July 31, 2009

Mommy Moments: Look At That Mess!

mommy moments

I would like to share to you how my daughter looks like when she's messed up!

Cute isn't it?

This was taken when she was about months old at
KFC eating her favorite mashed potato...

so yummy with her favorite ube ice cream ...

PEACE! I'm the Certified ice cream girl!!

Happy Mommy Moments to all!!!

July 29, 2009

My Daughter's Requests

Last week as we were talking with hubby, we happened to tackle about having our second baby. We told our daughter that if time comes that she will have his baby brother, she will be moving out to the next bedroom. Guess what she replied to us, she doesn’t want to transfer because she doesn’t have her TV with her as well as her air conditioner. Lolz! So we made promised that we will give her what she requested. That was the time when hubby told me that we really need to buy for a new Entertainment Centers for ourselves since Danielle will be getting all our stuffs. Lolz… Hope we could find a cheaper one.

WFW: Flexibility

Be blessed and
Happy Word-Filled Wednesday to all!

On Pampering One's Self...

It’s been quite a while that I have not pampered myself through body spa or bliss. I remember the time I went to my favorite derma clinic and was able to experience the feeling of being pampered from head to toe as I sweated all out the toxins in my body through their sauna bathed. The place is as serene as their matching spa accessories like the floating light garden, plus their super classic music that is soothing to the ear. How I wish I could spend another time for myself the whole day just pampering myself the soonest.

July 27, 2009

The Inhumane Acts!

Hubby and I arrived home today at around 6pm from the office. As we were about to turned our lights on, we were so shocked that there was no even a hint of electricity running over our house. Okay, I thought we experienced another power interruption just like what happened yesterday, but hubby went outside and check if it was really brown-out all over the subdivision but there was not! To his surprised, he noticed that we had our electric disconnection since something happened at our meter. oh no!

I was so shocked, since my schedule for the payment would be this coming Friday and yet the disconnection was already made as early as Monday. I was really pissed-off since MORESCO-1

were not able to do it all as in FAIRLY. I mean they will just do it if there were no people at home just like in our case. Actually, I am not really running away from my obligations nor am a delinquent payer. What they did is a super injustice to me and to those who were affected and victimized by their inhumane acts. I guess this is one the few things that they have been doing but of course I can't enumerate them all in here...

To cut the story of my rant, I talked to their Area Manager and plead to reconnect my electricity the soonest. Thanks God they extended their services tonight just for me. lolz!

Giving You Less!

Who wants to streamline one’s waste operations? I mean, less paper works, less overtime and less cost! Worry no more, Wastedge dot com is an online application for helping waste management organizations collect and report on data that they need to keep track of. They provide Waste Management Software that is built to fit waste industry needs. They also help in optimizing their work force so they can deliver a better and more efficient service to their customers.

July 26, 2009

Yummy Sunday: Teriyaki Boy

It's been quite a while that I haven't posted my entry in here. Until last night, Bogie informed me that she will be hosting the said meme and asking me to join.

Anyway, this was the dish that my husband ordered just this afternoon as we dined at Teriyaki Boy. I dunno or shall I say I forgot the name of this dish. lolz! Indeed, it was so yummy!

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July 25, 2009

July: Nutrition Month

July is considered as the nutrition month. As always we always celebrate it even in our office, this year’s theme is Wastong Nutrisyon ay Kailangan, Lifesytle Diseases Iwasan”. Indeed, we really have to take care of ourselves that is why we have to take the right nutrition that our body needs.

Talking of nutrition, I have remembered the former professional body builder from 1980s and early 1990s. He was Rich Gaspari who started his own supplement company in 2001 named Gaspari Nutrition. I was thinking of buying the Gaspari Muscle for hubby since he is planning to enroll back in fitness gym. I guess it would be a great supplement to help him assist in muscle growth.

What Keeps me Busy?

I was a member of FB months ago but just last night I was so curious about the so called online game which is the "Farm Town". Almost all of my friends were talking about that game and I can't relate nor join in them because I don't even know how to play it.

