November 10, 2021

Turn your good buys into best buys with PayMaya this PayDay

 #PayMayaPayDaySave is back and with it comes more savings to help you stretch your sweldo so you can pay for both your wants and needs! From November 8-17, you can save up to P1,500 by simply completing your everyday transactions with your PayMaya app.  

Earning savings is as easy as 1-2-3 with your PayMaya in hand. Your everyday transactions such us paying bills, shopping online, sending money, or even buying load are turned into PayDay Missions which you can complete to earn extra savings.  

We know it’s a good feeling to save on your utility bills such as Meralco, even a better feeling when you are able to shop what you want on Lazada. But the best feeling is when you get extra savings of as much as P1,500 on PayDay with PayMaya.  

With PayMaya, it's easy to turn your good buys into best buys with savings to boot. To take advantage of these offers, here are three missions you should complete: 

  1. Settle your Meralco bill 

This PayDay, settling your Meralco bill can become less of a chore and more of an opportunity to save as you can now enjoy up to P500 worth of savings when you settle your bill for the first time via PayMaya. Just make sure that you pay a minimum of P2,500 within the promo period.  

  1. Cash in to Lazada wallet 

Get up to P500 savings even before you check out all the items on your cart by simply cashing in at least P2,000 to your Lazada Wallet via PayMaya! With this, you can add more items to your cart and enjoy even better savings on top of the already awesome deals you’re getting from Lazada’s trusted merchants in time for their Biggest One-Day Sale happening on November 11.

  1. Complete these Smart Spending Goals 

Another P500 savings is waiting for you when you complete these smart spending goals using your PayMaya app:  

  • Purchase any item worth at least Php 300 from the PayMaya Shop 
  • Send money worth at least Php 1,000 to three (3) unique PayMaya users 
  • Pay at least two (2) unique billers worth at least Php 2,000 each via PayMaya 
  • Cash in at least P2,000 to your Lazada wallet via PayMaya 

To check out the full details of these PayMayaPayDaySave missions, simply visit the Missions button on the upper right button of your PayMaya app.  

With all these savings available every payday, spending your hard-earned money with PayMaya is truly the wiser choice. But don’t take our word for it – download the app now at register an account using the code PAYDAYSAVE to get P100 when you upgrade.  

PayMaya is the only end-to-end digital payments ecosystem enabler in the Philippines, with platforms and services  that cut across consumers, merchants, communities, and government.      

It provides more than 38 million Filipinos access to financial services through its consumer platforms. Customers can conveniently pay, add money, cash out or remit through its over 300,000 digital touchpoints nationwide. Its Smart Padala by PayMaya network of over 55,000 partner agent touchpoints serves as last-mile digital financial hubs in communities, providing the unbanked and underserved access to digital services. Through its enterprise business, it is the largest digital payments processor for key industries in the country, including "every day" merchants such as the largest retail, food, gas, and eCommerce merchants, as well as government agencies and units.

July 21, 2021

Blessed to be a Blessing!

As they say, Charity begins at home....

LBP Velez Community Pantry

LBP Velez Branch Head, AVP Josephine B. Mercadal committed to give each of our Posting/Escort Guards, Drivers and Messenger/Janitor a box of Face Masks per month out from her own pocket. Last July 9, 2021, her promise to them was materialized and it was so overwhelming seeing them how happy they were upon receiving it.

Out from that simple gesture, she shared an idea to the whole branch of "why not creating  our own Community Pantry for them?". Without any hesitations, the team agreed to help them in our own special way and it is so timely since our City is under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ).

So, saan ba talaga aabot ang 500 pesos mo? With us in Velez Branch, we don't go that far just to reach the needy, coz we already have them within our reach. And so it happened last July 19, 2021, we were able to share our blessings like Rice, Vegetables, Eggs, Toiletries, Canned Goods, Noodles and other goods for 45 pax including some other Contract of Service Workers within the building's attached units.

ito lahat ang inabot ng pera naming lahat....

Indeed, we are blessed by God in order for us to be a blessing to many people especially in this time of pandemic. You can see it on the giver's face on how happy we were (for God Loves a Cheerful Giver) extending our blessings to them and of course, it is  also heart-warming seeing those grateful grantees as they picked their needs through our 'lil own "LBP Velez Community Pantry".

Biblically speaking, "But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. And your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.…" (~Matthew 6:3-4). 

Not to boast, but we as a Team are just so happy to share to all of you that you too, can be a great blessing to many in your own little way. We hope this will serve as an inspiration to each and everyone! You too, can make a difference!!!
The giver and the grantees....

Stay safe and God Bless us all!

December 31, 2020

As One Family We Care and Love Just Like Sanofi WeHealth

With the world’s famous-proverb concerning health, we will always hear this statement “Health Is Wealth!” It is the most valuable and precious meaning of one’s life of having a good health, not just an absence of disease in the body but a complete physical, mental, social as well as spiritual well-being of an individual.

But how can we live a life free from any Chronic Illnesses? Well, we need to live a healthy lifestyle of course. But sadly, even if how careful we are on what we are eating, sleeping on the right time, doing some exercises, we cannot deny the fact that sometimes we can inherit those illnesses through bloodlines. So, let us always keep our family’s heart healthy, our #PanataNgPamilya as we appreciate and safeguard the gift of health especially this Holiday Season so that we can enjoy the Holidays with our love ones.

