July 30, 2010

Baby Brother= Baby Boy!

Few weeks ago when we knew that I was conceiving, of course all of us were so happy and excited especially my lil Danielle for her baby brother’s arrival (assuming I’m conceiving a boy- *wink*). When we were about to sleep, I told my daughter that if time comes that I will deliver her baby brother I was requesting her to move into her own room since she was still sleeping with us. I told her that it’s time for her baby brother to stay with us since he needs to be well-taken cared of. She answered me with this; do I need to have a new bed? I want to have my own TV and air conditioner. Oh my!, a 3 yr old asking all of these things? Shocking! I just answered her, okay no problem! Good thing she doesn’t demand for a rustic furniture! hahaha

In a little while she paused and said, no mommy…..I want baby brother to be thrown away. I asked her why? She said I don’t want a baby brother, I want a baby boy! lol

Launching of aTokens.com

They have officially launched aTokens.com as Entrecard.com's sister's site.

aTokens.com is a virtual currency site similar to “Entrecard Credits” with some extra benefits. The benefits are that with aTokens.com, you can redeem your “Tokens” for cash rebates. This is something all our Entrecard users wanted in virtual currency that Entrecard does not offer. Next, you can send tokens to other members without paying any tax or transaction fee. This is another feature our Entrecarders wanted. Last, we’ve incorporated a Twitter like message system, which you can build followers and communicate with them in real time. This feature will allow you to network with others and allow you to promote your links so you can increase traffic to your site.

For more info...please take time to visit https://atokens.com and get your Get your 10 FREE tokens (limited time only). Hurry sign-up now!!!

July 28, 2010

Be the only One, the Super One!

Have you heard about the first and only unlimited call and text service to one number from the leader in postpaid? Globe is now offering it's new Super One!

A promo from Globe Super One- you can call and text your special one as often as you want to. Great, isn’t it? If you want to know why Super one? It’s because it’s Super Sulit and Super Flexible. Sulit in the sense that is especially made for the most important people in our lives and that we can choose to pay only for them to enjoy an unlimited call and text. It is flexible since you can change your Super One numbers as often as every month and can register as many numbers as you want. Cool huh!

So why not try their Globe Super One service?

For Postpaid/My Fully Loaded Plan, text:
SUPERONE ON to 8888.

For My Super Plan, text:
MY SUPERONE to 8888.

Hey wait....as I was browsing my FB updates last night, I happened to read a post about Super One Blogger Contest and guess what? I was kinda’ excited since the winning prize is a new cell phone and that I was planning of changing it if finances would allow me to have. But hey, you cannot just simply win this a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S Android phone below instantly….

All you need to do is to follow these simple steps to have chances of winning this Super Phone:

1. Post an entry on your blog about the question, “Who is your Super ONE and why?”
2. The entry should include a photo OR video of you and YOUR Super ONE.
3. The entry should also include links to this blog post and to the Super One page (that’s http://site.globe.com.ph/web/guest/features/super_one)
4. Leave your blog post URL as a comment on this blog post for us to validate your entry.
5. Deadline of all entries will be on August 8, ONE PM.
6. Entries will be judged according to this criteria:
Use of Photos or Video – 20%
Uniqueness & Originality – 20%
Theme & Content – 30%
Creativity – 30%
7. The winner will be announced on August 9, 2010!

Whew! Abot talaga ng Globe ang mundo! Nice promo….
so be the only one, super one!

July 27, 2010

Preggy Meh Updates: 8 Weeks

I am so thankful that I am not experiencing any Hyperemesis Gravidarum or commonly termed as Morning Sickness. Well, what I am experiencing now is an evening sickness..lolz. Actually, I just want to sleep and sleep and eat. *wink*

Anyway, I'm here giving you an updates of my nesting period....
Justify Full
Our baby this time is doing a lot of growing during pregnancy 8 weeks. Up until this point in time our baby had a small tail... which starts to disappear this week, and our little one will soon have eyelids to cover his or her blossoming eyes. While the arms and legs are also lengthening, the fingers and toes are likely to still be webbed. Our baby's brain is also maturing during pregnancy week 8, as nerve cells begin to connect with one another, forming the groundwork for communication later in life.