Actually I tried to play last night, and guess what I slept at around 1 am just exploring and at the same time working in my farm. lolz! Some kinda addicted to it? Maybe in a way because the whole day, I was so busy visiting my farm. I am so excited for my harvest time although I am still on the third level! whaaaaaa Whew! Can't wait to see my dream farm town!

Of Buying Power Steering Car..

I always mentioned in my previous posts on how I wanted to drive a car of my own. My husband kept on procrastinating the driving lesson scheduled set for me. I don’t know why? Maybe he is not just that confident that I would be driving already without him. lolz!

Actually me too, I am still afraid to drive unless we can buy for a new power steering drive. Since we are in the modern technology, if you are planning to buy or replace your power steering rack then it’s time to look and buy at Car Steering Wholesale which offers straight to the public steering racks, Steering gear boxes and power steering pumps at the prices well below list. You too can now purchase and install the same high quality parts that dealers use, at affordable prices.

Happy Birthday Mommy!

At exactly 5:02 PM yesterday, I received a text message from my hubby informing me to get ready because he will fetch me from office the soonest. Oh my I forgot!it was my mom-in-laws birthday! :) We went home and fetched our daughter Danielle and had our dinner together at our fave restaurant as a family.


Mommy Nora Lyn!

Wishing you all the best in life! God Bless!

July 23, 2009

On Buying a Dresser!

I remember last Saturday when we went out for strolling with hubby, one of our itineraries is to look for a dresser for myself. Indeed I have found a cute one that I love most, but as of this time I have to save enough for more since it’s quite expensive. lolz! The picture below would be the best one to fit for modern bedroom furniture from top Italian and European designers. If you are planning to buy for furniture, then it would be the best time to visit eRoomService dot com which offers great designs as well as affordable prices.

Pink Fridays: Unity Candle

My very first entry for Pink Fridays.
This was our unity candle during our very special day. Isn't it nice?

July 21, 2009

Preserve your Property

As I have mentioned in my older posts, hubby and I were planning to purchase a house of our own. We are not really looking for brand new houses but instead we are looking in which we can save enough money. It would be great then if we can find for a rent-to-own house and lot or else we might force to look in the list of the acquired assets of Pag-IBIG. 

I guess it would be better for us to hire a property preservation specialist from Today's Home that would really help us look for the house that we wanted. Not just that, we also need someone who could also do the necessary renovations and improvements in a cost effective manner. Hope we could find one the soonest!

I won! For the 3rd Time Around!

WoW! Another blessings to thank the Lord for allowing me to win for the 3rd time around here in the blogosphere! Actually, I did not expect to win the said contest coz I thought can't be able to do the "layout thing" but pretty sure I know how to do the "slogan thing". The sexy host Tammy kept on asking me to join their slogan contest until such time I saw my friend Genebei of Her and History's entry on what she did. I remember one night that we chatted with Gen and she asked me also to join the contest but i refused because of some reasons. She told me that what really matters most is the slogan itself not the layout since the contest is all about slogan. Well, she had a point so I let her read and see my blog slogan and then she approved it. That is why I was able to write about my Blog Slogan Entry. Thanks Gen, I was kinda' isnpired and motivated of your works or shall I say it as entries!

Well, to Tammy and Rosilie:
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New NY Cellulite Removal

In my previous post about months ago, I have mentioned about my first time of wearing tattoo. Oppps, maybe you are thinking of the real one, you’re wrong! It’s just a henna tattoo or shall I say a temporary tattoo. I was just wondering those people who have changed their mind after putting the permanent one. I remember someone who let her ankle tattoo be removed and guess what it did work so well. Maybe, she went to Dr Morries Westfried MD, the best consultant of PhotoMedex Laser Co. who offers tattoo removal.

