October 31, 2009

Gold Coin Collections!

Some people loves to collect key chains, stamps, shirts, toys, cars, hats, paper bills, coins and etc. Actually, I know someone who really takes her time to collect coins. Wherever she goes may it be a domestic or a foreign travels she makes it a point that she has to bring something out from that country. As of now, she already has plenty of of it and I wonder if she has the rare gold coin in her collection box.

I have read about the Monaco Rare coin web release. I just knew that they offer a unique, vast and impressive array of resources for investors and collectors alike. What’s good about the country Monaco is there you will find the finest rare coins available, an experienced and knowledgeable cadre of professionals ready and willing to serve your needs, and a broad range of investment programs and products to fit most any budget.

I just hope that my collector friend would strive to have every advantage available to her in order to be successful.

Long Weekend Vacation #2

Yes indeed, another long vacation for us! Actually we're now in my grandmother's house here in Misamis Occidental to celebrate with my immediate family and relatives together. This is the time wherein we could commemorate and reminisce the time of our departed loved ones. Some of the delegates are still on their way, so excited to see them.

Thanks God that even I'm in the remote area here in our lil barrio, still I'm connected because of my SmartBro. Thank you very much! *wink*

October 30, 2009

The New Marketing Revolution!

It’s been a week since I have attended the 3rd Mindanao Bloggers Summit held here in our city- the City of Golden Friendship. I was so happy that I have devoted my time for the whole day event meeting some other blogger friends personally, gaining some insights from different great speakers, and enjoying the benefits of an affordable registration fee. I can say it’s worth it!

Speaking of event, I wish I could attend this new Marketing Revolution next week November 4, 2009 called The Share Revolution. I am pretty sure that this would give me more insights regarding the marketing strategies in building brand communities. This seminar/workshop will highlight the following:
  • Learn how to tap the Power of Community, Dialogue and Partnership
  • Listen to the insights and key learnings of the country’s most innovative brands
  • Discover how new communication techniques can optimize your promotions
It is an opportunity for you and me to gain some insights and key learnings from the 6 different speakers that will present the well-loved brands who have effectively integrated social marketing strategies into their marketing mix.

Well so much for this, you can also visit The Share Revolution through the partnership of Geiser Maclang Marketing Communications and the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards Board. The event detail is as follows:
Astoria Plaza | 4 November 2009 | Wedneseday, 8am to 5pm
A Fund Raising Activity for the Philippine Blog Awards

Book your seats now and be a part of this New Marketing Revolution!

October 28, 2009

52 Weeks Challenge: 2 of 52

My second entry...

This was taken one Sunday after church, we had a family lunch date!
My lil Danielle really loves to pose
and I guess
we have something in common:
both of us are camera addicts.

Happy 52 Weeks Challenge!
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Forever In Blue Jeans

Downloads @ Rapidshare

Before in the office, we used to download program softwares, movies and music’s through different sites. We noticed that some applications that we have downloaded from that various sites contain viruses, malwares, spy wares and a lot more. Good thing that we found a new site wherein you cannot just upload and download any program you want from MP3, MP4, videos, soft-wares and even e-books. In case you want to watch a movie, download necessary soft or simply have a strong desire to read, you are likely to make use of Rapidshare Downloads– these modern giants of valuable information.

Only you choose what you need and download the way you like!

My Lil Dancing Diva

Last October 7, 2009 was my daughter's 3rd birthday. We planned to have her birthday celebration on the 10th of October for the reason that it falls on Saturday and everyone could come and join the fun! Indeed my daughter really enjoyed that day, well in fact she entertained her visitors through her dancing prowess.

Here's her version of poker face! You will be then the judge.....

of Power Steering

Are you looking for a highest quality of steering box and steering rack? Actually my hubby does! Worry no more since Power Steering Pros now offers straight to the public racks, boxes and pumps at an affordable prices. They take care of your Steering System and it will take care of you. Whether it is Power or Manual Steering they have you covered. You too can now purchase and install the same high quality parts that dealers use, at affordable prices with free shipping!

Mood Management

Here are some tips to help manage your child's moods:

* Set a consistent sleeping routine that allows for sufficient rest every night.
* Avoid stressful situations and activities for your child.
* Learn to read warning signs of your child's manic and depressive moods.
* Regulate your child's activities during a manic episode and provide gentle yet stimulating activities (like swimming) during depressive episodes to keep him/her occupied.
* Prepare a nutritious and balance diet. Avoid too much sugar and caffeine.

on Athletic Shoes...

