October 28, 2010

Love to Sleep

Actually, I’m not a sleep lover not unless I’m expecting a baby. But hey, my 1st pregnancy is so different with what I am experiencing now. Before, I don’t have any sickness- may it be a morning or an evening. Now, I don’t even understand what I wanted to eat- something different yet so delicious in mind. Yeah, I’m into food cravings and guess what, I really love to sleep and sleep. Every time, I came from the office I will immediately lie down in our king size mattress and then just hang my feet on the wall until I fall into sleep. Well, even in the office I’ll see to it that I will have to take a nap during lunch break. I hope I will not gain much weight on what I’m doing.

October 27, 2010

The Travelers

Indeed, we can call ourselves the travelers since we just keep on traveling these days. Even if I’m still on my way to pregnancy I just love to travel with my family. By tomorrow morning, we’ll be leaving again going to our own hometown to visit our dearly departed loved-ones and to be with our living relatives. I hope as we travel along there will be no break-ins or whatever negative things that will happen so that we can't call any roadside assistance club to help us along. Praying for a safety travel tomorrow!

October 23, 2010

Perfect Christmas Gift

It's 62 days more to go then it's Christmas time. I would be then so excited to welcome this season full of fun and love. This time would be so different- it will be my first time to celebrate Christmas with an added blessing inside my womb. This would the perfect Christmas gift especially if someone would take time to give me a Nintendo Wii. *wink* (lol) Actually, I have been longing for this since then, I wanted to have my own Wii fit for myself plus their Wii games for my daughter and husband. Oh It would be so great if the Wii Accessories would be added on. I hope somebody can read my post and Mr. Santa would grant my wishes. :)

October 22, 2010

All Fat Should Be Avoided

The notion that all fat should be avoided is in fact a myth. A recent research has clarified the role that fat can play in the diet and has shown that some fats are essential for proper health. There are different types of fat, all of which act very differently in the body.
  • Saturated and trans fat- get the thumbs down when it comes to health, it increases the risk of heart disease and raises bad cholesterol levels.
  • Unsaturated fats- needed for proper health, and includes omega-3 fatty acids, which are especially important for heart health.
So in order not to end up reading some diet pill reviews try to avoid artery-clogging saturated and trans fat and enjoy heart healthy unsaturated fat.

Shoot Me!: Family Vacay 2010

It's so nice to be back here again...miss this meme much...:)

This was taken last week of September when we had our family vacation in Manila, Philippines. Our four day stint in that place was not enough to roam and stroll around their beautiful spots, but still we truly enjoyed the moments being shared together.

@ Star City- Peter Pan's Place...

at the airport while waiting for our super delayed flight...:(

Forever In Blue Jeans

Carbs Make You Fat

Despite what all those diet books say, carbohydrates do not make you fat, and it's not necessary to avoid them to lose weight. Carbohydrates do not cause weight gain, excess calories cause weight gain. The reality is carbohydrates are the body's main source of energy and are required by your brain, muscles and cells to function properly. Carbohydrates aren't just pasta, rice and bread- they include whole grains, fruits and vegetables and are the cornerstone of a healthy diet. So better be careful in what you're eating or else you might end up reading lipofuze review just to lessen the excess calories.

October 21, 2010

New Info

It’s been three days since I started to just stay in bed for the sake of my second pregnancy. Just this afternoon, my Aunt forced me to go with them to have strolling in the mall but I refused. I really missed going out with them. Actually, she wanted to buy that acne soap that her dermatologist prescribed her. She really has a problem on her face and I just told her that if she wants to eliminate her acne she has to eliminate her blackheads first. She was so shocked with the information I got from www.getridofblackheads.org and so she was thankful for it. Okay then,she will have it removed all her blackheads now.

October 20, 2010

You Can Burn Fat by Eating Certain Foods

Unfortunately, the theory that some foods or supplements can burn fat is about as possible as turning back time. It turns out this theory is based on wishful thinking and not an ounce of science. From a physiological standpoint, it's impossible for foods to burn fat in the body. While it's true that foods contain caffeine can temporarily boost your metabolism, that's simply not enough to cause any trigger weight loss. The best way to lose weight and get rid of excess body fat remains the same- aside from taking the best diet pills, cutting back on calories and boosting your physical activity is still the best.

WFW: The Good that Pain Can Do

Oh, I miss this meme so much...
It's been a couple of months since my last entry....