Speaking of removal, they are also offering acne scar treatment, wrinkle removal, psoriasis and vitiligo laser, and mesotherapy-lipodissolve as well as the new york cellulite removal. Good for my friend who resides in New York because she can now visit to their nearest clinic because she is really planning to have her first new york cellulite removal. Summer has just started, and one of their places to visit is the beaches in Florida. Well, she wanted to surprise his hubby in her bikini outfit that is why she wanted to be sexy at this time.

For sure, she can get what she really wanted because Dr. Westfried is one of the best doctors in NYC. All she has to do is to call them today at 718-837-9004 for an appointment.

July 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Tammy!

of Anything Under the Sun

To my newly found friend in the blogosphere,
Happy Happy Birthday!
May the Lord God grant you whatever your heart's desires.
Sis, thank the Lord for the additional LIFE that
He has given you in your fruitful YEARS!

By the way, thanks so much for your package. I was really surprised when I saw it....lolz! I really like it! Ooppss... I'll make a separate post of it the soonest..

GOD BLESS you my dearest friend!

July 17, 2009

MM: Playing Time!

mommy moments

It's Mommy Moments once again....

As working parents, hubby and I see to it that we could spend quality time with our little Danielle especially during weekends through letting her play whatever she wanted to. Usually we spent it together strolling around the mall, playing at Quantum, Wonderland, World's of Fun and etc.

Here are some of her photo collage....

she really loves to dance....

and loves to pose!

July 15, 2009

What a Dream!

Last night I was dreaming that I can take-off my tongue and scraped all the foods on it and I will just threw it away. Actually me too I don't understand why it could happen. lolz. Anyway, I tried to surf the net and look for the meaning of my dream: TONGUE!

So here it is.....(from www.dreamsleep.net)

Tongue Dreams - the Hidden Meaning

Psychological Meaning: A tongue may represent the things you say. You may need to express yourself or may have already said too much. Perhaps you’ve been saying something ‘tongue in cheek’? As the tongue plays a part in the sexual act, your dream may be saying something about this area of your life.

Mystical Meaning: If you dream of your own tongue, you will tell lies. If you see another person’s tongue, they will lie about you. An infected tongue means careless talk.

Well, whatever is their meaning....
the bottom line is it's just a DREAM! hahhahah

Satellite TV is IN!

I always hear about direct tv before from my friend living abroad. I just found out that today, Direct TV is the nation's leading digital multi-channel television service provider. Oh really? Indeed they have also pioneered technological breakthroughs, including the first national system with interactive on-screen program guide and pay per view ordering by remote control. Cool right! She told me that she just found the best satellite television provider in NY and that is the Kaptain Satellite.Through this site there you can see the comparison shopping resource to find and compare the best Directv vs. Dish Network retailers in one’s area.

So if any one of you there doesn’t own yet, then it’s time for you to have one Satellite TV Offers the best digital-quality, multi-channel TV programming satellite dish.

Not Feeling Well...

Just this afternoon as we had our lunch together with hubby, he told me that he will be going to fetch me up in the office right after office hours because he was not feeling well. As we arrived home, I was so shocked that my daughter too is having a fever. Oh my!I know that it's not good to worry but I do believe that both of them were already healed. Thank you Lord!

Of Engagement Rings...

I guess it is every woman’s dream to be engaged with someone you dearly loved. How much more if your dream wedding would really do come true, what would be your feelings? Do I sound so romantic in here or am I just dreaming like a fairy tale? Well, I am so romantic indeed! Looking back, I wish that my husband proposed in a way I wanted to fulfill. But I guess it would be impossible since he is just a simple person who proposed in a simple and yet romantic way. Anyway, the most important was the fact that we were engaged and both of us turned out to be happy.

I remember a friend’s engagement proposal that was so perfect and super romantic. Wow! The girl was really filled with tears of joy as her boyfriend handed the engagement diamond ring while kneeling before her plus the fireworks at their background. As we watched their videos, we were all teary eyed because of their love and sweetness with each other.

To all the guys out there who were planning to be engaged, why not look for the perfect gift at Tacori dot com? You can choose great selections from simple Diamond Rings to the most beautiful wedding rings at reasonable prices.