October 19, 2009

Into Sports...

I am not really an athletic person but I’m into sports sometimes because it is a must. Lolz. What I mean here is, I play games because it’s part of the curriculum. I remember when I was in high-school wherein I was forced to play baseball, volleyball, and badminton- same as with my college days. Good enough am a fast learner and got good grades in my Physical Education. *wink*

Speaking of sports, I have a friend who is so fond of playing soccer and just recently he found out that he is starting to love football games. As they say, “practice makes perfect” so he always spends his time playing his new-found sports and that he is starting to collect stuffs for this new game well in fact he is ready to buy a baseball bat online. Good thing he found a site wherein he can choose different kinds of baseball bats of his choice @ homerunmoneky dot com.

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