Now, I'll make it a point to be updated and let the word of God be shared through this meme...

It is good for me that I have been afflicted,
that I may learn Your statutes.

Psalm 119:71

Whatever God teaches us through pain is GAIN!

Need to Buy One!

It's almost two weeks since my laptop's AC adapter did not functioned at all. I really have a hard time opening my lappy since it's already drained out. Good thing we still have a desktop PC at my parent's home. I still have the chance to write all the things that I need to update. Anyway, I'm still looking for discount coupons in order for me to get a good deal online. I have no choice but to order it over the net because it is much cheaper plus they can offer me discounts as well. I hope to have it as soon as possible because I badly needed it.

Cowboys and Girls

Last month, we attended the 110th Anniversary of the Philippine Civil Service. Indeed, it was a successful Musical Show. Since we were representing our agency- Department of Agriculture, then we presented a cowboy, cowgirl, barn-shoe dance entitled: Wild, Wild West. We were so busy then preparing for the costume that we need to wear, from our different riding boots to our cowboy hats. Anyway, here's a proof that indeed we have performed the show plus our matching perfect attires. :)

Th Greatest Thing in the World

No matter our age or status in life, we all can strive to love others as God loves them. We may accomplish great things in our life- gain fame and fortune- but the greatest thing is to LOVE. For all what we have done, or ever will do, only love endures. We depart, but love abides.
We love because He first loved us,
He gave so we can give;
We love because He first touched us,
He died so we can live.

Cancer: Life Threaning Disease

According to studies, the rate of cancer patients are still increasing. Just like this afternoon, my office mate told me that our boss was being referred by her physician to visit an oncologist for the reason that she always experience a blood in her urine. As I look for the causes of her illness on the net, I found out that it was known as hematuria which is also one sign of having a bladder or kidney cancer.

Oh my! So sad to hear that many people suffer from this kind of life threatening diseases especially the most common to women the cervical cancer and to some who are expose to asbestos called mesothelioma.Good thing that those who have experienced such can have Mesothelioma lawsuits to defend them. Well, this is just a warning to all of us to really take care of our health.

Coin Collector

Some people loves to collect key chains, stamps, shirts, toys, cars, hats, paper bills, coins and etc. Actually, I know someone who really takes her time to collect coins. Wherever she goes may it be a domestic or a foreign travels she makes it a point that she has to bring something out from that country or places she have been to. As of now, she already has plenty of of it and I pretty sure she has lots of gold coin in her collection box.

I have heard that buying gold has been recognized for centuries as one of the best ways to preserve one’s wealth and purchasing power. It is a unique investment not just for her but for everybody who wants to engage on it. I hope I will have even just a box of one...oops....in the near future. :)

Skipping Meals Helps You Lose Weight

This myth couldn't be further from the truth. Skipping meals to cut calories is one of the worst things you can do when trying to lose weight. When you skip a meal, you actually tend to consume more calories in the long run because when you sit down to eat, you're hungry and more likely to overeat. The notion of 'saving calories' for a big meal doesn't hold up when it comes to healthy weight loss. Skipping a meal and overeating at your next meal is a common mistake that many people make when they're trying to shed extra weight. In reality, the most effective way to lose weight is to have three balanced meals and one or two snacks throughout the day and in doing so you need not to buy another set of fitness equipment just to lose weight. Distributing your calories evenly over the day allows your body to metabolize the energy more efficiently.

The Reverse Trend

The next time someone speaks to you in harsh or angry tone, reverse the trend by expressing meekness, quietness of spirit, and loving concern. What a difference a soft answer can make in our relationships!

This statement is a reminder for me of what had happened last night. Anyway, in order to get out of a hard situation, I’ll try a soft answer!

October 19, 2010

A Good Sign

Actually I just had my miscarriage about two months ago, and my doctor told me that I still need to relax my uterus for about 5-6 months after the dilatation and curettage (D&C) procedure. But guess what? I got pregnant in two months time.

Last Saturday, I went to see my ObGyne for confirmation that I got a positive result from my pregnancy test. As the radiologist performed the trans-vaginal ultrasound he told me that it's a good sign that I got pregnant in just a matter of time and even got a confirmation from my Ob-gynecologist that indeed it is God's will that He gave us another blessing in life. Unlike other couple, they have been trying for so many years just to get pregnant. My office mates even get jealous with my case comparing them. Thank you Lord, truly the joy that we received out from His gift cannot be compared with materials things nor even owning a gold bullion is not enough. That is why I'm giving back all the glory to Him.

