March 25, 2009

At the Well: Thankful for my Husband

It is my first time to join in this weekly meme having the them for this week as thanking God for my hubby...

I would like to thank my God for my husband because:

  • He has been a great blessing into my life since I met him.
  • He is the perfect gift I have ever received from him.
  • He loves God more than anything in this world.
  • He is a family man- a good and responsible father to our daughter.
  • He always finds quality time with us everyday.
  • Whenever he commits mistake, he humbly accepts it.
  • He is an ordered man.
  • He is been my spiritual mentor and
  • He loves me whole heartedly!
I could not ask for more but to thank him for such a wonderful blessing!

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Genefaith said...

kasweet nimo modescribe oi sa imo lovey-dovey...dapat lang di bah...

You know what most great TEACHERS doesn't want to be a teacher...he..he..I've been there...:)

Genefaith said...

hi..this is my pa diay ka matulog? he..he..around 11:30 na jud diha..Yes gyud oyyy..mingaw nako sa ato pagkaon..walay makalupig! Miss "Dear Manok" there..he..he..