October 2, 2009

The New Canadians

Last summer, a good friend of mine was applying for a spousal visa for Canada. He wanted to be with her husband who is Working in Canada for two years already. Sad to say that together with her son, the immigration consultant denied them. Well maybe, that was not God's plan yet for them to be together.

I hope for their next try they will be able to visit thenewcanadians dot com which offers articles about Canadian history, places to visit, canadian immigration, the different customs and traditions of the canadian immigrants, food and recipes, and all topics of interests to Canadians, regardless of their ethnic origins. Who knows they will get the fast approval because of these!

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Cinnamon said...

Hello Phebie:
There are many kinds of visas that allow foreigners to come to Canada. Your friend probably applied using an unsuitable category. Research is important to make sure that the process is done right.