Oh my! Our baby's nose is already formed during this week. I hope he/she will have a long-bridged nose.. The lungs are also working hard at maturing, though they won't be fully mature until near term. However, tubes leading from your baby's throat to the lungs begin to form branches.

By this time our baby should have distinct elbows, which allow the arms to curve around the chest. Our baby's organs continue to develop with lightning quick speed. Before we have time to even blink an eye, our little one will resemble a miniature human being, complete with ten fingers, ten toes, skin, and all the body parts we all have!

....so excited to see you our lil one!

On Business Cards...

Last May when we had our travel with our co-bloggers from Vis-Min, a few of our colleagues gave us their business/calling cards. Mommy Dharlz told me that we have to make and design our own cards so that by the next travel we can also give our co-bloggers with our own contacts as well. I guess it’s one way also of promoting our sites to them, right?

Well, just like in any other businesses they also wanted to create a design that would surely fit the kind of business they have. I just remember that my hubby requested me to make some print-outs of the design cards I made for their family business. Same as with my friend, she’s currently scouting online designs for travel agent business cards that she loves most. Hope I can do my hubby’s request the soonest and so as my friend.

The Search for the Toughest Jobs Philippines Promo Winners

As promised in my previous post, I will choose the top 3 tough jobs who joined my promo. Actually, I really had a hard time choosing the top 3 since all of them are considered to be tough jobs as well. Anyway, all of them deserves our recognition and praises!

Among my 7 participants, here are the chosen few:


**Winners will win tough jobs T-shirts, cellphone cleaners and Alaxan FR’s sample packs.

July 19, 2010

Ruby Tuesday: Apple Mango

Now, that I am on my 7th week of pregnancy...
I'm so thankful that I'm just only craving for this kind of mango....
an Apple Mango!
I don't know why?....

July 14, 2010

Search for the Toughest Jobs Promo Participants

My promo is about to end (july 15).....it's almost a month since I posted this!

I am so glad that I have 7 participants who responded for this search. So here they are (just click their names):
  1. Ricardo Sabang- Trisikad Driver
  2. Elmer C. Vina - Freelancer/Contractual Employee
  3. Jay Aquino - Blogger
  4. Rogelio Porcadilla - School Traffic Enforcer
  5. Arthuro Verdadero - CBO Volunteer
  6. Clint Normandia - Paint Artist
  7. Mary Ann Saturno- Transcriptionist-Editor

I think they are all deserving to be rewarded with a trophy and a 20,000 cash during the announcement of the national level winners this coming August 25, 2010. So don't forget to cast your votes for them...

As promised I will be choosing 3 among the participants who will luckily received the prizes below:

**Winners will win tough jobs T-shirts, cellphone cleaners and Alaxan FR’s sample packs.

Thanks for all those who participated...Just keep posted on who will win for this promo...

July 10, 2010

Preggy Meh!

Just had my Trans-vagina (TVS) ultrasound this morning, and we are so happy to see that baby inside my womb and everything is so normal. I am on my 5 weeks and 5 days pregnancy as of today...

Here's the updates (from www.babycenter.com)
  • - embryo's heart is no bigger than a poppyseed,
  • - has already begun to beat and pump blood.
  • - The embryo itself is about half a cm long and looks more like a tadpole than a human. .
  • - Major organs, including the kidneys and liver, begin to grow.
  • - The neural tube, which connects the brain and spinal cord, will close this week.
  • - upper and lower limb buds begin to sprout -- these will form your baby's arms and legs.
  • - intestines are developing and the appendix is in place.
  • - Below the opening that will later form your baby's mouth
  • - small folds exist where the neck and the lower jaw eventually develop.
As early as this week, facial features are already forming. Nostrils are becoming distinct and the earliest version of the eyes' retinas are forming.

