March 26, 2009

Had so Much Fun!

Yesterday afternoon, my daughter was invited for a children's birthday party. She had so much fun, even though she was afraid of the mascot. After the party, we strolled around the mall together with hubby and my sister. We happened to pass by at a kid's recreational area wherein a huge inflatable balloon was there. My daughter kept on pleading that she will play inside, so I allowed her to play for 20 minutes. I saw on her eyes how happy she was that she even told me that she will be back by next time. As a mom, I would rather allow my child to play in which she will not get hurt than those games outside that is not safe at all.

Parents often times don't want their children to play shooting games because they're too violent. A good compromise is to allow them to play racing games because they're still fun but don't have the violence. There are usually at least some games that are acceptable even with the strictest of guidelines.

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