October 2, 2009

MM: Music and Me

It's Friday Moments and I love to share it all to you on how thankful I am to have a daughter like Danielle who is so into Music at her early age. She is indeed a music lover, just imagine we have watched the Hanna Montana movie 5x already because she wanted to act like Hanna. As if she sings and dance like her fave teenage star! Hahaha...

As you can see on her collage, she loves to sing and dance. We owe her talent to God that is why I am so thankful to see our lil daughter dancing before the Lord through her tambourines. She also sings for the Lord and her fave song is "Cast all my Care"- at the age of two she can memorize the whole song. Wow! All glory really belongs to God!

Be blessed and...Happy

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