime, you're scrambling for some way to fight off the little beasts as best as you can. Here are some tips that may give you an upper hand.

Start Out Naturally
When it comes to keeping cockroaches out of your home, it's best to go back to basics. Make sure your home is naturally doesn't appeal to roaches as a place to live. You can do this by:
·         Sweeping daily
·         Not leaving food out uncovered
·         Seal up cracks into your home
·         Repair water leaks
·         Remove trash from the kitchen every day
·         Clean your kitchen every evening before bed
These simple steps might seem tedious to do every day. But they really add up in terms of putting up a solid defense against a cockroach invasion.

There are also plenty of suggestions for 'natural' ways to poison or at least deter cockroaches from making themselves at home. A simple paste of sugar, water, and boric acid could do the trick. Check out a few more of these ideas here.

What's The Most Effective Cockroach Poison?
Lots of people report success in fighting cockroaches with a gel bait. This kind doesn't leave an overwhelming cloud of toxic chemicals in your home. Cockroaches seem fond of the taste, and the effect is multi-fold: the pests eat the poison, take some to share with the family, and pass it in their droppings which, in turn, are consumed by other roaches.

The only drawback is that you have to be careful of where you place the gel. While not really toxic to pets and humans, you still don't want any members of your family getting their 'paws' into the sweet roach-killer.

What If Nothing Is Working?
Try to be patient and hang in there as best as you can. Cockroach infestations can be difficult to remove. You might spot only two or three roaches, but that probably means there are 20 or 30 hiding where you can't see them. It's going to take some time to put a dent in their numbers.

This blog highlights a few good points and disclaimers when it comes to using a variety of products at home. You can't stop at just one! What worked for one case may not be effective for you.

It helps to familiarize yourself with a few fun facts about cockroaches so that you'll have a better idea of what approach to take. Even better, contact a professional pest control service like Fox Pest Control to get a customised cockroach-removal plan.

April 14, 2017

Our 1A Express Hotel Experience

Last Saturday, April 8, 2017 was our son's commencement exercises in school and we are so proud and blessed that he excelled in his academics consistently. Thanks to 1A Express Hotel for giving me the chance to stay for two nights with my family in this new contemporary building located in the heart of the shopping district of Cagayan de Oro last April 9-11, 2017. Just so in time after our son's graduation day, anyway, this is a sort of a surprise staycation for him and my family as well.

As much as we wanted to stay for two nights in this brand-new spacious rooms with modern furnishings, time would not allow us to stay that long due to our offline work demands. The kids would love to extend their 1 night stay because they were enjoying the heavenly comforts of their bed and the cleanliness of the hotel too. I just made promise to them, that we will surely be back in here if me and their dad would have the ample of time to stay for 2 nights without the work bothering us.

the kids enjoying their comfortable premium mattresses and linens while doing their past time

of course, I would not let this pass without doing a pose with their modern furnishing
Thank you 1A Hotel for the wonderful 1 night experience we had with my family. Since, I left the hotel early morning, it was my hubby and kids who experienced the breakfast served in their restaurant around 8:00 AM. The foods were so yummy especially the kids were lovin' the pancakes much! 

good night folks!

By the way, their restaurant and at the same time Multi-Purpose Hall can accommodate about 30-50 persons in which they are also accepting space rentals for events, parties, and banquets for in-house and external guests. Plus, they have the best high-speed Internet here, they also have Card-operated laundry machines and a parking lot of course.

So, If you wanna experience only the best while getting the best value of your money..try 1A Express Hotel's commitment to serve from the heart.

Once again, thank you so much 1A Express Hotel!

April 12, 2017

Three Simple Beauty Strategies That Can Help You Look Your Best

While there are many things you can do to improve the quality of your life, optimizing your physical appearance is a particularly helpful strategy. In addition to making you more confident when interacting with others, improving your physical appearance can have a wide range of health benefits. Some of them include longevity and mood stability. Below you'll find three of many beauty strategies you can deploy to help you look your best:

1. Try A New Hair Style.

One great way to ensure that you look your best is by trying a new hair style. In some cases, we get used to one style and find ourselves bored with it. Trying something different can keep you looking fresh and beautiful. In the event that you want to experiment with straight hair, you can attain products like the Vitale pro relaxer from online retailers such as Knight's Beauty. 

2. Get A Monthly Massage. 

Another beauty strategy you can implement to ensure that you look your best is getting a monthly massage. This technique will help improve your appearance in several ways. First, massages promote more youthful looking skin by improving blood flow. They also enhance metabolism and thereby contribute to the weight loss/weight management process. Also note that massages help you attain a wide range of health benefits, some of which include better sleep and improved functioning of the respiratory system. When you start looking for the ideal massage therapist, make sure that she or he has extensive industry experience as well as all of the required licenses. 

3. Have A Professional Facial.

While taking care of your skin at home is immensely important, it's also a good idea to let the professionals assist you with the skin maintenance process. One of the simplest and most effective ways to keep your skin in great condition is by having a professional facial. Facials can help you look more beautiful in many ways. For example, they can help decrease the signs of aging or reduce the appearance of acne. 

Don't Delay: Start Optimizing Your Appearance Today!

If you're serious about looking your very best, now is the time to implement beauty strategies that will help you realize the goal. Some of the strategies that can work wonders for you include trying a new hair style, getting a monthly massage, and having a professional facial!