March 4, 2017

Why Has Your Tap Started To Drip?

If you have a tap in your home that is dripping it can be really irritating. A dripping tap is also the cause of a significant waste of water. It can sometimes be tempting to put off dealing with the issue of a dripping tap, but that it not a good idea. The problem is not going to solve itself. The longer you leave it, the more water you are wasting.

You may want to contact a plumber in Mosman about the problem. They can put their experience to use fixing it for you. If you want to have a go at fixing the problem yourself first we have put together some advice that you may find useful. This advice applies to traditional style taps, where the problem is usually caused by worn washers. If your taps are lever style you should check out this advice on how to change the cartridge; this should help put an end to the dripping.

Make sure that the water supply is switched off

Before you start to work on the tap that is causing the problem you should make sure that the water is switched off. You can do this either by finding the main stop valve for the house and turning off the supply at this point, or by switching the supply off at the isolation valve for the tap. There may be a little water left in the pipe, so it's a good idea to switch on the tap, to get rid of this water, before you start.

Uncovering the screw to dismantle the tap

In order to release th washers you need to turn the screw which enables the tap to be taken apart. If you remove the cap on the top of the tap and you should expose the screw. Before you start to release the screw make sure that the plug is in the sink, so that there is no danger of anything falling down the plug hole.

Using a spanner to release the spindle

Once the plug hole is covered you should unscrew the nut which holds the spindle in place. While you are doing this it's a good idea to keep hold of the spout of the tap so that it does not turn and make the job more difficult. There are two washers on the spindle and it's possible that one or both could be worn. You need to find a match for the washers at the store, and then go about replacing them.

Making sure the drip is fixed

Once you have replaced the washers you need to carefully put the tap back together again. Then it's just a case of switching the water supply back on and turning on the tap to see if the problem is resolved.

In most cases, you should find that replacing the washers stops the drip. If the problem persists then you should contact a professional plumber in order to identify the cause.

February 20, 2017

Vitamin C And Its Beauty Benefits

We all know that Vitamin C is good for our health as it protects our immune system and helps us fight diseases but did you know that Vitamin C is also loaded with beauty benefits?

Vitamin C’s benefits extend to more than just our body health, it is also loaded with other benefits that will help us look good.

Skin Anti-Aging

Vitamin C helps the body in attaining full production of collagen- a protein that keeps the skin and other organs together, the element that is responsible for our skin’s elasticity and strength, thus, a regular intake of vitamin C equates to a younger and brighter-looking skin.

Vitamin C also helps in the creation of ligaments and scar tissue by reducing the rate of free radicals, thereby slowing the aging process and reduces the visibility of wrinkles, skin dryness and fine lines.

Benefits for Nails

The benefit of Vitamin C doesn’t stop there as the same effect extends to your nails. It helps strengthens the connective tissues that fortifies the nail bed and helps our nail to grow faster. It also prevents hang nails by assisting collagen formation.

Hair health

Vitamin C plays a pivotal role in growing and strengthening our hair as it helps in absorbing Iron – an element that keeps our hair strong and healthy. And as mentioned earlier, it also help absorb collagen that stimulates the hair follicles which helps your hair grow faster.

In achieving the above benefits, an optimum level of Vitamin C is needed. Bewell-C (Sodium Ascorbate) contains all the vitamin C your body needs minus the acidity.  Bewell-C (Sodium Ascorbate) is a non-acidic Vitamin C supplement that is rapidly gaining popularity among the public as a high quality and effective brand. Bewell-C is the next generation vitamin C that provides all the benefits of vitamin C without the risk of hyperacidity.

For those who need both Vitamin C and Calcium, Bewell-C plus calcium is also available in the market. Just like Bewell-C, this product also uses non-acidic vitamin C paired with organic calcium fortified with Vitamin D for stronger bones and teeth.

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February 5, 2017

Help Others. Help Yourself.

There is a two-word phrase that always put a smile on my face whenever I hear it: be kind. You hear the phrase at the end of every episode of Ellen; it is certainly so much more than just a phrase. Being kind to others and helping them with their problems is always great, especially since you’re also helping yourself in the process.

Aside from the immense happiness that comes from seeing the smile on other people’s faces after you help them, there are actually other ways helping others is equal to helping yourself. We are going to take a closer look at them in this article.

Good Karma

Whether you believe in karma or not, there is a simple equation that makes helping others well worth the efforts. The more people you help, the more people you will have assisting you when it’s your turn to need help. Helping others with their problems is a great way to bond and improve the community as a whole, too.
It always starts with a single person in need. Once you’re done helping that person, you will feel so good that you’ll want to help another immediately; and another one after that. Before you know it, you’re actually affecting the lives of hundreds of people around you.

The best way to start is by helping those closest to you. Close friends or relatives who are struggling with problems are the easiest to reach out to. Offer your assistance and be willing to give them space if they don’t need your help just yet. You will get the ball rolling in no time.

It Can Turn into a Career

There is actually an increasing demand for professional social workers, counselors and community leaders today. The demand for counseling for substance abuse, for instance, has been increasing steadily. As more people try to stop depending on drugs, more qualified counselors are needed to assist them every step of the way.

Universities such as Rutgers Online have been offering counseling degrees for a few years now. You can, for instance, take one of the best substance abuse programs and acquire a degree in social work and substance abuse. The courses are designed to help you acquire the skills and knowledge needed to work effectively as a counselor, preparing you for a bright career ahead.

Make a Difference

It may seem like you’re helping just a handful of people, but you’re actually affecting change on a bigger scale. The students you help as a school counselor, for instance, will soon be the professionals and business owners helping to drive the economy. They may even hire hundreds of other people and affect more change in the process. To make it even better, it all starts with you helping them with the problems of their teenage years.
The financial rewards are lucrative, but the best rewards you can get from helping others is the priceless smile on their faces. This, along with the previous things we have covered in this article, is more than enough reasons to start looking for opportunities to be kind.  

February 4, 2017

Kelly Rowland on her Son Going Through 'Challenging Twos'

It seems like yesterday when Kelly Rowland posted that photo of two Jordan shoes, one for her husband, Tim Weatherspoon, and one for their little boy that was yet to be born at that time. Now, little Titan just turned 2 in November. Time flies! 

Kelly said, during an interview with PEOPLE Now that she wouldn’t call this phase in her son’s life the “terrible twos” so much. Terrible two is a stage we commonly know where toddlers start to struggle between their desire for independence versus their reliability to their parents. One minute, a toddler can be overly clingy, next thing you know, he or she's already running and ignoring you completely. 

When asked about her experience, Kelly said: “I’m gonna call it the challenging twos — the ‘I’m coming into my own because I’m realizing I’m not next to Mommy all the time’ twos. It’s definitely a challenge — he’s discovering what his boundaries are and we’re letting him know what ours [are]. “ 
The singer and former Destiny’s Child member confessed that Titan has quite the personality already, describing him as a “strong-willed little boy.” She added that like most toddlers, Titan is also into everything and would give her sister a challenging time. But of course, being a mother that she is, Kelly concluded: “So yeah, he’s a tough one. I love him.” That’s really sweet! I’m pretty sure Titan will get through this challenging phase one day, just like all toddlers do.