March 17, 2009

I love Perfumes!

Last Sunday evening, my sister from Dubai asked me to help her to start a small business when she will have her vacation next month. She will bring with her different kinds of original Perfume retailed in a small bottle. I immediately give my assurance to her that for sure it will click since most of my office mates and friends use different fragrances at a very low price.

I love collecting perfumes, since I can’t afford to buy it own my own, I will be patiently waiting for their generous heart to hand me one of those fragrances that I still don’t have. So to all my friends out there, I am just waiting here!


Genefaith said...

u love perfume Phebie kahit dili kaau branded..daghan kaau dri barato..humot sab..u want some..basin kauli mi next year makaanha mi cagayan to renew my teacher's license..tagaan taka..he..he..asa mo dapit cagayan?

Genefaith said...

that's gud! hope to see u...u reminds of my bestfriend..she loves perfume mapabranded man o dili basta humot...i miss her..