March 21, 2009

Trust His Heart

This is the song that I always wanted to hear. Whenever we have trials in life...all we have to do is to put our trust only to GOD with all our hearts, mind and soul.

God is too wise to be mistaken,
God is too good to be unkind,
When you don't understand,
when you don't see His plan,
If you can't trace His hand

Please listen to this song and be blessed....


Anonymous said...

Thanks Phebie for the song. You know last night while we were having overnight prayer , this song came to my mind. After we prayed for a while, our friend shared that he remembered the song, then I told him that it came to my mind while we were praying. So I taught the song to everyone.

When we were in the Phil. I had the privilege to train our church choir, and this is the song we love most!

Blessings to you, family and ministry.

Genefaith said...

you know kagabii pa ko naintroduce sa song ...and i love it!thnks for posting

Phebie said...

To Sarah and Gen, yeah me too I was really moved by the HS to find this song in YT and post it in here. My heart longs for this song...truly this song is intended for everyone. God Bless to all...

Bogie said...

what an encouraging song :)