A month ago, I was a bit scared since I was experiencing shortness of breath, I cannot have considered it as COVID since I didn’t experience any flu-like symptoms or what, but instead, I wanted to visit my Cardiologist for a check-up. Why Cardio? Because we have it in our bloodline, all of my grandfather’s siblings died due to cardiac arrest. Sometimes, I would entertain the fact that maybe I am already experiencing hypertension. But again, I didn’t bother to visit the hospital because of these invisible enemies that we are facing-COVID 19 virus.

Years ago, I was already introduced about telemedicine. During this pandemic, this innovation of doctors to be always connected with their patients even if they are at home is one of the best way to contain the virus. It’s the new normal thing.  So thankful that SANOFI WeHealth services was provided -an eHealth ecosystem to build a healthier Philippines! Thanks be to God, what I was experiencing was just a work related STRESS.

I should be very careful with my health, since my mom and dad are now having their maintenance due to hypertension. We need to be reminded that this is not just a simple disease, but this kind of disease if left undiagnosed can contribute to asymptomatic organ damage and above all it can leads to death. We need to value our health, our family and loved-ones and that’s SANOFI’s advocacy is all about…chronic disease awareness and they are committed to bridge the gap between Filipinos and Healthcare.


#PanataNgPamilya #PanatangSanofi.

December 1, 2020

Globe Introduces Mobile Health Solution with GoHealth

More and more Filipinos are looking to invest in insurance plans nowadays as a way to protect themselves and their families from unexpected high medical expenses especially now that we are still in the middle of a pandemic. However, with so many to choose from in the market, what’s preventing most from getting an insurance is the price of availing one.


Low-income households, for example, may see the cost of an insurance plan as something that is beyond what their budget can permit, leaving them to be the most vulnerable when it comes to sudden health emergencies.


Recognizing the need for an affordable and easy to access healthcare plan, Globe extends its services beyond connectivity yet again to become a partner of Filipinos in recreating better days by providing a way to make health security within reach for everyone.


As such, Globe has partnered with no.1 non-life insurance provider Pacific Cross and telemedicine service KonsultaMD to bring GoHealth, a prepaid health product catered for consumers who have limited resources to avail of costly plans in the market.


With a small subscription fee of P20, you can enjoy P1,000 health insurance coverage provided by Pacific Cross. This can cover up to P1000 worth of emergency treatment due to accident, in-patient COVID-19 and diagnosed dengue or leptospirosis. Customers can purchase several subscriptions to increase coverage and shareability to your loved ones.


The KonsultaMD teleconsultation is a great feature of the GoHealth packages. This can be used for online consultations with skilled and licensed Filipino doctors who can provide safe medical assessment and advice on basic healthcare and proper medication. Now, you can get a check-up without going through the hassle of traveling to crowded hospitals and clinics.


Health security is made affordable and easily accessible with Globe’s GoHealth packages! For more information, visit

Globe Promotes Love for Local Films, Calls Stop to Digital Piracy

Globe continues to promote love for homegrown treasures such as locally-produced movies, by being the exclusive presenter of the 2020 Metro Manila Film Festival and by pushing for the protection of the Philippine film industry through its anti-piracy advocacy #PlayItRight.


Being a content creator and leader in digital lifestyle, Globe wants everyone to experience a genuine love for the country and its rich local talents, thus, it underscored the importance of keeping the local film industry alive.


The pandemic strongly impacted the arts sector early this year as film production stopped and cinemas closed down. The easing of government restrictions is slowly reviving the industry and producers are now looking at digital platforms to bring streaming content to the people and showcase Filipino talent abroad.


“For years, Globe has committed itself to highlighting local creative contents such as films, music, and shows so we understand and appreciate the passion and hard work that comes with putting together a movie.  This is why we are glad to be a partner of the Metro Manila Development Authority in bringing MMFF to the Filipino homes.  As part of our #PlayItRight advocacy and our desire to make Filipinos love their own, we are here to support our filmmakers, actors, and crew.  We enjoin everyone to do the same by watching the MMFF movies legally from their device whenever or wherever they want to,” said Ernest Cu, Globe President and CEO.


For the first time, the MMFF entries can be viewed through Upstream, the newest transactional video-on-demand (VOD) platform.  Upstream is poised to deliver a better viewing experience for customers while protecting the content creators’ digital rights. Tickets for the MMFF entries may be purchased on Upstream's partner GMovies, the country’s largest aggregator for online cinema ticketing platform. 


The availability of MMFF movies in digital platforms make them an easy target for piracy.  In view of this, Globe appeals to everyone to watch only from legal sources since piracy undervalues and takes away the creative efforts that each member of a production team puts into making a movie or staging a show. MMFF and Globe have been working together since 2017 to stop the illegal downloads and streaming of local movies.


Globe also produces and brings original content to Filipinos through local and international streaming sites.  The company has, likewise, held its own independent film festival for local filmmakers who wanted to hone their craft.


The need to curb piracy is crucial as the Philippines has one of the highest levels of online piracy with 49% of Filipinos admitting to accessing streaming piracy websites or torrent sites, and 10% using illicit streaming devices (ISDs) to access pirated content, according to a September 2020 YouGov consumer survey, commissioned by the Asia Video Industry Association’s Coalition Against Piracy (AVIA-CAP).


Globe’s #PlayItRight campaign is aligned with the company’s commitment to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No. 8 which promotes decent work and economic growth by requiring societies to create conditions that allow people to have quality jobs. 


For more information about Globe, visit