March 11, 2016

How to Help Your Kids Learn to Drive

Learning to drive is an important rite of passage for kids. They might not see it at the time, but being able to drive will help them in all sorts of ways once they fly the nest and embark on adult life. Many kids learn to drive with an instructor. You don’t need lessons to pass the theory test, but you can click here for test materials that will help. Lessons with a professional driving instructor are the best way to learn the skills you need to pass the practical driving test. However, although professional lessons are important, home practice is also important – and here’s why.

The more practice your child has prior to his test, the better his chances of passing are. Driving is very much a repetitive skill and practice makes perfect. There is a lot to think about when driving a car and most kids need a minimum of 20 hours behind the wheel. Extra practice with a supervisory driver helps to cement the skills taught by a professional driving instructor. A few extra practice sessions spent with mum or dad could make all the difference, so it is worth helping your kids out.

Preparing to Supervise Practice Sessions

You need to make sure you are legal before you take a learner driver out on the road. To supervise a learner driver, you must be 21 or older and have held a full driving license for at least three years. The car you are using must also be insured for the learner driver.

Patience is a Virtue

It isn’t easy being a passenger when your child is learning to drive. In fact, it can be quite frustrating at times, especially when your child seems incapable of doing something you find simple, such as changing gear smoothly or braking in good time.

The important thing is not to lose your temper and start shouting. Learner drivers rarely respond well to parents who shout or get annoyed. Learning to drive is stressful enough without having your mum or dad screaming in your ear! If you don’t have much patience, or you are not a good passenger, think very carefully before you offer to take your child out for a practice driving lesson. You could end up doing more harm than good and end up putting them off completely.

Plan a Suitable Route

To start with, choose a quiet route away from heavy traffic and potential hazards until you feel comfortable with your child’s skill level. The nearer the child is to taking their practical test, the easier it will be for them to cope with more challenging conditions, but it is still sensible to avoid going out in heavy traffic or bad weather because unlike an instructor’s car, yours won’t have dual controls.

Practice sessions are invaluable, but it is a good idea to brush up on the Highway Code before you take a learner driver out. If you don’t know the rules of the road, you could end up teaching them bad habits!

March 10, 2016

Lazada Philippines Celebrates 4th Anniversary

Manila, Philippines, 10 March 2016 Lazada, the leading online shopping and selling destination in Southeast Asia is celebrating its 4th anniversary with a 4-day Birthday Sale from March 15-18.

The Birthday Sale will treat shoppers to a range of deals of up to 90% across a wide selection of categories featuring Home and Living, Travel and Luggage, and Consumer Electronics.  Well-known brand partners including Samsung, Microsoft, Tosot, Unilever, Nestle, and Belo will also participate in the sale offering special promotions throughout the celebration.

Birthday blowout highlights include:
·         Hourly Flash Deals
·         Php 4 Sale
·         Jackpot games for additional discounts
·         Facebook & Instagram games where customers have a chance to win a TV and smart phones
·         A chance to win a trip to Dubai for two with every Cherry Mobile purchase  

Brand ambassadors LA Aguinaldo and Kelsey Merritt, who personify Lazada’s fun and effortless vibe, will join the country’s largest online party.

Shopaholics can visit or download the Lazada Mobile App for Android or iOS to celebrate online shopping fun!

Birthday Milestones  

Where Customers go, Lazada goes
Since its launch in 2012, Lazada PH has experienced rapid growth. “We delight in witnessing how Filipinos’ shopping habits have evolved, as we commit to give customers more options to make the most out of their busy lifestyles. 60% of Lazada customers already shop via mobile – a clear indication of how Lazada has successfully adapted to modern Filipino digital habits. We collaborate closely with the biggest brands to offer the best assortment and prices, which has made Lazada a primary destination for every shopper,” said Lazada PH CEO Inanc Balci.  

Empowering a growing SME segment
Balci stressed Lazada’s commitment to helping SMEs tap wider markets. “In our four years of operations in the Philippines we have seen tremendous opportunity for SME’s in the e-commerce industry. We currently have 7,000 merchants onboard, and continue to make enhancements in our sellers’ platform to encourage more entrepreneurs to sell online. We commit to provide logistics capabilities to make selling more effortless for our merchants.”  

More products, more places, more birthdays to come
“Looking ahead, Lazada Philippines will continue to focus on increasing our product assortment, expand our logistics infrastructure and introduce payment solutions to further enhance the effortless shopping experience for our customers,” Inanc added.


Future Plans

Lazada PH has recently unveiled the new site 30-sqm Fulfillment Center in Cabuyao, Laguna which will for be completed by end-year.  The center, which is double the capacity of the current warehouse, will have automated features for inventory, selection, parcel movement and dimensional weight measurement.

Lazada Express, the in-house delivery arm is and modernizing the Sortation Center and opening 20 hubs throughout the country to increase delivery footprint and reach.

And as part of Lazada’s commitment to make shopping more effortless for everyone, an express delivery option will be launched in Metro areas for rush deliveries.

About Lazada
Lazada ( is Philippines’ largest online shopping mall and is pioneering e-commerce by providing a fast, convenient and secure online shopping experience combined with an extensive product offering in categories ranging from mobiles & tablets and consumer electronics to household goods, toys, fashion and sports equipment. Lazada is continuously striving to offer its customers the best possible shopping experience with multiple payment methods including cash on delivery, extensive warranty commitments and free returns. Lazada mobile applications for Android, iPhone and iPad provide additional convenience to its consumers’ allowing them to shop anywhere, anytime.

For more information, please visit For updates on Lazada’s latest innovations, as well as activities, contests and promotions, connect with us via Facebook (