October 12, 2019

It's A Magical Weekend with Magic Crackers!

Today marked a magical experience to all Kagay-anons as Jack'n Jill Magic Crackers presented a MAGIC MOMENTS  at LimKetkai Rotunda earlier this day!

It was indeed a Satur-date with the family and the barkada as they experienced the  magical moment with the retro-arcade game booths that Magic has prepared.

the crowd...

Destressing and making sure that they're having fun as they practice shooting at Magic Hoops!

Testing your aim at the Onion Chives Surprise game! 

Matching products at the Apat Dapat game!

A lucky winner experienced the Magical Moment as he got the chance
to take home lots and lots of Magic Crackers!
Flash Mob with the Magic Squad as the lucky winner got the 4 perfect
match for the Apat Dapat Game!

MAGICAL MOMENT with CDO Bloggers! 

Magic Moments with TERs!

If you can’t get enough of Magic, you can also catch special deals with the Magic Flakes bundle pack offerings. So, what are you waiting for, invite daddy, mommy, kuya, ate, bunso and the whole barkada and have a magical day at MAGIC MOMENTS!

Universal Robina Corporation’s (URC) Jack ‘n Jill Magic Crackers has been delighting snack-loving Filipinos with its flavorful crackers such as Magic Flakes, Magic Creams, Magic Juniors, and Magic Chips. Get the latest from the brand by following its Facebook page (@magiccracker).

October 10, 2019

Shopping for Inexpensive Riding Clothes

Customers might think that they won't be able to get all of the riding clothes that they need if they focus on discount riding and equestrian apparel. However, it's actually possible to build an entire varied riding wardrobe out of clothes within this price range. Customers will find both casual riding gear and equestrian clothing that they can wear to shows. 

Equestrian clothing can be more affordable than a lot of riders might think. It takes a lot of specialized apparel to ride a horse. Riders and horse owners may have more options when they get their equestrian clothing at a discount. 

Product Selection

Goode Rider Ideal Show CoatRiding tights, breeches, and pants are absolutely essential for all horseback riders. The stores that sell discount equestrian clothing will certainly have plenty of items within these product categories. They'll also have vests, show jackets and coats, quilted jackets, and belts, all of which can be purchased as completely new items. 

Unused Riding Clothes

Riders might assume that discount horseback riding clothes will all be used. However, lots of entirely new riding clothing is available at a reduced price. Horseback riding enthusiasts won't necessarily need to purchase used clothing in order to save money. 

Equestrian clothes are niche products. In some cases, it can actually be comparatively easy to get newer versions of niche goods at lowered prices. Manufacturers won't always be able to accurately predict the demand for niche products, and they might end up with a surplus. This can be beneficial for customers, especially when durable goods are involved. 

High-Quality Apparel

Riding clothes were all designed to be tough. Otherwise, horseback riders would be able to wear more standard clothing while riding. The riding apparel that people purchase at low prices will be just as resilient as any other set of riding clothes.   

October 9, 2019

Basta Shopping this 10.10 Weekend, Don't Pay Cash. PayMaya!

Get as much as P3,000 in cashback when you shop online and in stores with PayMaya this 10/10
[10 OCTOBER 2019] Ready your mobile wallets, folks! Shopping season is once again on full-throttle mode and you can not only get the best discounts on deals when you shop online and in store, you can also get so much more when you shop with your PayMaya card or use PayMaya QR. 

Take advantage of the sweet 10.10 sales and zero-in on online and in-store deals you have been wishing for when you use your PayMaya card or pay using QR for your online and in-store shopping this Octoberand get as much as P3,000 in cashback for all your purchases

Go crazy shopping online at some of the most popular e-Commerce sites and snag the latest fashion finds, gadget trends, and home items because you can get up to 100% cashback (maximum P1,000 for October) for all your transactions. And when you go crazy and rack up a total of P5,000 spend, you also get a P500 cashback on top of everything else!

But when you feel like going to the malls to get your shopping fill this 10.10, PayMaya's also got your back because you can also get up to 100% cashback (maximum P1,000 for October) for each spend and a P500 reward for an accumulated P5,000 purchase this October when you scan to pay with your phone using PayMaya QR. To know the nearest merchant that accepts PayMaya QR near you, visit pymy.co/QRmerchants

So forget Cash-On-Delivery (COD) and use your PayMaya account when you shop this weekend to enjoy the full convenience, security, and rewards that it has to offer–exclusive perks that are even better than your credit card! 

If you don’t have a PayMaya account yet, now is the best time to get one so you can take advantage of all the cashback rewards while 10/10 sales are still happening! Download the PayMaya app now for iOS or Android and sign up today to feel the joy of paying for anything you want in the fastest, most secure, rewarding, and hassle-free way! Remember, don’t pay cash, PayMaya

To know how you can maximize your PayMaya account, visit www.paymaya.com/deals or follow @PayMayaOfficial on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  

PayMaya, the digital financial services arm of Voyager Innovations, is the only financial technology company in the Philippines offering integrated consumer and merchant payment solutions with the widest on-ground branch network. It is the first to give millions of Filipinos an e-wallet that allows them to pay cashless transactions at any time of the day, anywhere in the world, and from any device. It is the financial technology arm of Voyager Innovations, the leading technology company in the country backed by PLDT, KKR, Tencent, World Bank’s IFC and the IFC Emerging Asia Fund.