As I have said that I am so much into shoes, what I mean is I love shoes and sandals but I can’t say that I myself is a shoeholic! Isn’t it weird? Yes, it’s true because I only bought a pair of it when I have enough money! I guess foot wears are my weaknesses, every time I’m out in the mall I always have to take some time to peep on what’s new in the shoe boutique.

Speaking of shoes, I need to buy athletic shoes that I will be using for my badminton game every Friday and Saturday. Actually I still have my Adidas shoes but I guess I need to buy one for a change aside from it is already old. *wink*

We just planned it recently with hubby that at least once a week we will find time to sweat it out the toxins in our body. Lolz..as if we are that fat! Actually, we just want to feel good and we just want to live a healthy lifestyle. Back to my main concern, I am currently choosing online at shoebacca dot com the kind of shoe that I wanted to have before the year ends. Whew I am so excited to have this kind of discount athletic shoes!


The written Word reveals the Living Word.
The Bible is still the best book we can discover.
In it we learn what God wants us to do to please him.

Be blessed and Happy...

Diesel Parts Online

Since hubby’s dad was prohibited by his doctor to drive his own vehicle, he decided to have it display in the car center. Actually they already have a prospect buyer but since the pick-up needs to be re-conditioned and the mechanic just found out that they need to replace the diesel fuel pump as soon as possible. Now, hubby is busy looking for that spare part online and good thing he found this dieselpartspros dot com which offers free shipping.

Slumber of LOVE!

Don't you know that?

Happily hitched women sleep easier than women in rocky relationships? Indeed a report studies was presented in the annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies. Relationships that is defined as happy is said to be less in trouble falling asleep and more restful z's , and they were more likely to awaken during the night than women in unsatisfying relationships. A contended union provides a sense of security, a mindset that can contribute to a blissful snooze. Excessive conflict and stress can disrupt sleep. So if you think you need to work out your minor arguments, better resolve it first so you can have a sleep in peace.

Good night to all...ZzzzzZZZzzzz

October 27, 2009

Protecting AION

Can you imagine how the world of technology brings influenced in our lives? Indeed, I am so amazed by this what we called “online world”. We can get to buy and even play everything online by just simply searching it on the web, and voila you will have and be able to play it in seconds!

I just heard about this online game called aion. This is is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that is being played in a beautiful fantasy environment and such is the charm of the game that it has over 7 millions subscribers across the world. This game also is set in a world called Atreia ruled by a God named Aion. Aion created a powerful race called Draken to protect the mankind of Atreia but soon Draken became the rebellions against Aion and so the God once again created 12 powerful lords who made a barrier to protect the humans of Atreia from Draken invasions. Soon, a few residents of Atreia also acquired the energy of the Empyrean Lords and formed an army to fight against Draken while the 2 Lords remained the guardians of the Tower of Eternity where God Aion lived. The battle lasted hundreds of years until the 2 guardian Lords sacrificed their lives to protect a part of Atreia.

Interesting right? I’m sure this game would be a fabulous game with so many interesting characters As a newbie I hope someone could teach me online regarding this new game, pretty sure that my hubby would love to play this also.

Review http://www.aionalliance.com/

Ruby Tuesday: Our Family Pic

Since this is my very first entry for Ruby Tuesday, then it would be so timely for
me to share these to you.....

this was taken last Oct 18...
since it is our tradition to have a yearly studio pics then I have set
the color RED to be our motif for this year!

...this was our 3rd studio family pic with my daughter Danielle
who just turned three last Oct 7 and our 4th wedding anniversary
at the same time.

The Blog Advertising Store

Blogging is so in nowadays! Just recently, I have attended the 3rd Mindanao Summit here in our city of golden friendship. The summit was indeed a memorable one and I have met my online friends for real aside from the fact that I have learned so many techniques about blog advertising, making money online and so on and so forth. It was really worth the payment!

I remember about a year ago, I heard from a friend of mine the term “blogging”. At first it was just a passing conversation about the blogging thing, but time went by I was so motivated to know more about her new found hobby besides the fact that she’s earning fatty dollars out from it. To be honest, I have been into this blogging world for about a year and eight months already and sad to say that I just recently knew the importance blog advertising.

I have read this article on advertisements on the brain which states that Advertising has become a very powerful part of media all across the globe. This is so true. ..If you are watching a one hour television program then generally there are at least fifteen minutes of commercials from start to finish. Through these ads, we get to see and use the product that we are using of today. Before, I used to know through Wikipedia that Advertising is just a form of communication used to influence individuals to purchase products or services or support political candidates or ideas. Advertising often attempts to persuade potential customers to purchase or to consume a particular brand of product or service. Modern advertising developed with the rise of mass production in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and this includes the importance of blog advertising. It really plays an important role in the field of blogging and you can find it in here:

Review us

TCP: Practical Magic

Oh my! It's Tuesday once again and I don't wanna miss this movie meme today. Some kinda excited to share to you about Magical Movies, where wizards and magic, enchanting creatures, and the power of love all work together for a happy ending.

