August 26, 2016

Make Your Celebrations Bigger with the Samsung GIGA Fiesta Promo

Now is the best time to upgrade your family’s home entertainment system as Samsung launches the GIGA Fiesta promo. Here are the exciting deals to choose from:
  • ·         Get a free 24-inch TV and a DVD player when you buy a Samsung GIGA Sound MX-HS6500
  • ·         Get a free 32-inch Samsung Hyper TV and a DVD player for only Php 990 when you buy a Samsung GIGA Sound MX-HS7000 or MX-JS8000.

This special offer is valid during the Higalaay festival from August 22 to August 31, 2016.

The Samsung Giga Sound System is the perfect entertainment system for your fiesta celebrations.  It produces 2,400-watts of clear, quality sound with a powerful bass. Create fun and memorable singing sessions with the Karaoke function. Liven up your party with family and friends with the built-in DJ Beat and Lighting effects that pulse to the music’s beat.

Visit the following Samsung authorized dealers in Cagayan de Oro City for more details: Imperial, Quality, and Solidmark. 

August 12, 2016

Build Wealth the Smart Way

The Philippines’ most trusted online stockbroker, COL Financial, and the largest Filipino conglomerate, SM Investments Corporation, will be sharing their secrets to investing success in this month’s “SMart Investing – COL’s 2016 Wealth Building Summit for the Filipino Investor.”

By joining this free summit, Filipinos can increase their financial literacy and find out what it takes to invest your way into financial security and independence.

Learn about stock market investing in the Philippines and discover how to grow your portfolio by investing in mutual funds. Hear from an impressive team of financial experts, including COL Financial Chairman and Founder Edward Lee, COL Fund Expert Marvin Fausto, and the top fund houses of the Philippines:  ATR Asset Management, First Metro Asset Management, Philam Asset Management, PhilEquity Management, and Sun Life Management.

Participants will also be able to sit in on COL’s mid-year market briefing in the afternoon session, spearheaded by COL Head of Research April Lee Tan and COL Chief Technical Analyst Juan Barredo. In addition, each day’s activities will come to a close with a panel discussion with investment experts and representatives from SM Investments, BDO, and SM Prime, followed by an exclusive Q&A session.

SMart Investing will kickstart this journey towards financial literacy on August 22 in Cebu, at the Radisson Blu Hotel from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. The summit continues on August 23 at Cagayan de Oro for a 12:00 pm afternoon session at the Pryce Plaza Hotel. The last two days of the summit will be in Davao on August 25 at SM Lanang Premier, and in Manila on August 27 at SMX Mall of Asia, from 8:30am to 5:00pm on both days.

For more information on this event, visit the official Facebook page of COL Financial ( or register for the event at

Teaching Your Child to be Financially Confident

While it’s a parent’s job to support and protect a child’s physical and emotional well being, it is also important to ensure your child has and will continue to have financial health. Budgeting, saving and rationing money are lessons that will come in handy throughout your child’s life.
As a parent, you must be sure your child is educated on these very important lessons — particularly when the average household has over $130,000 in total debt. Here are some tips to help you set your child up for financial success early.
Watch your words
It is important to carefully choose the words you use when you talk to you child about money, as they can have more of an impact in how they learn and feel about personal finance than you may know. For example, telling your child that something is too expensive implies a sense of lack — both a lack of power and a lack of control. Hence, negative emotions become associated with money, along with a feeling of helplessness.
Instead, empower your child by explaining that money can be controlled through good choices. Telling your child that you don’t feel something is a smart way to spend money on can be more powerful and positive.
Educating at home
With many schools shunning the idea of teaching personal finance to students, the responsibility lies solely with parents to teach kids the fine points of managing their financial lives. Start early by teaching your child to live within his or her financial means. For example, you may wish to set a monthly budget for your child that includes money for extras such as clothing and fun activities. Then, work with your child to divvy up the money according to priorities.
Encouraging your child to save his or her own allowance or money from a job to put toward long-term goals, such as summer camp or an expensive pair of sneakers, can help him or her better understand the concept of making a purchase.
You can open a savings account in your child’s name and teach him or her about online banking, or you can have him or her save money in a jar or box. This way your child can physically see his or her funds grow.
You may even embrace various tech gadgets to demonstrate to your child budgeting and saving. For example, smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 offers versatile and universal mobile pay options, such as Android Pay and Samsung Pay. These help your child get used to staying on top of paying for the items they want.
Make it fun
There are several games and apps that teach kids about money. A classic board game, Pay Day, makes learning about finances and money management interesting. This game teaches kids the fundamentals of adhering to a budget as well as concepts such as insurance and savings accounts.
Net Worth is a card game that is similar to Crazy Eights and has a goal of collecting financial assets and getting out of debt — two very real scenarios. The game encourages kids to overcome various financial obstacles, for example, being let go from a job.
With a little creativity and effort, you can teach your kids smart money habits when they're young that will help them make better financial decisions as adults. And that’s something that you can’t put a price on.

August 11, 2016

Students off to Leave a Mark: Lazada Launches 1st Intercollegiate Marketing Seminar & Competition

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Lazada Philippines (, the country’s one stop shopping and selling destination, launched its first intercollegiate marketing seminar and competition dubbed as “The Laz Mark” last July 30 at the Lazada Head Quarters in BGC.

The Laz Mark brings together 30 highly talented students who stood out from a pool of almost a hundred applicants aspiring to take an active role in marketing Lazada’s biggest sale of the year in Q4. The students hail from top universities in the country namely University of the Philippines, Ateneo De Manila University, De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde, University of Santo Tomas, University of Asia and the Pacific, Far Eastern University and Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

(L to R) The Laz Mark student delegates together with Sydney Dondon (Head of Lazada Affiliate Marketing), Jio Zorrilla (Senior Analyst for Lazada Branding and Communications), Trisha Cuason (President of Vintage Restore Manila), Piccina Alvarez (President and CEO of PurpleClick Philippines) and Mila Jimenez (Lazada Vice President for Offline Marketing).

 Lazada invited experts in the fields of marketing to give talks to the student delegates. Althea Utzurrum, Lazada’s VP for Online Marketing discussed competitive strategies and metrics used to measure success in e-commerce marketing. Piccina Alvarez, President and CEO of PurpleClick Philippines, discussed how Facebook can be used as an end-to-end solution to drive awareness and conversion for brands. Finally, Trisha Cuason, President of Vintage Restore Manila, gave a talk on brand management highlighting brand building and positioning.

The participants were broken down into different groups to encourage everyone to collaborate outside their comfort zones, and were tasked to create a campaign for this year’s Online Revolution sale. The groups will be presenting their initial pitch to Lazada’s management team this coming August 27.

“Lazada wants to share the startup culture that grew the company into what it is today, through the spirit of entrepreneurship, accountability, innovation and integrity. We hope that through this activity, students will be inspired to create their own legacy as early as now and build entrepreneurial communities that will be part of Philippine pop culture.” mentions Inanc Balci, Co-Founder and CEO of Lazada Philippines.