RT: Lend an Ear

The Bible calls us as Christians to "care for one another" (1 Cor. 12:25) by using the gifts God has given each of us by His grace. One of the ways we can care for and serve each other is to listen.

Listening is not the job of a talented few but the privilege and responsibility of us all. Someone needs to tell you something today. Are you ready and willing, for Jesus' sake, lend an ear?
A big part of loving is LISTENING!

Recommended Diet

Now that I’m on my way to my second pregnancy, pretty sure I can’t go on a diet. Yesterday, I heard one of my office mates making some order to my other office mate. I asked her what was that all about. She told me that she want to try the supplements that the other office mate’s been using because she saw the big difference from her. Without hesitation she wanted also to try on how effective if she will be using it too. I told her, it would be nice if she would try the hcg too since many have testified that it really works on them. What’s nice about this hcg diet is that, it will only fails when you fail and cheat and stray from the plan. Isn’t it cool program to have?

As I read all their testimonials you can say that it’s so unbelievable but it’s really true. Their product can be offered through homeopathic hcg that can be taken orally or the injectable hcg. Among the two varieties, it has no report on the difference on the weight loss effects providing the diet is the same in both. Well, upon hearing all these things my office mate wanted to made her order now.

October 16, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Danielle!

thanks to all the sponsors....

Last October 7, 2010 was our 5th wedding anniversary and at the same my daughter's 4th birthday. Unfortunately for some reason (wake of our grandfather), we were not able to celebrate during that date. We celebrated a day after the interment, October 9, 2010. For the first time, we were able to celebrate it with my whole Valero Clan through a beach party. Indeed, it was a successful celebration full of fun and laughter.

Once again, to our dear Ate Danielle a blessed birthday to you..
Be a good ate and we love you so much!

I can Testify...

I remember that was two years ago when I joined a certain company that sells a spray that can delay the process of aging. It is a HGH (Human Growth Hormone) hormone produced naturally in the brain and that is responsible for growth, and cell production. For info: our body starts to slow it’s production by the age of 30 which causes the first signs of aging, so in order to reverse this process many have turned to HGH injections or hgh supplements. I can attest to this since my mom and few of my older friends are still using this one too. Although it's costly but you can really see the difference...so effective!

Happy Fiesta Oroquieta!

'Photos taken by Zoom Morales- my HS classmate!'
For more photos just click his name....

Today marks the fiesta of our very own home land: Oroquieta City.
It's been a while that I wasn't able to witness such, I think the last time was when I was in high school-more than a decade ago.
I never expected this is how they celebrate Viva Santo Rosario nowadays:
Oroquieta Grand Concept Parade 2010!
I think anyone can join the parade...nice!


Just recently, my sis and I chatted for a while and then she said she will send her box so soon. She told me that I have a cashmere sweaters that was given by her boss and that it doesn't fit her at all. She told me that it's brand new and so nice that would surely fit my size. Wow so excited! I asked her to send me some stuffs and she said,"it's already closed!". What? :) Too bad...Maybe next time will do,I'll just wait and see some of her surprises on the box. Hope to get the one that I really wanted. lolz

October 14, 2010

Next Vacation Plans

For me, going on in a vacation is one way of having quantity and at the same quality time with your loved-ones. This is the time where you can bond with your family once in a while away from work and stress. Just recently, we had our 1st family trip in one of the biggest city in our country and we really had fun and enjoyment especially my daughter. After that trip, I made promise to myself to go on a vacation the next year of course together with my family. As of now, I need to save the money for my 2nd delivery this coming June 2011. Maybe after giving birth, I would like to have a vacation across the country and I’m considering an Outer Banks rentals. I guess, this would be my first time to go abroad if God permits us and I’m so excited to enjoy variety of activities such as swimming, surfing, hang gliding, para-sailing, biking, fishing, crabbing, golfing, water skiing, jet skiing, and kite flying. As far as I know that Carolina Designs realty is one of the best that really strive to provide excellence in their customer service and I want to experience that. Wow! A one week stay would be so perfect for my family!
Hope to win in a contest to realize it all...

