March 19, 2009

The Perfect Gift

We are all so excited for my friend’s wedding this coming December 2009. Time is flying so fast that they only have eight months more to go for their wedding preparations.The time we had our meeting with our whole clique of friends, we were so shocked of our friends plan. She planned to give us a piece of cloth with the color of our choice and we will be the one to have it done with our couturier at our own design and expense as will. Sounds great right?

Anyway, since this is the day that they have been dreaming of, I guess almost every couple to be wanted everything to be just perfect. A wonderful new life together as a husband and wife will begin after they get married of course. I was really planning on what would be the perfect gift that I and my hubby could give to them. My idea would be so great if they will start in style and silver cutlery would be the best answer. They have been manufacturing and retailing top quality cutlery, tableware and gifts for more than 100 years expertise. Quality wise, they are simply second to none- Arthur Price cutlery rises mediocrity! Pretty sure that this would be the most fantastic wedding present that they will love to receive.

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