March 18, 2009

Birthday Surprise for Hubby!

It's already 12 midnight...meaning to say it is already March 18.Today is the birthday of my ever dearest honey in life- my husband. sSshHhshh...he is still enjoying his deep sleep together with my daughter.

Yesterday afternoon, I was really planning on what to give for my hubby's birthday. Good! I have my idea since we will not be going home together coz he has to attend their mentoring group at the church. To my surprised, he fetched me up so early before does it mean I can't be able to make my plans for him? I asked him to drop me by at divisoria to buy some medicines (not knowing that it's just my alibi). To cut it short , I was able to order a
basket of balloon for him to be delivered at his office at about 10 am today! Even though it's just an inexpensive surprise, I know he will be very happy for this. I made my dedication in there saying:
SURPRISE!!! Happy, Happy Birthday..

Always remember that no matter what happen,
I will be always here loving you 'til the end...
I Love You So Much!!!

Will he not be surprised for this? Watch out for his reaction...i'll post it after our family dinner....bye for now...I still have to sleep..
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