June 25, 2015

Research Reveals 70% of Britons Do not Have the Time to Clean Their Homes

UK based family own window cleaning business Complete Cleaning Services Ltd has recently completed a research project on the cleaning habits of the general public in the UK. The most interesting thing their study revealed was that 70% of people in the country do not have the time to clean their homes properly. This was surprising, as the NHS has only recently released information suggesting properties are too clean, leading to people with low immunity to common germs and bacteria.

Water fed poles, Reach and Wash Window Cleaning in ExeterRecent research has demonstrated that 70% of Britons do not have sufficient time to clean their home daily. Indeed, 57% of people admitted to occasionally living in a “pigsty” due to not having enough time. Finally, more than 20% admitted that their homes were so messy that they would refuse entry to other people.

Complete Cleaning Services explained that people are leading increasingly busy lives, making it difficult to juggle everything. It seems that keeping a home clean and spotless is low on the list of priorities. However, it also shows that many people are unhappy with the way their homes look, which is alarming since cleaning can be done in small daily chunks. It is a known fact that keeping on top of the small jobs stops any need for huge, time consuming cleaning projects at a later stage.

The study looked at 2,000 people from across the UK, all of whom were over the age of 18 and lived independently. The results were fascinating, finding that 63% would prefer their home to be cleaner. Of these, the survey asked why they didn’t clean it more, which showed that:
  •          50% did not have enough time to clean.
  •          39% didn’t like cleaning.
  •          21% believe they are not good at cleaning.

At the same time, however, almost 25% of people felt that the state of their home was the least of their worries.

Other interesting results included:
  •          42% never cleaned their home fully, from top to bottom.
  •          One average, the last time people gave their home a full clean was 5 months ago.
  •          10% hadn’t cleaned their bathroom in a month.
  •          10% admitted to not having ironed in a year.
  •          5% did not wash their clothes.
  •          10% hadn’t used a hoover in a month.
  •          10% hadn’t used a duster in six months.
  •          5% hadn’t mopped in a year.
  •          5% never cleaned their windows.
  •          60% did not believe their home would ever be spotless.

·         One third had visitors comment on the mess.
  •          50% argued about the mess with their partners.
  •          73% of people hide mess behind the sofa or under cushions.
  •          90% believed they were tidy people.

Paul Jenkins from Complete Cleaning Services said:

“We advise people commit to doing just a few tasks every week, or even just one task a day. This would stop them from needing an entire day for cleaning. Doing it this was requires just a tiny bit of effort, but the effects are huge. Plus, it means that the 90% of people who believe that they are clean will actually be right in their belief!”

He added:

“People often feel fulfilled and in control when their house is clean and they are on top of the various domestic jobs. If people stop seeing it as a chore, for instance by putting some of their favourite music on while cleaning, they will get a lot more enjoyment out of it as well. Cleaning is a chance to step away from the thousands of other responsibilities people have every day. There are so many products out there designed to make cleaning easy, there really is no excuse.”

June 24, 2015

Why is God Taking so Long?

Just sharing you this timely message I have read from Activated.org. Take time to read this inspirational article and you will be blessed...

Why Is God Taking so Long?

Question: I've been looking for a new job, but so far without success. If I have prayed and am doing my part, why isn't God helping me?

Answer: The way God works in our lives and the way He chooses to do things is often past our comprehension. It’s mysterious, it’s humbling, and it usually takes faith and patience. His purposes and timetable are often different from ours.
When things are rough, when you feel that they’re not turning out the way you had hoped, when you feel your prayers aren’t being answered, when the trials of life seem too much to bear, when the battle seems too long, when your faith is under attack, when you’re feeling weary and aren’t sure if you can endure much longer, you can climb up onto the foundation that God has provided for your faith—the many promises and encouraging words contained in His Word—and rest in that safe haven.
One such promise is that “you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours”1—but God doesn’t promise that it will be yours instantly. His timetable is not always the same as ours. There are times when He does bring instant answers to prayer, but there are also many times when He allows time for our faith to mature and develop, like fine wine. Patience is the mark of a vintage faith, one that is deep and rich and full-bodied.
Throughout history God has tested and tried people’s faith through not granting immediate answers to their prayers. The Israelites waited thousands of years for the Messiah to come, and doubtless they often prayed and pleaded with God to send Him, but God waited until His timing was exactly right.
Patience is not an easy virtue to cultivate. In fact, it goes entirely against the way the world today operates, which is all about getting quick results. We can experience instant miracles and answers to prayer when God knows that’s what’s best, but sometimes He may want us to experience the tests, trials, and challenges of life that arise when His answers don’t come immediately.
Faith isn’t manifested only in our ability to receive immediate, miraculous answers to prayer; it is also manifested in endurance, longsuffering, and the patience to hold on even when we don’t see immediate results from our prayers. So “let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.”2

May 29, 2015

6 Top Places to Go Boating in Canada

Canada is an amazing country with captivating scenery. Not only does it have rugged mountains and picturesque valleys, it also has some of the most stunning boating locations in the world. Instead of booking into a hotel or holiday camp, maybe push the boat out (literally) and explore Canada at a leisurely pace.