Terms and conditions apply for all offers. Full Promo Mechanics:
Per DTI Fair Trade Permit Nos. FTEB 19185, 19179, 18893, 19183 and 19228, Series of 2019.

October 8, 2019

Hire These Services Before Moving Into a New Home

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of moving into a new home. Perhaps you’re deep into the buying process or you’ve just closed, the thrill of a new residence is palpable. Whether you’re buying a brand new house or a resale, there are a few things you should do before moving in.  

Deep Clean

If you’re moving into a home with previous residents, there’s really no telling what dirt may be left behind. There’s no guarantee that the former owner thoroughly cleansed the place. Even in a new build, there may be significant construction dirt and debris around. While you may have the wherewithal to do it yourself, consider hiring a professional to give the place a deep clean. You don’t know what went down before you took ownership. A good professional company will thoroughly clean carpets, toilets, tile grout and other components that hold dirt and dust.

Pest Control

It would be terrible to move in and find unwanted guests in your new home. The previous residents may have not been diligent about keeping the place clean. Hire a pest control service to check for infestations of as ants, roaches or rodents. For resales, checking for the presence of termites and damage is strongly recommended. Get the next chapter of your life started on the right foot with a thorough check for bugs and other vermin. Consulting a service for defense against and control of carpenter ants Woodburn OR would be prudent.

Locksmith Services

Whether your home is a resale or brand new, you never know who still has access. The previous owners or construction staff may have extra copies of your keys. It is strongly recommended that you change the locks. Although you might be able to do it yourself, consider hiring a locksmith to install new locks and make new keys.  

The process of buying and moving into a home comes with its own set of stress. Give yourself peace of mind by hiring a few services before you move in. Take some of the guesswork out of a new residence.

October 5, 2019

Four Ways to Prevent Carbon Monoxide

Most all homeowners know that hidden dangers can lurk throughout a house. From hidden mold to water pipe contaminants, there are many unseen domestic elements that can cause illness. But perhaps the greatest danger is the gas that cannot be seen or smelled: carbon monoxide. Produced any time a fossil fuel burns, this “silent killer” takes the lives of more than 4,000 people each year. In addition to installing a carbon monoxide detector, here are four tips to prevent a carbon monoxide accident.

Brick ChimneyMaintain Your Chimney

Improper fume exhaustion is a common problem in poorly maintained chimneys. In many cases, carbon monoxide poisoning has been a deadly result. If you haven’t looked into chimney inspections washington dc, you should do so immediately.

Check All Vented Appliances

Vented appliances are those that send combustion pollutants outside the home. They include gas clothes dryers, furnaces, and hot water heaters. If these appliances are not properly installed or are poorly maintained, a carbon monoxide leak in the home can occur.

Use Caution With Space Heaters

Utilize space heaters only when someone is awake to keep an eye on them. Make sure there is sufficient airflow through the room in which the space heater is in use.

Never Run Your Car in the Garage

If you have an attached garage, don’t leave a vehicle running there. Even when the garage door is open, exhaust fumes can seep inside the house. You should also be careful outside the home. For example, if your vehicle has a tailgate, be sure to open windows anytime you drive with the tailgate down. If you don’t, carbon monoxide can be sucked into the vehicle.

If you think that you may have overlooked carbon monoxide dangers in your home, don’t wait in taking the necessary steps to prevent a tragedy.

October 2, 2019

Manny Pacquiao Promotions and Mayor Labella to hold billiards tourney for charity

Manny Pacquiao Promotions and Cebu City Mayor Edgardo Labella will host an Open 10-ball billiard tournament this October.

Dubbed as ‘Sargo sa Cebu City’, the proceeds of the tournament will be for the benefit of the Manny Pacquiao Foundation, a non-profit organization initiated by boxer and senator, Manny Pacquiao.

The foundation aims to uplift the lives of the grassroots community and spread hope around the world through building homes, hospitals, schools, providing scholarships and disaster relief to victims of calamities.

“Looking back to where I came from, I understand the struggle of being in poverty and it’s not easy. We want to extend our help by giving people the hope of having a better life,” said Senator Manny Pacquiao.
Sargo sa Cebu City will be held on October 3 to 8, 2019 at The Atrium of Robinsons Galleria Cebu and is open to everyone.

Renowned Filipino Billiard players such as Carlo Biado, World Pool Champion 2017; Anton Raga, China Open 2nd Runner Up; and Jericho BaƱares, 2015 MP 10-Balls Billiard Tournament Champion, will join the tournament.

For inquiries, you may call 09155701228. For donations, you may visit the Manny Pacquiao Foundation website at https://pacquiaofoundation.org.