Whew so exciting....Thank you Lord, amazing are your works!

Got an Award!

It's so nice to be back in the blogosphere especially that there are still people like Ate Grace of A Walk to Remember and my ever so long blogger friend and a sister in Christ Melody of Gift from God who considered me in giving such an award! From the bottom of my heart I wanna thank you guys...as in so much! :)

So here's the simple rules for this award:

1. Thank the blogger who awarded it to you.
2. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five (5)words. example: WRITE HEART PEOPLE LIVE HAPPY
3. Pass it on to 10 other blogs which you feel have real substance.

My blogging Philosophy would be FAMILY, VALUES, GOD, LOVE, LIFE

I am passing this awards to the following blogs that have inspired me and encouraged me to continue to learn and to grow not just in the world of blogging but to life itself.

Now I am passing this awards to my friends whom I consider their blogs of real substance:
Shelo of Mi Mundo del Amor
Ate Ruby of PinayMommy Online
Mommy Dharlz of Empowered Mom
MJ of Mary Jane's Niche
Babsy of Intiendes
Genebei of Her and History
Kayce of My Life and My Journey Online
Honney of Because I said so
Mommy Chris of The Mommy Journey
Clarence of Dahong Laya

July 5, 2010

Search for the Toughest Jobs Promo

My promo is still going on until next week...so please join now!

So here's the question: What is your toughest job?

If you think that your job is the toughest among others, then take time to participate in this search. Or you could nominate someone who deserves to be rewarded with a trophy and a 20,000 cash during the announcement of the national level winners this coming August 25, 2010. Who knows you will be one of those lucky winners.

So, if you wish to participate then follow these simple mechanics:
  1. Submit or include a photo of your job and explain why you have a tough job.
  2. Please indicate your name and occupation in your entry.
  3. Please submit your URL at alaxantoughjobs.gmail.com and jayluv_22@yahoo.com or simply leave a comment here.Or if you want, just send your entry in the above email adds and I will be the one to upload it in their official website.
**Winners will win tough jobs T-shirts, cellphone cleaners and Alaxan FR’s sample packs.

Note: I will chose for the top 3 tough jobs, and automatically all of your entries will be uploaded to www.toughjobsphilippines.com. Rest assured that all of your entries will have a great chance to win for the national competition and win fabulous prizes as well.

Deadline of submission of entries is on July 15, 2010, so hurry join now!

July 2, 2010

Hey Soul Sister by Train

I really really love to hear this song. I first heard it over my friend's wedding then I can't help but sing over and over again this time.

July 1, 2010

Shoot Me! 12 of 52

Since yesterday was the inauguration of our 15th President of the Philippines, it was then declared as public holiday. It means, no work and it's time to bond with my family.

We then decided to go on a mountain adventure aside from the usual zip-lining. You can see it in the picture my daughter was really focused on playing, meaning no time for posing before the cam. Still, we really enjoyed our one whole day bonding with shoot me memories.
Forever In Blue Jeans

Precious Business

Two or three months ago if I’m not mistaken, my cousin owned a 4x4 vehicle bought by his dad for their on-going business. Guess what’s their business behind?-… buying of precious metals. Hmmm interesting and exciting though!

So true, that buying gold is the best ways to preserve one’s wealth and purchasing power. How much more if one has to buy gold bullion, it is more unique investment. Gold and silver are just one of the investment products that are available in coins or ingot forms. Well, if you want to know more and want to invest your money then visit their US Gold Bureau- the home of dedicated staffs and known as America’s dealer with convenient market and competitive precious metals prices.

Before, we are always fascinated with the beauty and magic of gold which has its own power to change the lives of men. But now, the beauty of gold bar depends on the ability to expand such business or investments even protect wealth and preserve one’s purchasing power.

I just hope that this kind of investment they have will not be successful just for now but for the rest of their life.