Niagara on the Lake

Just a small distance from the famous Niagara Falls, is Niagara on the Lake. The local sailing club has an excellent marina where you can dock, giving you the opportunity to explore the local town. If you don’t fancy spending the evening on your boat, you can choose from one of the many restaurants and hotels. You can also sample the wineries or delve into the local history. Niagara on the Lake has something to offer everyone.

Lake Erie

The name Erie is derived from the name erielhonan, which is the native Iroquoian word for ‘long tail.’ It is easy to find why it is popular with boaters as it over 380 kilometres in length and just over 90 kilometres wide. It has various places of interest to visit, such as Point Peele. If you are a lover of Bass fishing then Rondeau Provincial Park, which is also famous for its sand spits,is well worth a visit.
Lake Erie is the warmest of the Great Lakes, making it an ideal destination. On the other hand due to the shallow waters, it also freezes over during winter.

Princess Louisa Inlet, British Columbia

For a true boaters paradise, a location not to miss is Princess Louisa Inlet on the British Columbian coast. Smaller than the other destinations mentioned, it makes up for its size with its unique ecological landscape. You can explore the multitude of wildlife and waterfalls that make up its natural beauty.An ideal romantic getaway. The rolling mountain ranges mean the nearest roads are over fifty kilometres away.

Gulf of St. Lawrence

Good whale watchingThe Gulf of St. Lawrence is the world’s largest estuary, with an area of over 236,000 square kilometres. Home of the Forillon National Park, there you will find nesting colonies of sea birds as well as whales, seals, black bears and even moose. It might be worth observing the Be Whale Wise Guidelines just to be safe.

Miramichi River

If you are a lover of fly fishing then there is no better place to visit than the Miramichi River. Situated in New Brunswick, here you will find one of the largest populations of Atlantic salmon in the world.If fishing doesn’t float your boat, then you can explore the many caves in the area. You can also experience Canada’s longest running folk festival, or just enjoy the scenery as you cruise along.

Harrison Lake

Just outside Vancouver you will find Harrison Lake. Surrounded by mountains, you will discover an ideal place to relax. You can do a spot of fishing, and visit the Harrison Hot Springs. If you are feeling brave, you can look out for the legendary Sasquatch or Big Foot as it is also known. You never know, that rustle in the trees might just have you reaching for your camera!

Wherever you decide to go boating in Canada, you will need a Pleasure Craft Operators Card. After that, you will have the knowledge to have a safe and pleasant journey.

May 25, 2015

Using Window Treatments as a Natural Alarm Clock

For as long as the world spins round scientists will always be looking for that creation that bolsters the quality of our sleep. Like it or not, we'll never be satisfied with the amount of pillow-time we get, and we'll always be looking for methods to try and wake up bright and fresh, rather than dull and groggy.

Something that the scientists have worked out is that natural light plays a bit part in the way in which we come around in a morning. It's for this very reason that we have seen all types of alarm clock inventions hit the shelves, with some even aiming to disperse light around your bedroom in a bid to try and acclimatize your body to the morning.

We're not going to go quite as far as that today. Instead, as you've probably gathered with the headline, we're going to delve into window treatments and the part they can play in helping you achieve a good night's sleep.

We've all heard of the wonders of blackout blinds when it comes to sleep quality and if you really want to maximize the amount of shut-eye that you receive, these are products that will most certainly work very well for you.

However, it’s not all about keeping your room pitch-dark. Admittedly, it will promote a much more fruitful nights’ sleep, but this isn’t the problem for some people. Instead, it’s the morning routine and even if you’ve surpassed the so-called magic eight hours, pulling yourself up out of bed is still a mission in itself.

This is where something like the motorized blind could enter the picture. Initially these were systems that were targeted at inaccessible windows, where it just wasn’t possible to manipulate the covering. Now, the landscape has changed. Using the programmable timer that most manufacturers attach to motorized systems, it’s possible to dictate exactly what time the blind opens. As such, if you tell it to start to let the sun through your windows an hour or so before you wake up, you will slowly allow your body to become used to the morning sun and wake up naturally.

Of course, it’s not a magic solution and is by no means going to make getting out of bed the easiest chore of the day. Nevertheless, it’s something that can make a difference to your sleep routine and perhaps reduce the number of occasions you press the dreaded snooze button.

There are plenty of other sleep-related tips that link to blinds as well. If you happen to sleep in a room which just catches too much sun during the day, tossing and turning will become a routine in itself as you bid to beat the heat and get to sleep. In these instances, something like a solar shade would work absolute wonders and allow you to block out those powerful UV rays that make your bedroom an oven.

In short, blinds allow you to optimize your sleeping habits to your heart’s desire. Again, it’s not a magic formula, but it can make that morning slog so much easier.