Here's my entry:

Time to recall back the memoirs I have while I was in my college days. We watched this movie together with my college closest friends in the movie house and we really enjoyed it so much.

Sally and Gillian Owens have always known they were different. Raised by their aunts after their parents' death, the sisters grew up in a household that was anything but typical--their aunts fed them chocolate cake for breakfast and taught them the uses of practical magic. But the invocation of the Owens' sorcery also carries a price--some call it a curse: the men they fall in love with are doomed to an untimely death. Now adult women with very different personalities, the quiet Sally and the fiery Gillian must use all of their powers to fight the family curse and a swarm of supernatural forces that threatens the lives of all the Owens women.

The wry, comic romantic tale follows the Owens sisters, Sally and Gillian, as they struggle to use their hereditary gift for practical magic to overcome the obstacles in discovering true love.

I really love this tag line that says:
There's a little witch in every woman.
Two-thumbs up for this movie....*wink*

He Loves Cherry Red

Every time I hear the word casino, what usually comes to mind is my grand father (the eldest brother of my grandmother). After he became a widower he went to United States of America to stay for good for he was then a U.S Veteran. One way of spending his free time is he always spent it in Casinos. After many days of going in and out, he was hooked with different online gamblings and all. He became addicted to it that most of his pension was nowhere to be found. Almost all of his days in there was spent inside the Cherry Red Casino -obsessed with providing the most enjoyable, fair and safe gaming environment. He enjoyed the amazing games not just their unbelievable entertainment but as well as the unrivaled Customer Service! Before he used to live their motto which is "Excellence is a mix of incredible entertainment, unparalleled service and pure, unadulterated fun!" He liked it so much because they provide their player with the best customer service on the net! All their operators are highly trained and educated professionals, courteous and always eager to help to the best of their ability!

Time flies that he is no longer young ones ( I mean he is that old enough now) that he can not go out and do whatever he wanted to do since he is now staying with the Home for the Aged. What if he will know that he can still continue his hobby? I am pretty sure that he’d love to do play online slots and etc. Maybe he can still enjoy his idle time even at his old age if he knows about this. Unluckily he can’t do it anymore this time because he is currently confined in the hospital now. I pray that he will get well so soon.

October 25, 2009

Dark Lips on Non-Smokers

I just thought of sharing this tips since I myself experienced this problem too...

The Cause:
Dyes in lipstick can be photo-allergenic, meaning they can react with light or the sun, producing inflammation that can result in skin darkening. Other ingredients in lipsticks like perfumes , beeswax and colophony rosin may cause an allergic reaction; thereby darkening your lips.

How to fix it:
Read the label of your lipstick ; it's worth the effort . Find an alternative if it contains chemicals like carmine, petroleum or aluminum. Also use a good moisture barrier or lip sunscreen under your lipstick.

Basic Site Optimization

I remember about a year ago, I heard from a friend of mine the term “blogging”. At first it was just a passing conversation about the blogging thing, but time went by I was so motivated to know more about her new found hobby besides the fact that she’s earning fatty dollars out from it.

I was so happy to read about the article just this evening about basic site optimization. Actually, even until now I am longing that somehow someone could sit down and teach me what SEO is all about. Good thing that I found this site, wherein I have learned many things like the techniques on how to optimize your site through the goal of creating a better environment for the target audiences, not to mention positively influencing how search engines view and rank one’s website. They also include the basic site-linking strategy to ensure that search engine robots have easy access to your landing pages. “With these improvements in place, your site will have a basic level of optimization: nothing tricky or fancy, and no time wasted on tiny technicalities, just common-sense, best-practices solutions. Remember, there is no single silver bullet in SEO.” Interesting right? Indeed, a great site to read!

Before I used to think that blogging is just an outlet for expression and communication by just considering only a certain topic and event. From that narrow point of view, my learning’s got widened as I learned that out from that “hobby thing “ the role and the importance of SEO in blogging.

Well, another great article to read about gardening....just click it in here.

Hubby Is Sick!

Too bad we were not able to go to church today because hubby is not feeling well. He has been complaining to me last week that he's experiencing body pains but still he managed to go to office with his conditions. Just yesterday while I was out for a bloggers summit, he texted me that he was not able to report in his office because his body already gave up. Now, I am waiting for our "suki" to do his body massage. I hope and pray that he will be feeling better so soon....

October 24, 2009

on web directories...

