October 27, 2009

Protecting AION

Can you imagine how the world of technology brings influenced in our lives? Indeed, I am so amazed by this what we called “online world”. We can get to buy and even play everything online by just simply searching it on the web, and voila you will have and be able to play it in seconds!

I just heard about this online game called aion. This is is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that is being played in a beautiful fantasy environment and such is the charm of the game that it has over 7 millions subscribers across the world. This game also is set in a world called Atreia ruled by a God named Aion. Aion created a powerful race called Draken to protect the mankind of Atreia but soon Draken became the rebellions against Aion and so the God once again created 12 powerful lords who made a barrier to protect the humans of Atreia from Draken invasions. Soon, a few residents of Atreia also acquired the energy of the Empyrean Lords and formed an army to fight against Draken while the 2 Lords remained the guardians of the Tower of Eternity where God Aion lived. The battle lasted hundreds of years until the 2 guardian Lords sacrificed their lives to protect a part of Atreia.

Interesting right? I’m sure this game would be a fabulous game with so many interesting characters As a newbie I hope someone could teach me online regarding this new game, pretty sure that my hubby would love to play this also.

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