December 20, 2013

Pots & Pans – Should You Invest in Calphalon® Cookware?

Whether you are a professional chef, gourmet cook or home cook, an investment in the right pots and pans can pay dividends with years of good service and successful results. Almost every cook has had the experience of laboring over a dish for hours and waiting in eager anticipation to enjoy the results only to find the food ruined because it is burned in some spots and undercooked in others. The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten and that is especially true when it comes to cookware – you get what you pay for.

Good quality cookware begins with top quality materials and includes superior design and craftsmanship. Longstanding brands which have been around for some time have made the investments necessary to perfect the design and finish of their goods so they conduct heat efficiently and evenly and maintain their shape. When a pan warps it will not rest level on the cooking surface – this can lead to hot spots and failure to distribute heat evenly. A better quality pan will not warp but even the best quality cookware must be treated responsibly to ensure years of good service.

This means that if you have goods which feature a non-stick coating you must use the right cooking utensils in order to maintain the surface integrity. Metal utensils can scratch and mar the finish. When cleaning pans lined with a non-stick finish you should use the appropriate abrasives; never use a stainless steel scrubber or a scouring pad. No pan should be immersed in water when it is hot or even warm – this will cause even the best quality pan to warp.  Let your pans cool to room temperature before cleaning, even if it means that some food residue will remain.

There are many reputable brands to consider when you are ready to invest in new cookware and the easy way to do your research is by shopping online and places like because they offer a wide range of options at great prices. It’s easy to compare the features and benefits of things like Calphalon® cookware plus you can read reviews and look at ratings. Reviews are helpful because they tell you what real people think about the items you may be considering and offer a perspective that is different than that presented by the manufacturer or a retail sales associate. Always keep in mind too that reputable brands and retailers stand behind the goods they sell so you have some options in the event you encounter a problem.

December 16, 2013

The Frustrated Pianist in Me

Every time I get the chance to pass by a music shop, I tend to pause and look for a piano's price and the like. Why? Maybe ever since when I was a kid, I always wanted to own one piano may it be a grand or not. Unfortunately, we can't afford to buy such that is why I settled for a much cheaper one a digital keyboard for me to practice on. Now that I can afford to buy one, I guess I need to enroll my daughter or my son to fulfill my frustrations in life. I guess it would be okay for a start to buy a casio cdp-120. Hope I can find one good deal on this. :)

December 11, 2013

12/12/13: LAZADA’S BIGGEST ONLINE SALE OF THE YEAR, the leading and biggest online shopping mall in the Philippines, is extending 15% off on all items to Visa (credit or debit) cardholders of all banks. This event is on December 12, 2013 from 2 to 4 p.m. It is part of Lazada’s Online Revolution, known to be the biggest online sale’s event in the Philippines.

To enjoy this exclusive discount, customers need to checkout using their Visa card and the markdown will be applied automatically. How much easier and more festive can your shopping experience get?

Imagine buying a brand new iPhone 5C less 15% discount! Apart from the Visa deal, almost 5,000 items in the site are discounted up to 80% off! Brands such as Sony, Apple, Acer, Samsung, Casio, Tomato, TRESemm√©, Pond’s, Wimpex, and more are up for grabs! With such incredible deals and massive discounts, shoppers can purchase all of their holiday treats in the comfort of their homes. No need to rush and brave the holiday traffic!

During the two-hour Visa sale, cardholders can choose from a huge selection of more than 36,000 items, plus a whole lot more other sensational promotions—irresistible bundles and gifts, great gadgets on sale, and as much as PhP3,000 in savings through Lazada’s fireworks of vouchers!

Online shoppers better be ready for this amazing shopping frenzy and these tremendous holiday bargains! With fantastic deals on consumer electronics, household items, toys and knick-knacks, fashionable pieces, and health and beauty finds, you’re sure to find the best gifts for this season.

Log on to and have a merry, jolly good ho-ho-ho-holiday!

 Lazada ( is the Philippines’ largest online shopping mall, pioneering e-commerce by providing a fast, convenient, and secure online shopping experience combined with an extensive product offering in categories ranging from mobiles & tablets and consumer electronics to household goods, toys, fashion, and sports equipment.
Lazada is continuously striving to offer its customers the best possible shopping solutions with its multiple payment methods including cash on delivery, extensive warranty commitments, and free returns.

December 10, 2013

Lazada receives approximately US$250 million of funding from Tesco, Access Industries, Kinnevik and Verlinvest

Singapore, 9/12/2013 –  Lazada Southeast Asia’s largest online shopping mall, raises a large funding round from a group of investors including  Tesco PLC,  Access Industries Investment AB Kinnevik and Verlinvest which adds approximately US$250 million of cash to Lazada’s balance sheet.

This marks the first investment by multichannel retailer Tesco into a pure online player in the region and is the starting point of close cooperation between the parties. Synergies of this partnership will span across customer analytics, private label development and supply chain management.
Maximilian Bittner, CEO of Lazada Group, said: “We are delighted to welcome Tesco and Access to join our investor group through this funding round. That the investment is also joined by Kinnevik and Verlinvest – which know our business and operations extremely well – demonstrates that we are making great progress in building a large and sustainable company in Southeast Asia. We are excited to continue this journey together with our investors.”
“Lazada’s management team has put the company on a path to become the premier online shopping destination in Southeast Asia. We are pleased to be part of this dynamic success story,” said J√∂rgMohaupt from Access Industries, in a statement.
“Strategic cooperation between long-term financial investors and industry partners can add significant growth momentum and enhanced profitability to e-commerce businesses. We welcome Tesco’s investment in Lazada and look forward to working with them in supporting Maximilian and his team,” said Mia BrunellLivfors, CEO of Kinnevik.
Robin Terrell, Group Multichannel Director of Tesco, said: “This investment in South East Asia’s largest e-commerce retailer continues our strategy of developing leading multichannel businesses in core growth markets. Lazada is an exciting, pioneering business which has developed a market-leading offer in each of its five markets in just 18 months. As South East Asia’s 600 million consumers begin to use smartphone technology to access retailers online, Lazada has established a strong position from which to grow."
Lazada is a pioneer in Southeast Asian e-commerce with around 1,500 employees across five Southeast Asian countries. Since launch Lazada has become the leading online general merchandiser across the region. As key pillars of Lazada’s long-term strategy, the company has opened up its platform with great success to third party merchants to increase assortment and allowing both large and small suppliers take advantage of Lazada’s traffic volumes, continued building its category mix by expanding into fashion, and developed an affiliate program that will help the region’s broader web community to flourish by providing web portal and blog owners an opportunity to monetize their website.
As another key cornerstone of the Group’s strategy, Lazada also launched Lamido in Indonesia and Vietnam, to tap into the large informal e-commerce market of C2C transactions which includes thousands of shops on social networks such as Facebook.

About Lazada
Lazada is Southeast Asia’s largest online shopping mall, with operations in IndonesiaMalaysiaPhilippinesThailand and Vietnam.
Lazada is pioneering e-commerce in the region by providing a fast, convenient and secure online shopping experience combined with an extensive product offering in categories ranging from mobiles & tablets and consumer electronics to household goods, toys, fashion and sports equipment. Lazada is continuously striving to offer its customers the best possible shopping experience with multiple payment methods including cash on delivery, extensive warranty commitments and free returns.