At this very moment while writing this post, I am attending for the first time the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3 held here in our very own City of Golden Friendship. I was really motivated to join the said event since as a neophyte blogger I want to know more about the techniques in blogging aside from the fact that I have to meet new set of blogger friends from different places.

At first I didn’t know what web directory is all about I mean the purpose of doing it and all. Even though I have already submitted one in the Yahoo directory years ago and maybe to some of you in business.com but still I did it without even knowing it. Lol! That was the time that I had to search about the term and just found that it is also known as the link directory. This is the directory on the World Wide Web that specializes in linking to other web sites and categorizing those links. Before I used to think that it is a search engine, I just recently knew that I was wrong. It does not display lists of web pages based on keywords but instead, it lists web sites by category and subcategory. When one has categorized it is usually based on the whole web site rather than one page or a set of keywords and sometimes sites are often limited to inclusion in only few categories.

Now I know that web directories often allow site owners like me to directly submit their site for inclusion, and have editors review submission for fitness. That was the time that I understand why my cousin sent me an invitation to submit my site in her SEO friendly web directory- a human edited web directory. Only to find out that by doing such it will really help my site to gain higher search engine results and provides a permanent regular and featured links.

Web articles were founded last year 2007 to publish all written articles, received articles by the visitors of their network. So, they thought that creation, publishing and promoting an online article directory would be a nice idea. They tried to create a simple yet clean design, easy surfing, and comprehensive information. So this is how it looks like when you submit a blog at jasminedirectory.com:

*Email Address: jayluv_22@yahoo.com
*Site Title: LOVE’s Haven
*Site Description: a personal blog
*Keywords: family,love,experiences,home
*Enter a Password: ********
*Description: A place of safety, a place full of LOVE.

Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3

I am currently attending the 3rd Mindanao Bloggers Summit held @ Pearlmonnt Inn
with the theme: "Changing the way people see Mindanao".

I'll just post the updates on what had happened of the said event so soon....

October 23, 2009

on webhosting....

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I won a free 1 yr domain from a friend’s birthday bash contest. What I was thinking was to renew my loveshaven.com domain that will expire on November of this year. The other way around, I want to use it for my other blog who’s still under a sub domain. Well, the good news is I just renewed my domain last week.:)

Speaking of, there are lots of web hosting that offers you the best services. Just feel free to visit http://webhostinggeeks.com and surely you will be confused on what to choose and use. Well it varies from your choices; maybe you like the business, editor’s choice, the cheap reliable, the unlimited or even the largest web hosting. Actually they are all the best!

As I was browsing over their site, my attention was caught over this green web hosting. Well, don’t blame me since I really love green so much. I love nature so much! I was thinking of purchasing this since I can really feel good about my role in saving our mother earth. By the way, green web hosts uses an alternative or renewable energy, plant trees, recycling waste and purchase Renewable Energy Credits to power their data centers. As far as I know, most widely known providers have already switched to offer a more eco-friendly web hosting product. Hmmm…sounds great!

October 22, 2009

Thanks Much Cuzn Shelo!

I was about to post this one yesterday morning but sad to say have so much paper works to accomplish first! *wink* Anyway, I guess it's not yet too late to thank my cousin Shelo of Mi Mundo del Amor for doing the blog make over. Even though this new lay-out of mine is a pre-design free blogger template made by Template-Mama but still have to thank pretty Shelo for taking her time just to install all the HTML codes, badges, blog list and etc in my sidebars. Actually, I was really longing for a new look in my site, and voila there I already have it! Thanks to my cousin's offer!

i'll be missing my old template....

October 20, 2009

Physiotheraphy Assistant Jobs

Indeed we are now in our techie days, in just one search of a job online there you will have it in a second! But fact still remains that people were competing in applying for jobs since we were producing masses of graduates yearly.

Worry no more you can search for job openings for physiotherapy assistant jobs online and a vast of choices on where and as to what job you wanted.

1st Visitor from Oman

Congratulations! You just had your first visitor from Oman.

October 19, 2009

Into Sports...

I am not really an athletic person but I’m into sports sometimes because it is a must. Lolz. What I mean here is, I play games because it’s part of the curriculum. I remember when I was in high-school wherein I was forced to play baseball, volleyball, and badminton- same as with my college days. Good enough am a fast learner and got good grades in my Physical Education. *wink*

Speaking of sports, I have a friend who is so fond of playing soccer and just recently he found out that he is starting to love football games. As they say, “practice makes perfect” so he always spends his time playing his new-found sports and that he is starting to collect stuffs for this new game well in fact he is ready to buy a baseball bat online. Good thing he found a site wherein he can choose different kinds of baseball bats of his choice @ homerunmoneky dot com.