July 18, 2014

Taking Care of your Pets

Let me congratulate those people who really takes time in taking care of their pets! In one way or another they have added a new companion animal to their life. Having a pet is just like having a child, your pet will depend on you for everything -- nourishment, medical attention, exercise and safety. You always wanted to make sure you give him the best of care as much as possible. 

So if your pets are in pain, don't forget to visit EntirelyPets Pharmacy because they've got what you want. Remember that your pets can ease your loneliness, reduce your stress, promote social interaction, encourage exercise and playfulness, and provide unconditional love and affection. Better take good care of them because your pet may even help you live longer!

July 3, 2014

Xiaomi Mi 3 Madness Revs Up With Lazada.com.ph

On June 26, Xiaomi and Lazada Philippines teamed up for the release of the most anticipated phone of the season – Mi 3. Orders from enthusiastic customers started pouring in as the sale opened at exactly 12 noon -- and even with floods affecting many parts of Metro Manila, customer orders started shipping within the day. Most Metro Manila customers were delighted to receive their Mi 3 phones just hours after they had placed their orders.

Lazada Philippines’ and Xiaomi’s social media pages received hundreds of feedback messages from the new Xiaomi Mi 3 owners sharing their awe on the superior product quality of Mi 3 and the retail and logistical agility of Lazada Philippines.

This July 4, 11AM, Xiaomi and Lazada Philippines will again hold a Mi 3 flash sale with 2,000 units up for grabs. Once again, the virtual shelves of Lazada.com.ph will be opening for you so that you can enjoy the superior product quality of the season’s most anticipated phone – Mi3 – offered exclusively by the country’s biggest online shopping mall – Lazada.com.ph, for an effortless shopping experience.

For updates and details on this exciting offering from Xiaomi and Lazada Philippines, be sure to subscribe to the Lazada Philippines Facebook Fan Page at www.facebook.com/LazadaPhilippines.


About Lazada
Lazada is Southeast Asia’s largest online shopping mall, in the Philippines, Lazada remains to be the country’s online shopping mall that is rapidly changing the retail scene across the archipelago. The company started operations in March 2012 and has quickly revolutionized the meaning of online shopping in a country where shopping in traditional malls is essentially the core lifestyle of every Filipino.

With the largest online assortment of products ranging from mobile and laptops to consumer electronics to books and media, health and beauty, home appliances, fashion and accessories, Lazada Philippines offer its wide customer base everything they need in one place. 

Nested in its Head Office in Makati City with its 12,000-square meter warehouse in Muntinlupa City, Lazada Philippines holds a workforce of more than 300 highly-specialized and passionate employees, all of which are geared towards championing effortless and risk-free shopping in the country. Through its own courier service – the Lazada Express and in tandem with the most efficient logistics company in the Philippines, Lazada was able to break geographical boundaries in the 7100 islands in the Philippines and continue to provide customers from remote areas the Lazada shopping experience.

Since its establishment in the Philippines, Lazada continues to strive to live up to its objective of improving people’s lives through effortless and risk-free shopping. It continues to offer products and retail solutions that combine sense and simplicity, with the end goal of providing superior value to its customers.

True to the Lazada brand promise, Lazada Philippines continues to offer its shoppers its cash-on-delivery payment mode, free nationwide shipping for transactions above PhP 1,000, and free returns within 30 days – making online shopping more practical for every Filipino.

June 28, 2014

Making Your List: Early Christmas Preparations for Hassle-Free Holidays

Half of the year has already passed and pretty soon it will be Christmas time again. It’s never too early to start preparing for Christmas. In fact, if you plan early enough, you might be able to save yourself from having to deal with all the hassles and scurrying around during perhaps the year’s busiest season. Get your planning notebook out and start putting down your plans to get all ready and set to go when the season rolls in. Here are some of the items that you should have on your list: 


You can start planning what theme you want this year’s Christmas decorations to be. Think about your tree, ornaments, centerpieces, Christmas lights, etc. There might be some decorations from last year that you can use in this year’s theme. Or, you can be a little bit crazy this year and get new decorations to have a surf and sand Christmas theme in your home while it is chilly and snowy outside. You can be as creative as your budget will allow you to be. Besides, if you are planning this early, you have all the time to look for and wait for great deals and discounts on new Christmas decorations. 

Christmas Gift List

Santa’s watching the whole year round. You should be too. Have your Christmas gift list ready earlier so you can pick up items for specific people throughout the year. Spot sale events and save some money on your gift-giving. You can also check out bulk sales for wholesale items for groups of people. In most cases, you can get great discounts when you order in bulk. 

Events Calendar 

Not all the dates and venues for the parties you will be having will be set this early. But, there are annual events that are usually already set even before the previous year’s party ended. Start putting these dates on your calendar so you know which days to avoid when planning your other Christmas parties. It’s already a given that Christmas time, aside from being one of the happiest times of the year, can be stressful. You can reduce the amount of stress the season brings and enjoy more of the cheer it brings by planning early.

CdeO Celebrates Social Media Day 2014!

Sad to say that I wasn't able to be with my group (Cagayan de Oro Bloggers, Inc.) during the Courtesy Call of our City Mayor Oscar "Oca" Moreno which happened last June 25, 2014 due to office schedule conflict. Anyway, I am just proud that our organization was formally announced by the administration as one of the instruments in supporting the information dissemination drive of the city's progress.
Grabbed photo from www.chadacdo.com & www.cdoblog.com

This coming June 30, 2014 is s the 5th Annual Social Media Day (#SMDay) event launched by Mashable. It is an annual global event that recognizes the digital revolution happening right before our eyes. But here in our city we will be celebrating it today June 28, 2014 and we are so glad that even our our beloved Mayor showed his support for the #SocialMediaDayCDO!
Photo: Big Support from the Mayor. Today is #SocialMediaDayCDO #SMDay Let's use the hashtag and join the celebration to recognize the digital revolution happening right before our eyes. http://thecdoblog.com/mayor-oca-moreno-supports-socialmediadaycdo/
photo credits: www.cdoblog.com

As one of the members of #CDOBloggers Inc, I am proud to say that I am here to make the City of Golden Friendship make known to the whole wide world as the 

City in Blossom, in Bloom and in Boom!

Proud Kagay-anon indeed! :)