June 16, 2016

Four Ways for Nurses to Stay Strong in a Demanding Profession

Nursing is a very challenging and demanding career that can cause emotional and physical drain.  Being a nurse requires combining technical skills with clinical knowledge and a caring attitude. With so many demands on nurses, how can they keep up their emotional and physical strength to function at their best? Outlined in this article are just some of the things that nurses can do to stay strong under pressure and deal with the everyday stresses that come with your chosen career.

Never Stop Learning

As a nurse, there is always the opportunity to learn and achieve more. Nursing has a range of opportunities for branching out, meaning there are plenty of options available for trained nurses to do something different with their career. Earning a Master of Science in Nursing online degree alongside your job allows you to learn new things and further your career. You can earn a distance learning degree from Bradley University.

Don’t Ignore Your Needs

Nurses spend a lot of time tending to the needs of others, whether it be the patients in their care or the needs of other medical professionals such as doctors. However, as a nurse, it is vital to ensure that you don’t end up neglecting yourself and your own needs. During particularly busy periods you may often need to push yourself, but this doesn’t mean you should allow yourself to work for hours on end without taking bathroom breaks or eating. Looking after yourself is crucial, as meeting your own needs will allow you to perform tasks to the best of your ability and deal with the pressures of the job.

Be a Team Player

Nurses make up a team which must work together to keep the hospital, clinic or ward running smoothly. To deal with the emotional and physical demands of the nursing profession, it’s crucial that you have support. This support will often come in the form of your nursing teammates, who understand the job and its pressures just as much as you do. Good communication, respect and mutual support between nurses on a team are crucial for keeping up morale positive.

Stay on Top of Stress

As a nurse, it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed at times. Working in the nursing profession can be highly stressful, especially if there are other factors in your personal life increasing the strain. Knowing yourself and how you react to certain pressures and situations is crucial as a nurse. Understanding what you need to do to manage stress, whether it be taking time off or meditating, can render you better equipped to deal with the demands of the job.

Being a nurse may be demanding, but it’s also a hugely rewarding career.

June 6, 2016

KonsultaMD partners with MedGrocer on door-to-door Medicine Delivery

Healthcare hotline KonsultaMD has partnered with MedGrocer online pharmacy for door-to-door delivery of medicine and health supplements to ensure that its customers can have easy access to trusted drugs anytime they need it and wherever they may be.

              “We continue to look for ways to provide the best services to our members that is why we partnered with MedGrocer.  We want KonsultaMD to be a one-stop shop for their health needs.  This way, they will be able to save on time, effort, and money – three pain points in the Philippine healthcare industry,” said Maridol Ylanan, CEO of Konsulta MD.

MedGrocer,  the ordering and delivery service of FDA-licensed pharmacy WellBridge Health,  provides medicines for allergies and asthma, cardiovascular ailments, cough and colds, diabetes, hypertension, infection, pain and fever, as well as vitamins and supplements.

              As part of the partnership, KonsultaMD members get P200 worth of free medicine on their first order by using the coupon code “KONSULTAMD”.  To avail of this service, customers need only to visit medgrocer.com, text 0915 905 0555, or email orders@medgrocer.com“We are honored to be part of KonsulaMD’s efforts to deliver quality healthcare at greater convenience and lower cost to Filipinos. We are really excited to offer KonsultaMD members the option of having their medicines delivered to their doorstep,” said Jerome Uy, CEO of MedGrocer.      
Earlier, KonsultaMD also partnered with Lifeline Ambulance Rescue, Inc. where its members get 50% off on Emergency Quick Response ambulance requests (i.e. P5,000/EQR request vs P10,000++ for non-members) as well as enjoy Lifeline member rates for homecare services which includes doctor house-calls, laboratory tests and minor procedures.

KonsultaMD is an affiliate of Globe Telecom which provides straightforward help with health and medical-related questions 24/7. It does not replace face-to-face interaction between doctors and patients but only serves as a means of interim care so that the public can have immediate and affordable medical attention.

To subscribe to KonsultaMD, Globe Postpaid customers only need to pay a fee of Php150 a month which can be used by up to four additional household members while Globe Prepaid and TM customers have the option to subscribe for Php15 a week or Php 60 monthly.  Subscription fee is waived for Platinum Elite members. Calls using Globe or TM are charged Php1 per minute while calls within Metro Manila via landline are currently free. Non-Globe users have to pay the standard NDD rate for calls outside Metro Manila or regular mobile to landline rate, whichever is applicable.

All Globe consumer postpaid, prepaid and TM customers may subscribe by signing up at www.konsulta.md, by calling (02) 79880 or by visiting a Globe Store.  Platinum Elite members may subscribe via their Platinum Relationship Manager. Non-Globe users may visit a Globe Store. 

