October 3, 2009

"Twinkle" is Missing

this is not "Twinkle" but she looks like her...

We arrived home together with hubby at around 8PM. After we had our dinner, hubby called the three "shitzhu" dogs (pet of my parents) for them to take also their dinner. Sad to say among the three: only "Chelsea and Harry" were there. Hubby was looking for "Twinkle" around the house but she's nowhere to be found!

OMG! We went over the subdivision for an hour just to look for "Twinkle". We went back home so sad that we were not able to find her. We hope and pray that she will be back tomorrow morning. I do hope so!

1 comment:

sweet_shelo said...

Hala, where is twinkle man mem.. Hope nabalik na cya.. Wala kaha cya sa sky? joke.. bitaw mem, hope wala jud nawala..