October 13, 2010

Precious Christmas Gift

Diamonds are forever! So true, these precious gems are known to its durability- unbreakable, unalterable, and untamed characteristics until the end. Ever since, I am fond of using jewelries from rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and even anklets. I treasured them much because the one that I have been handed down from my grandparents to my mom then passed on to me.

Now, I wanted to have one of my own that is why I am surfing the net looking for tacori rings that is suitable for my budget. Eternity rings also are one of my wish lists to have before the year ends. Well, I know for sure that hubby wouldn’t give engagement ring anymore since we’re married already. But I know few of my friends who received tacori engagement rings from their loved-ones. Whew! I wish I do have mine too. :)

Okay back then, I’ve found a site in which you can create your own custom diamond rings by choosing your diamond shape, size, color, setting and finger size at an affordable price. Well, I still need to save more for this in order for me to have this precious Christmas gift for myself or I’m calling someone to give me such.

October 7, 2010

Happily Ever After

I just want to share these insights that I got from "Our Daily Bread"....

Despite what we've heard in countless fairy tales, there's no guarantee that people who get married will live happily ever after. Things go wrong- sometimes terribly wrong. Even with the best of intentions, we may find ourselves in a house full of resentment, hostility, unrest, and misery. There is no heartache of an unhappy marriage.

Yet, a difficult marriage can be the setting in which God can deal with "the hidden person of the heart" (1 Peter 3:4). Instead of focusing only what is wrong with our partner, we need to open our heart to the Lord and ask Him to confront the evil in us. he will begin to do so- gently, gradually and graciously. We will begin to see ourselves as we are- and not as the thoughtful, patient, polite, gracious, giving, and self-controlled person we had imagined ourselves to be. We will come to see how much ourselves need the Savior's forgiveness and the Spirit's help to do what is right and loving, even when we have been wronged.

Our growth in grace may change our spouse, or it may not. There are no guarantees in life except God's love. But with His help, we can change. Although all our marriage ills may not be cured, God's grace can make us well.- David Roper
*Success in marriage is not FINDING the right person but BECOMING the right person.

October 3, 2010

Accutane as Defined

Accutane, is a form of vitamin A used to treat severe, cystic acne. It is used to treat severe nodular acne. and is usually given after other acne medicines or antibiotics have been tried without successful treatment of symptoms. It is sold in both oral and topical applications.

Well, if you are using this form of vitamins and able to experience it’s dangerous side effects that result in serious injuries such as Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and ulcerative colitis . So, if you suffering from ramping, pain, diarrhea, bleeding, and frequent bowel movements, you may have a valid Accutane lawsuit against the manufacturers. They have their expert and experience highly trained staff that makes them so unique, well-equipped to handle even the most complex products liability claims.

Feel free to talk to a seasoned professionals , so contact them now!

MYM: Fun @ Star City

This was taken during our family vacay @ Manila.. My daughter really enjoyed our visit at Star City especially when we entered the Winter Funland...gGgRrrrr so cold. We happened to go on skiing with my whole family. It was a great adventure for us.

@ Peter Pan's museum with my loved-ones...

Happy Monday to all! Be blessed...


Preparing for the Board Exam

My cousin just earned her degree in Bachelors of Science in Nursing just this March, 2010. To make it more complete, she is currently enrolled in a famous review center in our city. She is scheduled to take her board exam this month I guess. I hope she will be able to make it. Confident enough that she will make it as a certified nurse that us why she is now currently looking for medical uniforms stores so as she can weigh things on where she can buy or order nursing scrub uniforms that will save more money. I hope she can find a great deal on medical scrubs and uniforms the soonest before the board results will be announced.

Anyway so much for this, we will stay pray for her success and we thank God for this in advance. In such way, she can be able to let her sisters go to school and help her family if she will be able to work as soon as possible.

Family Vacay (Day 1)

Last November 2009, I was able to grab Cebu Pacific's piso seat sale. Guess what? I was able to book my whole family of six for only Php 600.00 (Cagayan de Oro-Manila- back to CDO). It was indeed an opportunity for us to go on bonding with my family. The schedule was from September 25-28, 2010.

A week ago, we were able to realize the promo ticket that I booked. We spent our 1st day at Mall of Asia (MOA) then afterward to Manila Ocean Park. Below are some photos taken...

my daughter's first plane ride

Indeed, it was a day full of fun!