June 4, 2016

How To Prepare For A Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure

While wisdom tooth removal stands out as a really common dental procedure, there are so many things that are not properly understood about what has to be done before and after the procedure. We are talking about something that can be quite traumatic, with situations varying from one patient to the next. It is really important that you talk with your dentist and that you prepare properly. In order to help you out, here is some advice from experienced Fort Worth dentists

Talk With Your Dentist
This is basically the best thing that you can do. You want to ask all the questions you might have and the dentist is your best friend in terms of true information delivered. The questions that should be asked include details about the procedure duration, recovery when at home, the teeth that are going to be removed and anything else you may want to ask. Oral surgeons are more than qualified to answer and even educate patients. Just ask the questions. 

Transportation Arrangement
With wisdom tooth removal it is quite common to have to be under the effect of anesthesia. Because of this, it is important that you arrange transportation after the procedure. It is important since you will definitely not be able to drive. Transportation arrangement can be complicated so you have to be sure that you ask a friend or a family member to help you out in advance and then confirm the arrangement. 
Dietary Restrictions And Medications Necessary

If you are currently taking prescription medication, you want to talk with the oral surgeon since complications can sometimes appear. Medication can have an impact on this procedure. Generally speaking, you want to review medication whenever a procedure that involves anesthesia has to be carried out by a doctor. Also, there are patients that can experience nausea because of anesthesia. Discussing with the dentist is once again the most important thing here. Dietary restrictions will be presented and you will know exactly what has to be done after wisdom tooth removal. 

Recovery Plan Importance
You want to have a really good recovery strategy that has to be respected after wisdom tooth removal. One of the important factors to consider is pain control. This is a big control, especially when dealing with more complex interventions. Prescription pain medication is normally offered and you can also use cold packs in some cases. Since you definitely do not want to go to the pharmacy right after wisdom tooth removal, you want to buy the necessary medication before. 

At the end of the day, it is really important that you arrange everything necessary after the procedure in advance. You want to talk with the dentist and know as much as possible about the procedure. If you do this it is not at all difficult to be 100% sure that everything will go smoothly. Recovery is normally straightforward if you respect the indications of the dentist so the really important thing is to maintain a good relationship with the oral surgeon. This will help you out the most.

May 26, 2016

Smart Bro 4G Pocket WiFi Best Deal in CDO

Despite that it's two days before my Gallbladder Surgery schedule, I asked my surgeon not to be admitted on Saturday (May 13, 2016) because I still had to attend a special event. And so I did!

It was Smart Bro's kick off nationwide tour with their best deal offer ever~ the Php 888 4G Pocket WiFi in CDO!

Got the opportunity to be with their celebrity beauty queen "BRO-kadas" MJ Lastimosa (in nude dress) and Bea Rose Santiago (in yellow shirt) who graced the event. 

Summer is about to get hotter but with Smart Bro's best broadband offer it makes it even sizzling' hotter because they are so wise enough to empower all their subscribers to enjoy not just their vacation but most of all they can even share the fast and reliable Internet with friends and love-ones.

For only Php 888 you can own the Smart Bro's 4G Pocket WiFi! 

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and grab one now!!
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 Buy 4G Pocket WIFI via Smart Online Store: smrt.ph/pwifi888 Subscribe to Surfmax85 via Smart Online Store: smrt.ph/brosurfmax-85
 For more details about the promo:
Product details: 
4G Pocket WiFi SRP: P888
Preload: 150MB valid for 30 days
Speed: Up to 12 Mbps
Connections: up to 10 devices
Benefits of a Smart Bro 4G Pocket Wifi:
 WiFi for sharing - Share one Internet connection among family and friends so you can all surf
 Multi-gadget connection - Connect your tablet, smartphone, laptop, and more! Your Smart Bro
Pocket WiFi can provide WiFi to up to 10 of your devices.
 Mobility - Bring Internet connection anywhere you go so you’re always online.
 Powered by the largest broadband connection - Enjoy ultra-fast speeds powered by multiple
cell sites all over the country.
*Best paired with SurfMax 85 – All day surfing up to 800MB/day, valid for 2 days. Subscribe to Surfmax85  via Smart Online Store: smrt.ph/brosurfmax-85

This was taken after their motorcade in our city as they made their way to Barangay Camaman-an, Macasandig, Nazareth, Divisoria, Agora, Lapasan, Gusa, Kauswagan, Bayabas, NHA, Bulua and Carmen promoting the best deal broadband offered by SMART~ the 4G Pocket WiFi for only Php 888!!

Lucky winners were being drawn at Limketkai rotunda for those who availed the promo that day! The exciting prizes were an adventure vouchers worth Php 10,000.00 for a BRO-kada trip (Sandbox Adventure Park, Enchanted Kingdom, White Water Rafting, and a resort stay in Samal Island).

Thanks to Smart Bro for reaching us here in Cagayan de Oro for a better connectivity experience! 

By the way watch out for the other leg tour that will happen the soonest in your area:
Pampanga (May 20-22)
Davao (May 20-22)
Makati (May 27-29)

Awesome surprises and prizes awaits for you and the whole BRO-kada like what we've experienced here also!
CDO Bloggers meets Iligan Bloggers!

give us some wacky pose guys for the surprises we've got :)